Custard Lover ( I think I will marry it )

Just thought I would put this out there. I am always making and vaping Custards and Creams of all flavors and types, as all custard and cream lovers know, the steep time is… long. I don’t know about yall, but I HATE waiting that long to see If my new brain storm is even worth vaping. So what I started doing is keeping at least 100 ml or so of my favorite Custards already steeped. I also have many creams steeped also. So now I don’t have to wait so long to test my new recipes.
Just wondering if any one out there has any “tricks of the trade” they want to share.


Paging the Kustard King… @Ken_O_Where
Kustard King… You have a call on line 1.

EDIT: just noticed he had his title revised to using K instead of C! :laughing:


This is something I’ve been wondering about all night, In fact I was trying to get my thoughts in order to post a topic asking for help because I’m feeling hesitant about my next purchase. :flushed:

Do you have like set receipes for these favourite custards and creams and if so, would you be kind enough to point them out to us, sir? If not, which receipe is your favourite - both in custards and creams?

Sorry though, don’t have a trick to share yet as I’m fairly new, but thanks for sharing yours.


I’m stuck in the same boat. I made many custards and creams when I started not too long ago. I had to wait until they aged - 8 to 10 weeks before I considered them ready. Then I could vape them, and judge whether they needed adjusting to my tastes. Most where good, some where amazing, and almost all needed some tweaking to better fit my desires. I made 60 ml bottles of these, and they are just now starting to reach maturity. In a week - or 2 or 3 - I’ll get to vape these tweaked versions to see if they need further tweaking. Then I’ll make much larger bottles - 120ml? 240ml? - and then I’ll have to wait until 8 to 10 weeks before those are ready. But those should be as perfect as they can get, for me.

Total time, from making the first batch to vaping the tweaked third batch: 5 - 7 months.

5 to 7 months. Geez, I need a time machine.


Off the top of my head… Kreed’s Kustard, Grants Vanilla Custard My Way, Dragon Cream Swirl (with dragonfruit and oh so yummy), The Cussing Cannoli, Third World Custard

Can’t wait for a full aging? Try some of this to curb the cravings:
Single flavor, so a shake and vape though it’s better after a week - but a week maximum! It’s not a custard, it’s not perfect, but it’s simple and fast.


Some people here will shoot me for saying this (DUCK)

I found out if I microwave a 120 ML bottle of liquid for 15 seconds on high (notice I said bottle - not plastic bottle never nuke plastic) and leave the cap off the bottle for two days it knocks about a week off the steep time.

I love Custard too, tried everything to get it to steep faster and this worked for me.


@Scottes777 yes… A time machine just might be the answer.
@Maureeenie Blasphemy!!! :imp: Just kidding. So it doesn’t ruin the flavor?
@Z_Hobbit what kind of help are you needing? ask away.
@anon60225325 Do I have favorites… ( said in a disbelieving tone) Oh yes. You can go to my recipe page and all the ones with five stars I like. then my favorites are down the page. Lets see, you prob. don’t have all the flaves for my favorite cream recipe but here it is anyway.
By @DarthVapor
The 18 :

1.5% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
1% Biscuit (INAWERA)
1% Catalan Cream (FA)
1.2% Cheesecake (LA)
2% Coconut Milk (LB)
2% Cookie (Biscotto) (FA)
0.8% Cream Cheese Icing (LA)
0.8% Cream Fresh (FA)
1% Cream Whipped (FA)
1% Creme Brulee (INAWERA)
0.5% Custard (FA)
0.8% Italian Cream (Hangsen)
0.5% Meringue (FA)
1.5% Nugat (INAWERA)
0.6% Sweet Cream (CAP)
1.5% Vanilla Custard (Flavorah)
1% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)
1.5% Vienna Cream (FA)

Flavor total: 20.2%
Remember to rate it at:

By @authormichellehughes

Toc’s ADV Custard :’s%20ADV%20Custard

3% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
3% Brown Sugar Extra (TPA)
1% Caramel (FA)
0.5% Coconut (FA)
2% Custard (FA)
2% Dulce de Leche (TPA)
1.5% Sucralose
8% Vanilla Custard v2 (CAP)

Flavor total: 21%
Remember to rate it at:

Mare’s tail (hazelnut custard) :’s%20tail%20(hazelnut%20custard)

