Design Features you would Like to see in the ELR RTA!

Ok folks… this has been discussed before I am sure. But being an engineer of some sorts I am curious what are the features you would like to see in a tank. It may be a year away from me actually getting to make anything. But I love designing and will share my work with you guys on here along with the 3d screenshots of the design as this tank gets developed. This is just an idea. I have a machining background and could possibly produce the final design. But it’s not 100% certain that will ever happen. I just don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. But we can at least design something cool together and see where it goes from there. Should be a lot of fun.

The only problem is I don’t have all the tanks that will be discussed. But we can work around that. So I will start this off by inviting @SthrnMixer and @wvsanta and @Lostmarbles to this thread since we already began this discussion in another thread.

Lets hear your ideas for the best features for an ELR RTA!

So far I have the logo drawn up :smile:

Current Project: Modeling up Aromamizer RTA


For either tank or RDA, the Velocity style post design is superior to anything I’ve used and find it to be as close to perfection as anything.

That said, I’m thinking an RTA rather than tank with replaceable coils would be the way to go. The Aromamizer RDTA utilizes the Velocity style deck, but because of the design there is practically no reason to remove it from the base, just clean and rebuild. Also the overall design of that RDTA is fantastic and I would imagine mimicking it would be a step in the right direction. I don’t like the funnel type top of it, and think a flat top would be superior for both looks and for the aesthetics when using your own drip tip. Also using the Lemo 2’s refill design would be great too.

I’ll leave it to others to comment on design ideas for RDA’s except to say definitely incorporate that Velocity style post design.


I have no plans to design an RDA since I am more of a tank guy myself. And the gamut of RDA’s out there is ridiculous. And this will not be a replaceable coil type atty. I don’t want to go into the design work involved with that!

I too think the Velocity style deck is important. So lets focus on the chimney area and the cap. I need to bring a set of calipers home from work before I can really get started. But let’s hear some ideas.

My first thoughts when I pulled the Ohmega apart were that it resembled an idea going around in my head for a long time. The chimney was huge, and leaves plenty of room for builds inside of it.

The Aromamizer is just a really cool design that works great. But to me, having all those fluid ports around the chimney really cuts down on how big the chimney could be.

And the common design going here is for all parts to be produced on the lathe (hence round). I think the industry forgot machine shops have mills as well. How about a square tank? It’s a ridiculous thought really because the tank would not line up with the mod when screwed in place. But let’s think outside the box (pun intended).

How about a rectangular or square chimney? The juice flow could flow down along the flat sides of the chimney, while the corners of the chimney could be utilized to clear the coils and posts. Just a thought. I will probably have to design this to explain what I mean.

I agree with @SthrnMixer 's recommendations. So far the only thing I would suggest is that it come with a full glass and maybe a partially exposed glass tank option for all the klutzes such as myself who knock them over all the time. I am not a fan of the rubber band protectors (kind of like training wheels on a bike). Also, having the ability to utilize any 510 drip tip would be nice. We all like to put our personal touches to these things.

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I agree. The top of the Aromamizer sucks. I can’t believe they did that!

I think I can picture the square chimney in my head. I like it and the thought of using the flats and corners for your intended purpose makes sense but would it line up easily with each build?

The deck would be the same shape, and of course the chimney would have to snap in place similar to the Crown.

Edit: But it would probably require a screw like the Kanger.

I don’t like the look of them but I like the way the air intake works. I’m not a fan of moving metal parts so in that regard I do like the bands.

Now that would be incredibly cool :smiley: hehe

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I totally agree with @SthrnMixer and @death

Just make sure it would suit everyones needs. Plus ohm, Sub ohm, screw in pre made coils, single coil build deck, dual coil build deck, MTL,(mouth to lung hit) DLH,(direct lung hit) and don’t forget it must work great with TC(temperature control) O ya it must be top fill with no leaking, easy to adjust air flow. And this list could go on forever but you get the idea The Perfect Tank to proudly wear the ELR name.

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No, no no! :slight_smile:

I knew this was going to come up. Believe me, I have designs going around in my head all the time for things. It’s just a matter of reverse engineering some tanks to get them modeled up to be able to really see how they work, and come up with a design based off of that. Some of you may have seen the atty holder I have in the works. This is my first vapor related design and is still a work in progress.


I like it!!!

Ok, here’s all you need to do for reverse engineering.

No RTA - make an RDTA just like the Aromamizer except rather than the funnel top with the awkward drip tip connector make it flat like the Subtank Mini with a fill slot like the Lemo 2.

RDA - not my main focus in life but a velocity style deck is a must! My idea is rotating/threaded ring with 3.5mm SS tubing for focusing air intake directly on coils. These wouldn’t go in perfectly horizontal but rather at an angle like 35deg or so, angled down and of course higher than the coil. It wouldn’t need to be long at all, just long enough to direct and focus the air.


That would require a machine similar to a Mazak Integrex, which 99.9% of machine shops can’t afford. I suppose a fixture could be made to hold the upper portion of the tank in at the proper angles to machine the holes. But it wouldn’t be too terribly difficult. The tank would just have to have a feature machined into it to align it on the fixture. I don’t have a Lemo 2. Is that a tank I should get?

If you like single coil tanks then yes, the Lemo 2 is fantastic. I traded an Ohmega for it and glad I did. Then I had a buddy send me an Ohmega :wink: Like a Christmas all the time.

The Dark Horse RDA (not known as a flavor RDA) uses a ring for air intake. Maybe look at that design . The ring sits on the main chamber and then the top screws down over it. Pressure sets the ring in place and prevents it moving.

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Oh hell yeah, that fill slot on the Lemo 2 is awesome. No problems with pressure build up like the Ohmega and the Crown when you screw the top back on. The TFV4 is a somewhat good design, but clunky. I get so tired of the gasket pulling out when I fill it and remove the bottle. Plus it’s messy as hell.

We need to start a new thread in the hardware section :wink:

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The one and only complaint I have with this dripper is no Single Coil option. I have modified mine by closing off the air holes on one side to make it a single coil dripper. That is my flavor testing device as I am not really a fan of drippers

Right? I was thinking the same thing. We all know what works and what doesn’t. It would be so cool to have an ELR RDA or tank…just to have the Chinese copy it. LOL

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Imitation is the highest form of flattery! Well, when it comes to the Chinese it seems they’ll copy anything :frowning:

Also the ELR logo (the two flasks) needs to be etched into the sides. on the other side (bottom section) and something on the top section or bottom next to the 510 etched to say LordVapor.

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Ok made it here had to go do something. I love the velocity deck but I am still a single coil user so I had to modify mine to work BETTER for single coil builds.


What I used was marine grade metal epoxy. Possibly not the best thing to do but it makes using a dripper much more pleasurable to me. I would have gladly paid a little extra for a second cap section with air holes only on one side and I can not believe there are not others out there that would enjoy the same.

Now onto the tank design. I am liking all of the ideas so far but I still think a tank capable of single or dual coil builds with adjustable air flow from fully closed off to wide open enough for good direct lung hits would set this tank apart from all others. Also an easy deck to build and top fill that does not leak when filling.

I only own the original Lemo and 1 kayfun 3.1 so I can not give you good tank designs ideas in comparison to other tanks out there.

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