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Dan the Man throws the Fragg

Ok, not really but I did review it and I like it for the most part.

I got a new PC and new editing software which I am still learning so there are no edits but as always I am open to constructive criticism.


Looking and sounding good on my end Dan… :wink:

Keep it up!


You definitely got a like from me, that leather is awesome!


Another entertaining and thorough review Dan. Looks like a decent little mod, but with not having a replaceable battery, it would be a no-go for me. I would go through that battery in no time. It’s a shame because I like the looks of it.


OMG! The link actually worked for me this time. :sunglasses:


@Lostmarbles Thank you

Ya, I used to be like that until I started doing reviews. Now I have a lot of built-in Batteries. I almost like not having to charge Batteries but then I think. "what a dummy, you are still charging batteries.

Ya, I thought it was sharp looking too.

HAHA I know right?

Thank you my dear…

Cool, I wonder if it has anything to do with my new PC…?


I know you are loving yours… I love my new laptop, and I can run a few new to me programs…
Will be working on a few more projects once I have a stopping place from this massive project I took on :wink:


Alright @Dan_the_Man, it’s about time we got you into the Fold.

Folding At Home for ELR that is !!!


Good question but I doubt it. I don’t think your PC can directly influence what mine does (or doesn’t) do. Has to be something on my end.


I don’t understand what that is.


The Man! Should have mentioned that little lanyard hole …did it come with one? The leather looks nice even of it’s fake, but that hefty bar over the buttons make it look like it could take a fall or two.

Look for some (free!) lessons online for your new editing software. New packages can be over-powered feature-wise …I mean you you’re not trying to make the next Pixar film. Processors in the new PCs are made for rendering video, so congrats on the get. Only issue… The audio was a little low and I had my volume at max. Thanks for the review Brofessor! Noice~!


I KNOW!!! I always forget something, it never fails. :laughing: It does come with a lanyard but It’s rather cheap and I fear it wouldn’t take long to wear out and by by fragg!


and that is the crux of my issues. I can’t seem to get my audio dialed in. Once I can edit and render and upload a video successfully I will start watching videos on audio.

:grin: :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: Thank you sir.


Great review Dan,I enjoyed it thanks. I’m probably going to show my age here but those leather stickers on that mod reminded me of the vinyl that used to be put on car roofs back in the 1970’s a bit like the leatherette furniture from the same era. I hope you get some enjoyment from it mate as that’s what really counts.