Diketone-free liquids with Butyric Acid may make things more dangerous

According to NudeNicotine and their science dept, it seems that the presence of butyric acid along with small amounts of acetoin, acetyl propionyl or diacetyl may worsen the potential effects of diketones on the body:

Flavorings like Sweet Cream contains both butyric acid and acetoin - so for those that worry, that is among those to avoid. Recipes that mix flavorings containing acetoin, acetyl propionyl or diacetyl with butyric acid containing flavorings should probably be avoided…

Again: I don’t worry too much about it. I actually try to avoid the v2/butyric acid flavorings :wink:


I don’t mind the v2 custard from capellas …but at high % it is terrible .


My first delve into custards was with cap v2.

To me it was great at the time. A slight nuttyness to it which I didn’t mind.

However though once I tasted v1 cap I’ve been hooked ever since.

All the recipes I’m making for myself have v1 in them. I just can’t help it.

Strawberries with banana and custard, banana custard, blueberries and custard, peach pie and custard, raspberry and custard I’m on Diketone Cloud all the time right now. Between Cap v1, Banana Cream and Bavarian cream I’m probably loaded with Diketones lol.



I personally love me some diketones! V1 is better nobody can deny that and I’m at the point that I really don’t care . I’m not smoking and I smell like cinnamon toast crunch .


Me too, i cant even mix with it as it initiates my gag reflex. Im not really worried about the whole issue, not enough to give up my favorite flavorings.


FYI, lots of the TFA flavorings have Butyric Acid in them, not just the DX variants, and not just the obvious ‘creamy’ ones. So the problem could occur if you use any of those flavors along with others that have the diketones. Here’s a link to the full list of about 30 TFA flavorings that contain Butyric Acid: http://shop.perfumersapprentice.com/specsheetlist.aspx?cas=107-92-6


I like that the mfg’s are trying to not use D, A, AP, but you have to wonder if they are doing away with it’s use, or only cutting % to get ppm to acceptable use levels. So far, the only flavor mfg I have seen operate with anything resembling full disclosure is TPA/TFA.

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Flavour Art is even better at it. They have their “Clear Stream”-program, and a dedicated website for reports:


That is the North American Flavour Art website - the reports can be found on their Italian site as well, I believe (under Clear Stream)…


:slight_smile: Totally agree. After 37 years of tobacco use, whats a few more diketones thrown into the mess that is my lung tissue. Seriously though. The likelihood of getting popcorn lung at the levels we are dealing with is very unlikely. Still a LOT healthier than the stinky weed.