Cthulhu V2 ~ Reviews

I have enjoyed my Cthulhu V1 quite much and have been eagerly awaiting a V2, seeing as how there are usually improved design features with all V2’s. Here’s a review on the V2, copied and pasted from FlavourChasers.com; thanks Ryan! (whoever you are…for posting this Cthulhu review)

The first Cthulhu RTA was one of the best on the market, tons of flavour and an easier build than most of the competition. Well the v2 is here and it’s a completely new beast! It’s time for an upgrade!

Cthulhu mod has done it again, they have designed an RTA like no other and it is much improved over the v1. Build quality is more refined (not that v1 was bad) and it’s unbelievable but the Flavour is better too!

It’s a complicated design for sure, it has a lot of parts and some we don’t find necessary. There is a little ring that secures your wicks and we find it actually hinders wicking, so we suggest not using it. The Juice Flow Control seems unnecessary as well, most of us use MaxVG juices and you will find that you need it wide open so it sort of defeats the purpose. It’s not that easy to spin either, it does have some of the cleanest nicest looking knurling we have ever seen but it’s hard to turn and it leaves a tiny gap (when full open or closed) making the appearance not as clean as it could be. It’s a tall atty and we think getting rid of the Juice Flow Control and shorter Top Fill cap could make this a much tighter device (this would shed somewhere around 20mm maybe more!).

We have noticed that if you over fill it will leak a little (just when filling) out the AFC, maybe closing the Juice Flow Control would eliminate this but it’s a lot of effort for a filling procedure. Top filling does work quite well though and the top threads are much improved from the v1. We found if you leave about 1-2mm of space before the metal top cap (basically right to the bottom of the o-ring) you get the best vacuum and no leaking.

Building is very easy thanks to the Velocity style build deck! This and the Steam Crave SC200 RDTA are the first to bring this innovation to RTAs, and it’s just awesome! It makes building and setting your coils a breeze. We have noticed that setting your wicks is a bit finicky, we found that making sure you don’t fill the wicking channels (so trim down your ends so it only fills the channels about 1/2 to 2/3) to full and ending you wicks where the wick ring would sit works best (again don’t bother with the wick ring). So what build should you use? We tried a few and found that 0.3 Ohm and above performs best. And not only that we get the best results from spaced coils, we really are beginning to believe you get the best flavour from spaced coils. So the best build we have found is a 26 ga, 2mm, 6 wrap spaced dual coil build coming in at 0.3 Ohms run at 55-60W is the build to beat. It gives you a warm, dry hit proof build that you can pull on as long as you like. Maybe thats it too, we like to pull for at 2-3 secs and some builds just can’t keep up.

Flavour is down right amazing. Rich and thick and you will be able to taste all the undertones in your juice. Build it right and you can run the thickest juices you can find. The juice capacity is great, 5ml and it last at least a couple of hours. So enjoy the flavour and performance of a sub-ohm Clearomizer without the juice sucking qualities.

Airflow us much improved, smoother and more versatile. Wide open it’s a lot more that the v1 and this allows for more vapor production too. But where Flavourchasing is concerned we find 1/3 to 1/4 open get you the best taste. This setting also aligns better with the internal airflow ports and gives a more satisfying hit in our opinion. The AFC ring could use a bit more resistance, it’s a little too loose (it doesn’t wobble) and hard to get at (thanks to the Juice Flow Control above it). It does seem to keep it’s setting though.

Overall it’s an awesome RTA and we totally think you need to grab one right away. We would give it a perfect rating if it was a tad smaller, lost the Juice Flow Control, and didn’t have so many pieces. We have to hand it to Cthulhu Mod for their engineering abilities. It has a ton of fresh thinking but it still needs a little ironing out, they may have done too much too fast. We worry that the many parts and slightly finicky build may scare some of you off. The goal now should be to take all this great thinking and make it a fool proof build every time (it currently isn’t for the novice, but maybe that’s not their target). If your willing to play with it, it will offer you a very good vape (not to say it’s that hard to get right).

– Great Flavour
– Great Build Quality
– Improved Threads over v1
– Very Good Vapor Production
– 2 Build Decks (Single & Dual)
– Velocity style Build Deck
– Tons of Juice Capacity (5ml)
– Large Juice Channels
– Wide Open AFC
– Silky Smooth Airflow
– Easy Build
– Dual & Single Builds (Different Decks)
– Lasts along time between fills
– Tons of Spare Parts
– 2 Drip Tips
– Juice Flow Control
– Access to Build with Full Tank
– Top Filling
– Affordable Authentic

– Can leak a little if over filled (when refilling only)
– Wicking is a bit finicky
– The AFC is a little loose (keeps it setting though)
– Lots of Pieces (a bit over engineered)
– Taller than it needs to be

Cost: Roughly $40
Website: http://www.cthulhumod.com

Overall Rating (1-10): 9


Can’t wait for mine to hit the post box! :heart_eyes:


That’s a builders tank… It should be awesome.


…and top filling :smiley:


It’s pretty awesome…I recommend it to anyone who enjoys building

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Knew you’d find it…if it was out there!:wink:

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I got a postal update… two more days. I love that dual build deck. I too have a feeling about this tank. The posibilities. Dual Ti Infiniti coils :muscle: :facepunch:

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The single coil deck is a bit restricted on the air flow, but it’s nothing that a drill bit can’t cure! It’s in my future…:wink:


That dual coil deck looks like my Velocity with the air flow of my Billow…nice!

But didn’t the v1 sell for like $10-$15??

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I got one today. I don’t like it at all. Way to many parts. It’s difficult to fill. The top fill cap is hard to hold on to. It needs knurling so it can be gripped and twisted. The bottom part is a clusterfuck of moving parts. When you try to turn the juice control its so stiff that it either wants to unscrew the whole tank from the mod or disassemble the tank. I had to remove it from the mod and kinda stick a fingernail into the air slot to keep the tank from spinning when turning the juice control ring. When you fill it and don’t close the juice control it leaks a lot out of the air flow holes. The flavour isn’t that great. I put a 0.3 ohm 2 strand twisted 26 gauge nichrome 80 dual coil build in it. My favourite build in both my Velocity and El Cabron rdas. The flavour doesn’t come close. It isn’t as good as my Aspire Atlantis with a 0.3 ohm coil either. I have a Steamcrave Aromamizer Rdta on the way. Hopefully it works a lot better than this piece of junk.

I don’t know about the rest of the issues… but I know the fix for the flavor problem.

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I have read that ti would give better flavour but I don’t have any. I’ve just recently switched to n80. I like it better than kanthal. I have a Sigelei 100w plus so no temp control. But if using the same wire it should still have kinda the same flavour.

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I think most of the issues with the rta are the threading. On mine it just isn’t very smooth. The top refill cap and the juice flow control especially.


Mine is due in today. I guess I’ll have to figure a way to work it out. :confused:

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A little bit of graphite works wonders on threading issues. :wink:


What is graphite and where to get it?

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It’s basically a dry lubricant. I think you should be able to get it at an auto or home store. Home Depot or Canadian Tire should have it. Except you probably don’t know what Canadian Tire is. :grinning:


I just got in the mail. It came apart easily. It’s soaking now. The v1 is a lot more complicated than this one. It has the Billow v2 styled chimney. It all looks good so far. The chimney does seem a little tight. I’ll probably have to use .5mm ti.

I’ll report back once it’s cleaned and wicked.

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Looks like yours has way better threading than mine. I had to use pliers to loosen some of the pieces. I could get the deck apart but had to use pliers with a towel to get the tank apart.

I have found a plastic mat jar opener very useful with loosening extremely tight fitting parts on atomizers!

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Kinda looks like this in the store and in use; grey powdery stuff!

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/7/77eaae846d44208297faeb6a467f1375e6ed214c.jpeg" width=“500” height="500

It’s used to de-burr metal threading and make metal parts glide with ease.