2% Caramel (TPA)
1% Catalan Cream (FA)
2% Hazelnut (CAP)
2% Hazelnut (FW)
0.5% Hazelnut - Flavors Express
6% Vanilla Custard (TPA)

Flavor total: 13.5%
Remember to rate it at:

here is a super easy one
Berry Crunch Custard :

3% Berry Crunch (TPA)
2.5% Vanilla Custard (Flavorah)

Flavor total: 5.5%
Remember to rate it at:

i could go on and on but if you do like i said at the beginning of this post. make a bunch of single flavors and when they are steeped play around with them mix a couple together (just a few ml) and see what you like.
Here is one more that I use all the time
By @et3rn1ty
Milkstone V3 :

25% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
15% Coconut Extra (TPA)
15% Marshmallow (TPA)
25% Sweet Cream (TPA)
10% Vanilla Swirl (TPA)
10% Whipped Cream (TPA)

Flavor total: 100%
Remember to rate it at:

with milkstone you just add all the flavors. no nic, no pg, novg. and you use it like you would any other concentrate. It ads a very nice creaminess to any recipe.
hope that gets you started


yes i have 4 120ml in steepnright now and those four i always have steeping and make a new bottle every 2 weeks or so that way i always have one available btw the 4vare different but the same four , i use 15 ml glass to make my test sample each 10ml. and for other recipes that i like inuse 30 or 60 ml bottles but usually 2 then ill make it again in two weeks


so which four? I have flavorah vanilla cust. TPA van. cust. Cap. and FA custard.



(sorry for those that won’t get this… But you’d have to have been on the IRC channel to appreciate this! -and don’t let the cat out of the bag. If they really want to know, they should have to join the fun of the IRC channel!!!) /grins


Make some up, hide it in the back of the steeping press, continue mixing other recipes … one day you’ll stumble across it while rooting about in the press, and then brag that you steeped it for 2 months and that’s how it should be …



@Alisa loopy cereal v2 is always in the rotation
a honeydew mix
frosted flakes
strawberry banana custard

those are right now not all custards but they all have creams and custard and the loopy is very good after 2 weeks but after a month its a perfect vape

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i think i misunderstood i have recipes that steep not flavors sorry

@Scottes777 Thank you for sharing your favourites. I recognize a couple of them from browsing the ELR and will look up the others. Guessing I will find a treasure or two.

@Dan_the_Man I can almost taste these just looking at the recipes. I’ll probably not go for The 18 just yet, lol, but both Milkstone v3 and Mare’s tail is doable in a little while. This was great - thank you for taking the time to write this up!


I love Custards. My favorite was Killer Kustard from Vapetasia. After spending 100’s of dollars I decided to try and clone it. 6 months later I have a new ADV and everyone that has tried it loves it. Dont let the v2 fool you. It is more like version 25 but I only posted it publically twice so stuck with the v2.


I’ve heard good things about the new Inawera Custard from other parts of the innerwebs; haven’t tried it myself.

Perhaps @DarthVapor will chime in here? :thinking: He’s racking up the recipes using the stuff!

I hear tell it’s unlike any other custard on the market these days…in a good way. :wink:


Yeah I like the stuff, just not as a custard. To me it’s more of a nice cream and if the mix isn’t too heavy in other flavors, you can make out the slightest egg note…just the slightest.
Otherwise I would say it’s a nice heavy cream and a weak actual custard. I haven’t really use it with other creams/custards too much, but I could see it coming together as a custard with a booster. It kinda reminds me of their vanilla shisha too.
As far as it being an Inawera flavor, it does require more % than the norm. 3% seems to be the lowest I have gone and a good starting point I would put around 5%.


I made another topic so as not to clutter yours. Basic question about creams is, I can only afford about 4 or 5 cream/custard flavors in my next order. Are there any solid staples that would help me make two bases? I’m aiming for a heavy decadent custard type and a lighter, soft serve vanilla type.

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If I could only buy 5 I would say…

FA Vienna Cream
Cap Custard v1
FA Catalan Cream
INW Vanilla Shisha
FLV Custard

Runners up…
CAP Sweet Cream (or TFA, even though I have never tried it myself)
FLV Cream
INW Custard
INW Creme Brulee
LA Creme Cheese Icing
TFA Orange Cream
FA Custard if you want a lemon accent

These are by no means “the best” but those are the 5 I think I would get ONLY in creams/custards. You also have whipped creams, Ice Creams, Meringue, etc…