Delete function for Dupicate Checker

Not sure anybody’s sorting out the dupes since the awesome JoJo left, but anyways:
I’ve built up an highly inadequate queue of 30 dupe suggestions for Hangsen and Kandi Hed (those particular flavours are in an infernal mess, I just scraped off the tip of the iceberg. before getting totally confused) and in the process, I added a couple of flavours to the list by sheer accident, and found I couldn’t delete my embarrasingly stupid suggestions!
So. the option for the user to delete would be appreciated, and would, presumably save the mods some frustration.

PS, Oh! more importantly perhaps, I’ve accidentally created some dupes sometimes by making typos (unnnoticed by myself , until too late) when entering some new flavour in my stash. And even though I’ve subsequently deleted the flavour from my stash, the dupe has remained on the flavour list.

Now, I’m fairly sure those dupes were unique, and didn’t feature in anybody’s stash. Can’t the system remove all the flavours that nobody actually possesses? That would get rid of a whole load of dupes in one swoop


That would be way too dangerous for ill minded people… this IS the internet, the wild west, don’t trust anyone


Don’t trust anyone to correct their own mistakes? :crazy_face: Well, well, if that’s a problem , best take away the power to make the mistakes in the first place.

Going with your Wild West analogy, you want us to keep the power to shoot in any direction we like (presumably) but no! no safeguard to stop us shooting ourselves in the foot ? And we’re not apply first aid when we shoot someone else by accident. we have to depend on the local quack . Even if she’s away on an extended break?

Huh. That’s sort of like what do you get if you cross the Wild West with a Kafka-esque bureaucracy :rofl:


If you were the only user to have added that ‘name’ to your stash and you’ve now deleted it, I suspect it’ll also vanish from the Flavor List. But I have a hunch that it won’t be apparent to you until your browser loads an updated version of the list.
Try again tomorrow?


actually, I last did that several months ago, so trying again tomorrow won’t help (.Posting now, cos I happened to notice that my dupe list hasn’t been attended to since March, which in turn brought all these old dupe list issues back to mind) Can’t recall what “flavour” it was now, but IIRC, I wound up shame-facedly adding it to the dupe list. The flavour list is chock-full of similar typos, Hmmm, can’t be sure that every perpetrator deleted the flavour from their stash like I did, though; in which case my auto-delete suggestion wouldn’t work :frowning:

But NP, not worth having a big discussion about. Was just trying to “do my bit” towards tidying up when I made that suggestion list. I’m not exactly hanging on an answer.


Rest assured, the “dupe team” continues the fight.

Happens to a lot of folks. Don’t fret.


I try when I encounter some, the interface for suggesting duplicates is horrid though. I would like to be able to click on a misspell in a recipe and suggest the right one from the flavour list, not have to find a matching substring match, select a primary without the stats and maybe over select duplicates.


oh! absolutely! i complained about that in another thread, but i don’t think Lars ever noticed (As luck would have it, I picked the wrong time to mention it - Just as Lars had that nasty accident, and JoJo was announcing she was going on a break ) Glad someone else is saying it, too :slight_smile:

What I meant though was that it didn’t look like any mods were working through our suggestions, which would make it kinda pointless. But now we’ve had an assurance that they are :slight_smile:


instead of worrying about what the mods are doing, we should all look at ourselves! I
have helped spot em in past but sadly the ones removed reoccur faster then the poor folks can delete em, gotta stop the problem before not after.


well, if the mods can’t keep up with my two or three blunders per annum; and if making a point of tracking down ten times as many as i make isn’t good enough for you; and if it’s cheeky to ask for a self-delete function, well , then guess they’'ll just have ban dyslexic members from using the recipe side, because none of us is likely to improve on that, try as we might.

wanna put that in as your suggestion?


Double, and triple checking before clicking add would go along ways to be sure… But then we have spelling issues, language issues, and then a whole host of other cases.

/generally speaking:
Like has been mentioned though, it’s a continual battle. The cue is long, but I’ve done probably around 200 in the last month and a half myself. (I try and do it as time allows, as do the others I’m sure.) just because one doesn’t see progress (in what they’ve taken notice of) doesn’t mean we’re not working on it!

