Diabetics Vaping ( is it ok )

i am curious if diabetics can vape all of the same flaves we vape ??? i only ask because a family friend wants to quit smoking and start vapi g but his concern is the sweet juices he has tried i cannot find much info so any thoughts would be great


I would be more worried about the effects that smoking has on the body than vaping. I don’t have any proof but I’m pretty sure any amount of sugar absorbed through vaping would be virtually harmless.


yes i hear what your saying regarding the ciggs , but i just want to be sure b4 i start making this guy juice


Totally understand. It’s a solid question.

The quickest way for anything to get into our system is through the lungs. Vaping we absorb more through mebranes in our mouth and sinuses. That absorption should be very limited for sugars.

@JoJo and a few of the low carbers might be better suited to answer the question because sugars throw them out of ketosis and slows their weight loss. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me will chime in.


Since your friend is diabetic I’m sure he’s well aware of his levels. Vaping could result in some measure of elevation of blood sugar depending on the juice - a concern I’ve had myself. I’ve not noticed a measurable elevation at all as fluctuations occur whether vaping or not. I think the thing to do is for your friend to try vaping and monitor glucose levels. Any substantial spikes - cease and desist.


I understand your concern and I myself don’t have any solid proof or info on the subject but I agree with what has been stated already… Very little absorbtion and monitor those levels closely to be sure… Maybe @amy2 might have a little more insight on this?


I’m not diabetic but pretty sensitive to sugars. I would be more worried about the nic rush. Whoo Hoo, I notice that! But too… diabetics are more sensitive to nicotine.


I have seen this discussed on other forums and the common consensus was it didn’t/shouldn’t have any affect but obv the person with the issues should monitor their glucose as mentioned above, and if it were me with the issues I would make/buy DIY juice recipes with no added sucralose. I don’t use sucralose any longer for longer wick/coil life, and only use stevia in only a handful of recipes, and I don’t miss it one bit. I get plenty of flavor/sweetness without having to add sweetener in most recipes.


yes i very rarely use sweeteners myself ty for all of your guys/ gals advice at least i know what to say , and the warning on bottle lmao


I vape about 20mls a day and test my blood sugar 3-4 times a day.

I have Type 2 Diabetes. When I first started vaping I tested my blood sugar before and after vaping for 3 days and saw no noticable difference.


your the guy ive been waiting on lol i had a feeling someone on elr had diabeties my mom does as well and she was going to test it for me lol even though she doesnt vape anymore 40 plus years smoking and she vaped for 6 months and quit it all and she will tell anyone vaping helped her quit


I just checked with Google.

If there were some link between vaping and diabetes or complications to diabetes, the anti-vape folks would be on it like stink on a hobo. There are plenty of “what if” posts and a few scare-mongering articles such as this tripe, but nothing remotely concrete. Ask yourself, if the FDA had information proving a link between vaping and negative health effects of any kind, wouldn’t they have pounced long before now? And wouldn’t there be stories of folks who suffered negative health consequences from vaping…especially here in the Fat Ol’ USA?


i did research it a bit and could t find much if anything at all but yes you are right the fda would be on it and im trying to lose weight you dont have to call me fat jk lmao


Lol noooo…not that fat word.


So just my .02, when my mom quit smoking cold turkey, she compensated for the hand to mouth habit by snacking and nibbling. Within a year she was diabetic and switched to sugar free menthol cough drops, a bag a day. The aspartame caused it’s own problems. If she’d been able to switch to vaping, she may never have become diabetic. Being that she WAS diabetic and still craving the hand to mouth, still craving minty and sweets made it very hard for her to control her blood sugar.

As a nervous nibbler myself I can attest to the fact that vaping helps me not nibble so much especially on sweets. For a diabetic to replace something deadly like smoking with something much safer like vaping seems a no brainer on many levels. Now, if we learned that VG or PG messed up your body’s reaction to insulin, that would be a problem for sure but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Add to this the fact that it can satisfy the sweet tooth and snacking urges it’s like a double bonus.


You could not be more right about that… I did gain about 7 pounds I can’t get rid of. Vaping does make me hungrier though… I think cigarettes kind of crush the appetite. In the old days women used to smoke to control their weight. I used to even hear women telling other women when I was a kid to smoke to lose weight.


Well sure, it kills the taste buds too so if your food doesn’t taste as good, you won’t crave it as much.


I quit smoking and started vaping almost 2 years ago. I’ve gained about 15 lbs.(145lbs now 160 lbs, 5’8") However, because I tend to vape sweet fruits and deserts I rarely eat sweets anymore. So much so that my wife has pretty much stopped baking goodies because I just don’t eat it. Vaping satisfies my sweet tooth. I figure with vaping, I can have any candy, fruit, or desert I want, in any quantity I wish and at any time and zero repercussions. Wouldn’t trade it for anything!


Obviously this is for ingestion but good reading nonetheless



Pretty sure there is a big difference between inhaling sugars, carbs vs through the stomach. My rudimentary understanding is there is no issue for diabetics when vaping.