Dekang ejuice ... killer throat hit

So after getting frustrated with making my own and waitiing on my TPA to arrive from the US (i am in baghdad) which will take a while i went ahead and bought what i can find locally.

this stuff is 30mil and i assume its Dekang eliquid.
after seraching through google i am not able to find this specific one i have (pictured) …

anyways. i am not sure of its PG/VG ratio. perhaps 50/50 or even 80pg/20vg.
the nicotine concentrate is 6mg.

my issue is this:
i put this in my rda which is a SS coil of 0.4 at 35watts.
i take a hit and oh my god its so cold on my throat it makes me cough almost instantaneously.

i have three bottles of 3 flavours, strawberry, peach and some other kind labeled wisdom.

anyways all 3 … same thing.

what could be the cause?

shall i use an empty 10mil bottle and add some vg and some of this stuff to it? how much though?

Try boosting your wattage up a bit which will help with the temperature 50/55watts and your vape should be a lot warmer. If it’s too cold it will make you cough and catch the back of the throat.
You could also be sensitive to pg.

hmm. interesting idea.

how do you know its the pg thats causing this and not the nic level?

what about my idea of integrating vg into it?

Pg generally is the cause of throat irritation. A lot of ppl have had the same reaction and that was found to be the cause. It’s quite common unfortunately.
You can get a “throat” hit if your nic is too strong but unless your getting light headed, i doubt its your nic.
If I’m vapeing and my vape is too cold it will make me cough. I like a nice warm vape.
As for adding vg, this will dilute your mixture both in flavour and nic strength. Unless you have the concentrate’s to adjust your mix and bring the flavour back to the right concentration.
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alright that sounds more understandable. i am not getting any light headed or dizziness.
i was actually thinking that the pg irritation might take a while to kick in thats why i wasnt thinking it wasnt pg. i am not sure where i got that idea from … lol.

i’ve increased the wattage to 50 on my kangertech cause thats what i had in hand right at the moment. it can only goto 50watts.
when i did increase it i did feal a warmer vape and i was able to taste some flavour as opposed to lower watts.

now. i do have a ipv3li…havent tried it with that. nevertheless i dont wanna run my battery dry with two puffs running at high watts.

its fine if its diluted i dont care much for the nic degradation. i am not a smoker to begin with. i usually smoke hookah which is little nicotine anyways…

so my idea now is it to get a 10mg empty bottle, dump 8mg vg into it then 2 mg of this stuff? would that be reasonable? or 7/3?

I would try it the other way around. Try 8ml of your liquid and add 2 ml of vg. You can always dilute it more if you want.
Your ipv li should run all day at 50-55watts no problem. You can always recharge. :+1:

ok so i did what you recommended. and at first it was 8 liquid and 2 vg.
i tried it on a fresh wick of cotton.
still harsh.
so i figured what the hell let me add another 2 vg.
making 8 liquid and 4 vg.
cant say i noticed much difference

although i will tell you i did notice a light headiness happening to some extent.

its still too strong for my poor throat.

i am not sure what to do here. i hope these 3 30mil bottles dont goto waste.

If your having too many vapes in a row that will make you light headed or give you a buzzing in the head, but without knowing about the juice I can’t really help any further.
Mabey get some statistics from the vendor and post them and some of our resident mixologist will be able to give you more input.
I wouldn’t get rid of it just now as you might find whats needed to get a good vape.
Sorry I couldn’t help further.

well i called the seller he says he is sure its 50/50. i tried to find this one specific unit i have to see if i can find its origin. proving difficult.

update: ok i found it: its 80PG and 20VG. bloody hell!

and 6mg nic!

Thats a high pg ratio. How old is your liquid?
I ask this because the older liquids or the first liquids available to vapers were high in pg. does it have a use by date?

it says on the bottle 24022016

i am trying to figure out how to use this thing

its supposed to be a DIY E-Liquid (E-Juice) Recipe Mixing Calculator Ten Flavors Plus PG/VG Adjusting

i am just gonna dump the remaining 20mil i have of this bottle and dump 20mil of vg with it. if it works great. if it doesnt then its trash. i am getting massively frustrated with this whole vaping thing. so much money wasted on hardware and wire and cotton … then i get screwed with the juice that is really the most frustrating. its like buying a car and not finding gas for it. maybe i’ll stick to a bicycle.

By the looks of that number that’s a date and its out of date 24/02/2016. Dump it.

no no no. thats a make date. not expiration.

look at the pic i posted above.

here, i will post it again.

Ah. Ok got you. :+1:

Sorry you are having trouble, I totally understand! Try putting 5% distilled water in there and lower your wattage to 30. If it’s still burning your throat, you may be allergic to PG like I am.

how do i factor the 5% to what?

so if i have a bottle with 10mil that i diluted. do i just figure out its 5% and apply that?

i am not sure how to figure out how to figure out the amount required …

if you go here:

Make A Recipe Called “Add Water”

Make it a 30 ML Recipe. (Or whatever amount of liquid is left in the bottle)

Change it to 0 Nicotine and Max VG

Tell it to add a Flavor and then make the flavor Water and make the percentage 5%.

It will then tell you how many drops to add that is 5%. In the case of 30 ML it would be 53 drops of water and you will have cut it by 5%. (And shake it)

That’s what I would do to try to tone it down. If you still cant vape it, it may be the flavoring, too thick of VG or even an allergy. For me, water saves a lot of harsh throat hit liquids. I’ve bought and made a lot of harsh liquids. Water doesn’t save all of them, but it has saved quite a few.

One more thing… don’t use tap water. Our city water here has chlorine and flouride. You dont want to vape those things. You want to use purified or distilled water.

thanks for that.

since i did 8 juice to start with (the rough stuff) and i added 4 vg making my total to be 12.
i loaded up the recipe maker and did 12mil to create.
it said i needed 0.6 water.

i used bottled water the stuff i drink all day long.

i put in new cotton in the rda.

and voila. it made an immediate 70% difference. i am now able to “take a pull” for 3+ seconds however it has a burn taste although there is taste of the flavour.
this is at 30watts.

if i increase the watts to 40 it becomes harsher.

now. should i just add water to the original mix and skip the vg? this equation has become rather difficult for me :frowning: