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Digital Camera for!

No its not for reviews lol… I have always had great results from all of you advice regarding technology or digital stuff… My sons 8th Bday is here and he wants a digital camera… I got him a Polaroid camera last year but hes tired of the small pics it captures and lack of zoom etc . Im thinking of this one what do you guys/ gals think ??? Price is right but will it take some fun pics


3.2 out of 5 stars 760Reviews

AbergBest 21 Mega Pixels 2.7" LCD Rechargeable HD Digital Camera,Video camera Digital Students cameras,Indoor Outdoor for Adult/Seniors/Kids


Polaroid IS048 Waterproof Digital Camera with 16 Megapixels


Advice can be a dangerous business, so just a few brief thoughts. It looks like neither of your above two candidates have optical (as opposed to “digital” cheese-ball quality) “zoom”. The Polaroid is (to me) more attractive (only because it uses 2 non-proprietary AAA batteries) - but other than that, both look pretty close to a frustrating waste of money. Looked through several on-line “reviews” of cameras for kids. Almost all of the items offered looked goofy and/or crappy in terms of quality (and one can pay up to ~ $160 for that).

I myself would probably be tempted to spend around twice as much (~ $88) on something of a “real” (while still inexpensive) entry-level camera with optical zoom and more serious, versatile in being adjustable, and probably durably useful, photo/video functionalities.

This item is the only thing (which I came across, anyway) that seems more likely to be worthwhile (at $88):

Sony DSC-W800:

20 Mpixel (interestingly, CCD) Image Sensor;

5x Optical Zoom, 26mm - 130mm Focal Length, F/3.2-4.4 lens (able to WA focus as close as 2 Inches);

2.7 Inch diagonal TFT-LCD View Screen.

Note that the “SteadyShot” image-stabilization is electronic (in processing, after the fact of recording).

A Review: https://www.lifewire.com/sony-dsc-w800-review-4589510

Sony Factory Specs: https://www.sony.com/electronics/cyber-shot-compact-cameras/dsc-w800/specifications

Amazon listing: https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/asin/B00I8BIBCW/ep0cb-20/

Sony cameras use proprietary battery-packs that are re-chargeable through the USB port - but a (not provided) external re-chargeable battery charger is required to externally charge batteries otherwise.

The level of care of a soft-case for carrying is wise - as the lens-covering assembly (the small movable metal “leaves”) is not necessarily impervious to dirt/dust entry, and failures surrounding that mechanical assembly (from what Sony compact camera problems I have read about when considering purchasing Sony RX-series models) were the single most common Sony camera failure-mode that I saw being reported.


Nice ty im not opposed to spending more , to me its all the same (cameras)so I depend on advise here … .


I’m a camera nut and tried to help. But I can’t find any info on the “AbergBest.” No sample images, no trusted reviews anywhere in my library of photography sites. But at $41 I’d give it a try.

I’ve given hand-me-down point-and-shoot cameras to 3 grandkids, age 10 to 12, who had expressed interest. All 3 were failures. The kids used them once or twice and then relegated to the closet. Three reasons, I think. One was the difficulty getting pics off the camera and on to a computer. Simple for me, but not for them. Second was the 10% to 30% failure rate of most P&S cameras in “Auto” mode. Pics too dark or too bright. I don’t know how old a kid has to be to understand ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. Third was comparison to Smartphone. With a smartphone it’s point, shoot, send to Facebook, all within 10 seconds. Immediate gratification.


Thats a great point , however in my home 8 years old is too young for a phone and social media… I know that’s not the standard lol…ty for your opinion …do you think if I got the 88$ one I could utilize it if my son didn’t like it ??? Opposed to using a cheaper on where is probably want to upgrade a tad bit


What about this camera? https://www.amazon.com/YI-Action-Camera-US-White/dp/B016EIGEGU because it’s easily connected to smartphone and laptop (there are management and editing programs for it on android) and by buying some accessories you could turn this into a waterproof camera, drone camera etc.


Maybe something to consider as well

But I guess flooding you with different options isn’t making things easier to choose :smiley:


This is interesting for sure…


Its fine… This actually looks cool… This is an underwater camera as well ??? The easier is is to use the better , it’s hard enough for me but trying to learn then teach kid omg… Everyday I wish i would have took more interest in technology type things .


yep, cheap version of a Go-Pro I suppose, but you can just use it to shoot pictures as well.
it’s just an example, there are many different types of these cheap but useful cams.

Kids learn fast and these things are easy to operate for basic usage. Perhaps you’ll have to be on standby when it comes to more settings, I dunno.


Do these cameras also connect to tablets ???


Thats a fact …


If it got android in it, I think so. It’s small and easy to use, I was told, and if your child got bored with it, you could buy some accessories and use it your self
Edit : it connects through bluetooth as well so you could stream from a distance, I think. Or was it another type? I forgot.
Edit 2 : yep, bluetooth and wifi too


I don’t think you can go wrong with Sony. They have become a major competitor for Canon and Nikon and even beat them in the mid to low range market. But the camera market has dropped over 80% since 2010 due to smartphones.

The dad of 3 of my grand daughters is a techie. I don’t know how he did it, but the girls (8, 10, 12) each have an Android smartphone that is “locked down.” They can send and receive voice calls from anyone. They can send and receive text from only a short list of family members. No web browser so no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. No e-mail. But pretty good cameras and they use them a lot. I think he used some commercial product to do the lockdown.


I love this … One of my biggest pet peeves is to see people stuck in their phones… Dinner table NO electronic devices, after 8pm NO electronic devices ( family movie ok ) I have tried so hard to push my children outside to enjoy life …


why not a go pro?? you can attach them to drones, cats and dogs, even your kids :stuck_out_tongue:


First time I heard go pro was from @Suomynona so it something I have to look at … If it’s too spendy id pass since its for my 8yr old son …


They are largely video-oriented recorders - and are not configured to be much of an actual (still) camera.

The only item in the list (here) that appears to be anywhere near Fidalgo’s price range is:

9: GoPro Hero 4 Black ($89.99 for an alleged to be REFURBISHED, not new unit).

Note: The 5: GoPro Hero 5 Black link ($49.99) is for a battery charger unit only.


Im liking this , yay or nay

@Raven-Knightly ???


So they are more of a video camera??? That takes pics ??