It just means we may not have gotten to ‘your particular patch of weeds’ yet! :wink:


Sry, but your admonition of guilt was there and i had to use it as a perfect example, focus on the source and not the team who have to fix it or change the program who dont think before hitting enter


So let me just put the brakes on here. Dupes is not something the mods do. What we have are two websites that are nearly completely separate with some tie ins, the mods are on this side. This is what i and others were told by Lars, at least im pretty sure as it was a long time ago in interweb days.

We have a small group of dupe fixers, very small. I probably make things seem worse as there are times i fix dupes and forget to remove the notice/s or i will leave the notice as a reminder to check it often as it is a flavor that just gets screwed up a lot.

I have a pretty limited amount of time as do the others who do this so if you feel you understand enough about flavors feel free to volunteer, perhaps Lars will add you to the list. I know we could use the help, i dont know how many dupes are added per day/week but id bet is a quite a few.

Thanks to all those who take the time to help by dupe checking, we very much appreciate what you do and the time you invest.


I’ve made extensive use of the Duplicate Checker. Not that anyone asked, but my thoughts on this… I tend to dig pretty deep but utilizing the Dupe Checker can be exhausting and there’s a good chance you’ll go cross-eyed before you’re done. The Checker is definitely a tool, but it will never be a solution for keeping the flavor database clean.
As @worm1 pointed out you just can’t keep up when there are new users arriving every day and blindly posting recipes without a thought or clue to proper naming conventions. So the dupes and the misspelled names just continue to propagate, even after flagging them for the mods. At the end of the day all we’re doing is closing the barn doors after the horses already got out! If ya get mah drift.

I’ve said this before but maybe it bears repeating. The entire process for entering flavors HAS got to be changed. Users cannot/should not be allowed to enter flavors manually because this is the root of the whole fucking problem. Or else leave manual entry intact but incorporate some type of auto-correcting thinga-ma-jiggy.


I disagree, kinda. Your issue may not need a big discussion but it points to the bigger problem, which does require discussion.


Overhaul it, there is a master list after all… Seems silly to keep trying when it doesn’t work.


I do believe you’re right here, though as somenody who will keep buying flavours that nobody else has in their stash (notabl;y from MF and KH…though in the latter case it’s more like nobody’s used the correct syntax sigh . I’ve actually gone along with popular mis-spellings, on occasion, just to save creating another unique entry),er, (let’s begin that sentence again) as somebody who will keep buying flavours that nobody else has in their stash, that could seriously curtail my activities.

How about a suggestion list for new flavour entries? That will be super-frustrating for folk like myself unless it’s dealt with very promptly, but sounds like it would be a lot less work to keep on top of it.

And/or how about disabling manual data entry for new members until they’ve been an active member for x amount of time, have a presence on the forum side and have worked through a data entry tuturial ?
that wouldn’t cut out mis-spellings by old members , ofc, but that appears to be a comparatively minor problem.

Any modifications would have to be implemented weith much forethought and care , though. The system is already pretty cranky and hard to navigate. Wouldn’t want it getting worse.

Looks like your right! :smile: But what i really meant was a) I’m not losing sleep over any little personal errors of mine No need to zero in on those, however helpfully; and b) only Lars coul;d really answer my main question, and was a bit concerned that in his absence it might turn into a thread about what we should or should not bother Lars/the mods with (which it actually did veer towards for a sec. I must be psychic! )

Thanks for helping it get back on track .

Hmm, now, maybe I should edit my thread title to something a bit more general?

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My preferred solution would be to make entering a new flavour a little more work.
When assembling recipes, or creating flavour stash, you should only be able to add flavours from the master list.
If you think you need to add one, you can create one, as a separate step and giving a bit more information.

To bridge the odd ones out, an option for free text entries in recipes could bridge the gap, or for private flavours for people NETing or such.

2.5% Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) //From the database
1.5% Actual M&M’s bits // Free text or private flavour, also famously last post from user

The new creations should be fewer and easier to review this way anyway, and this could force falvours to have at least one note.

The person having created the flavour could be noted on top of the page as a badge of honour ( or closest equivalent).
Expensive Berry (MF)
discovered by jay2 ( jay210 on the other side)


LMAO! :rofl:
just one little quibble: I’m jay2 over theother side. wanted to be jay2 over this side too, but that musta been a dupe, and the system upped the figure by 208 for unknown reasons(are there that many of us? ). I’d been signed up for weeks before I noticed, or else I mighght have fixed it to something i like better


fixed :slight_smile: