Current Sales on flavor?

Well it’s been a few months and I’m running out of most. Anyone know of decent sales right now? Also, they need to have reasonable shipping times. Reasonable to me is a 24 hour turn around. If you can’t get your stuff out within 24 hours of an order being placed, you are doing it wrong. (Business days)

I think i’ve Noticed a quality difference in apparently the same flavor from different vendors. Anyone notice that? I looked for a current thread on this and couldn’t find it.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


No emails on sales as of late, the next ones should come around Halloween and Black Friday.

You can use the resource page for discount codes.

As far as fast shipping BCF is one of the best but the current weather conditions may delay shippping.


That’s right, isn’t Bull City in the Carolina’s?


Yes. Bcf did send out an email letting us know there may be some delays.

Outside of bcf…ecx for me is next in-line for order processing times. But if you want it processed Monday you better order right now. I think they are doing a discount on fw.


Don’t think I’ve ordered from ECX, would you mind posting a link? Thank you!!



Yes. Most definitely.
But only anecdotally so far sadly. I’ve not been able to do any confirming orders yet to back it up so I’m leary to make any assertions.

But I’ve had two distinct instances.

One was where I ordered two Ina Shisha strawberry within a month or so of each other, and compared side by side. One was from NicotineRiver, the other from WizardLabs. The one from WL was definitely more potent. (Whether it was due to a poor dispensing, or different batch, etc, I can’t say.)

The other was my first (and so far, only) order from VapersTek.

(also worth reading the few posts that follow)

As well as:

(The “couple others” refers to Ina flavors that I ordered from them were very weak compared to ALL other Ina I’ve ordered previously from any other sites.)

It’s also worth mentioning that they would not do anything about the order when I called, but they DID update the website and the recommended usage percentage when I called and informed them of my issue, and they supposedly talked to their Ina rep. They were completely unaware that the formula had changed on the flavor I inquired about at the time.

Once I realized there were others in the same order that seemed watered down, I just said “ok, I won’t be ordering from them again.” and left it at that.

It was bad timing for them and me. because it could have been the reformulated issue rearing it’s head. BUT, I was more disappointed by their customer service (not being willing to make things right) as well as the fact that they didn’t stay on top of their product knowledge and website maintenance.

When a customer is more aware of a change in product than you (the business) are, there’s a problem IMO. And second, when your website says usage is supposed to be 1-3%, and you then learn from your factory rep that it’s actually been changed to 5%, and you STILL don’t offer to make it right… Then whether it was reformulated or not isn’t in question anymore IMO. I didn’t get what was advertised, so there was no need to press the issue any further. I’m done. Lesson learned.

Even though I had only informed them of the problem with a single flavor (at the time), when I learned of the problem with several others in the order from them, after seeing how they handled the original problem, I knew there was no point in bringing up the others.


Shop where you want of course, but I would wait for the hurricane to pass and place an order with bull city. Their customer service is amazing and if you order before noon (whatever time zone NC has, cst?) it will ship out same day, if later then noon it’s going out next day.

I’ve ordered from nicotine river and the first couple orders were just extremely slow, I learned to adjust even tho it sucks. However the last orders were very disappointing. I ordered just a bit vg and pg, however my gallon of vg was dented and leaked and the pg had a weird smell to it. I didn’t think any of it, and it doesn’t taste peppery or anything but it mutes my juice in a weird way, as well as a slight fishy smell. Never had that before lol. I’m not a person to complain a lot and mostly I let it go, since it’s not expensive but definitely looking at other vendors, especially since NicSelect isn’t carried by NR anymore.

Which then lead to me ordering from ecx for the first time, since prior their homepage was so slow, that my hamster would have run faster in a wheel with dial up attached to it.

I know it was labor day and mistakes can happen, but I ordered accordingly but package didn’t get send out till Monday (3day wait) not as bad as Nicotine River but also not quick. I still can tolerate that, however my (JF) biscuit leaked all over, leaving me with half the bottle and a huge mess to clean up. After investigating turns out the plastic stopper that goes on top of the bottle had a crack. these bottles in general are weird.

So I’ll be testing out diy vapor supplies soon since they are the only other vendor carring JF but I kinda hesitate because no issues with bull city.

Once I had a problem but it was solved within 10 minutes and I got to chose between shipping it out again or store credit, as well as getting samples. same goes for liquid barn but that’s all they carry, their own brand of flavors, so probably not what you’re looking for.

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I absolutely love diy vapor supply and their shipping is way faster then nicotine river and ecx idk how it compares to bcf but I live in PA and I ordered Friday morning when I got paid and had my order in hand Monday at noon. That has happened repeatedly and they also have a bigger vendor selection then anywhere else I’ve seen I mean where else can u get molinberry Diyflavorshack lorann jungle flavors and the classic 4 (fw,tfa,Fa,inw) all in one order they also have a promo code on elr that works every time for 15% off