Dan the Mans (short) review of the Smoant S8 starter kit

Let me start, by saying. I don’t like it. Ha, apparently that doesn’t matter, because my Mother dear loves it. Why don’t I like it, you ask? Well, because it’s a starter kit, and I’m not a starter.


When I say I don’t like it, what I really mean is… It’s not how I normally vape. " But I thought you liked mouth to lung Dan the Man ? " It’s just a little to tight for my taste.

So, I wen’t and loaded it with some NETS which I got from @50YearsOfCigars ( he has lots of samples that he practically gives away by charging for shipping and supplies ) https://diy-net-samples.weebly.com/ here is a link to his sample page. If you like tobacco or you have someone you are trying to convert, then these NETS are brilliant.

Ok, where was I? Oh ya, I went and loaded the Smoant S8 with some NETS #33 from the above mentioned samples.

I keep getting off topic dab nabbit!! Anywho, I have been trying to get my mom to vape for years now. One of her issues ( which I consider to be many and she considers to be zero ) is, she will hit the fire button waaayyyy before she gets it to her mouth, then she starts coughing like she hit a blunt to hard. Needless to say, I don’t offer her to many vapes to hit.

So I went with trepidation in my heart and offered it to her.

see the large smoant circle in the middle? That’s not a power button. I tried not to laugh, I really did… OK OK I didn’t but don’t tell her that.

Once I told her, all you have to do is suck, she got her hit. She actually smiled, and when I went to take it back, she kept it and took another hit.

That, my friends, is the biggest approval I can give the Smoant S8 MY MOM LIKES IT!!!

The S8 comes in a nice little package…

It also comes with a 90 day warranty, Instructions with pictures, a quality control tag and a card that tells us to use nicotine salts .

Not only all that, but it also, comes with a cheap bottle with a needle, so we can refill it, without huge mess, which i made anyway :slight_smile: last but not least it comes with a very nice little charge cable

When I opened the box, I was struck by how nice and shiny it is. The shiny doesn’t last long, due to finger prints. I really wish they would have provided a little shine cloth. Oh well, a shirt works just as well.


The pod is refillable. They say you can use it a couple times, before buying another pod which are only four dollars. Personally, while I was “testing” the device, I refilled it 7 times before my flavor started to mute.

Being Dan the Man isn’t as easy as I make it look. Believe me. :sunglasses: I broke the pod beyond repair. I’m not even sure @Sprkslfly could fix it. I was attempting to find out if I could change the coil. I don’t think it can be done. So I think we have to buy extra pods, which isn’t ideal in my mind, but if It is the device that helps my MOM to quit smoking, then I am all about it. I’ll even sing the praised of the Smoant S8!

In conclusion; I would get this for a new vaper trying to quit smokes. I would even get one for myself, for stealth situations. It is a well made, sturdy and weighty device. It feels good in the hand and even fits in a watch pocket.

@HealthCabin has them for $20.99 in, yellow, red, pink and bronze blue. They also have the pods for $3.99
here is a link. It is NOT an affiliate link. in case any one was wondering.


Game, set, and match my friend! :thumbsup:

Nice job on finally finding “the one”!!
And nice review as well! grins


Very nice @Dan_the_Man


Nice review bud, and go mom!


Thats excellent! We recently got 79 year old grandma to quit with one of those loopy pens…i am super glad your mother liked it!


This is awesome Dan, tears of joy while reading this that you got mom going. :joy:

Thanks for this review, and be sure to take care of your mom, you just get one.


My mom does the same thing! Coughing fit and all as well, that’s so funny. She will start pressing the button while looking down at it while she has it at about chest level, and then bring it to her mouth. I hate to say it’s hilarious to watch, but it’s actually hilarious to watch. :laughing:


I know right? I don’t wan’t to laugh, because I want her to vape. She is so stubborn. She says she is going to quit cold turkey. In the mean time, she is like a bear with a sore tooth. After a week I give her the pack I bought when she first quit. ( I don’t let her know, I always had it). Yikes!!!

Needless to say, I have HIGH hopes for the S8!!!