Did you catch the FA bargain at Nicotine River?

$6.50 for 60 mls? http://www.nicotineriver.com/collections/flavourart
Also 15% off everything with code: FLAVOR


Wish I would have seen this yesterday. Just place an order for some fa at ecx. I could have gotten double the amount


Sorry! I was sent that in an email should have posted it sooner

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I shouldn’t. But that is dirt cheap. I am all over this one. Thanks for sharing!

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I say that every time I order LOL you’re welcome :slight_smile:

How long is this deal going on?

I need to walk away or I’ll have to cancel Christmas…“Sorry honey, mommy needed to feed her addiction with $200 worth of new flavors. But don’t they smell nice??” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I just spent $180 at Wizard Labs, bought a $200 Corning hotplate stirrer, and just bought $65 worth of 60ml bottles from Nicotine River. It’s my Christmas to myself :wink:


I say that every time I buy something around this time of year. Other times it’s something along the lines of, “Hey, it’s my birthday…in three months.”


In July when that stupid law passes here I want to be stocked up. There are no more FA flavors that I want now. I have them all. I have most of the FLV and TFA flavors I want. Next is Medicine Flower. But dayum that stuff is salty.

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That’s a great deal! free gallon of VG or PG with 75.00 order too. Too bad I placed an order with ECX yesterday and payday is 2 days after the sale is over. There’s my Charlie Brown Christmas moment…


What??? I didn’t see that! Where on the site??
Edit: I found it!


click on the 15% off banner at the top of the page

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Good prices on Nic too. Anyone ever try it?

I just interacted with one of the reps and he said: spread the word…hah! So I sent him a link of this very thread!!

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Good job! Maybe we can get a general discount going for the future.


I think I already sent them an email :slight_smile:


I just received this email from the owner of NicotineRiver:

I genuinely appreciate that and thank you very much for spreading this deal to your group. Please tell “LostMarbles” that the code for your group is “ELR” and it is for 10% off all orders forever and the code will be activated once this deal ends this Sunday!

Thank you guys very much and I will put the link to this group on the navigation bar on the website. My name is Grant and I am the owner and you can reach me at this email at any moment.

Thanks again for everything!

@daath do your thing, brother!


That is awesome!

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Lars, Rob, and @michelleTOC, you guys should be sainted.

Gotta go shop for a bit while the wife is sleeping. . .