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Diketones, Oils, Sugars, GMO – All-in-one page: FA, TPA, FLV, CAP, FW, LB, etc


I have proposed some ideas regarding incorporating such information on ELR: How can we assist in keeping flavours up to date (and more DAAP details)?.


Never said it before but… I’m NOT concerned with D.A.AP flavors and use them over stuff with Butyric Acid or alternative choices

The sugar and syrups and and of course oils I avoid.

FA Milk flavor is one those those FA also consider not safe, but it’s the #1 milk flavor according to DIYorDIE folks on their NOTED series.

Delosi I use alot. I like using em only cause I havent found one flavor (yet :wink: ) that had any real off-notes even when used higher.

Have not asked Delosi if they have any e-versions of their testing or ingredients.

But their site lists some info if you read the description of flavors. They seem to be going the route of all natural no additives, la-tee-da-da etc etc. and the site is pretty much all about vape products. :partying_face:

They list them like this:


Some more info regarding LA and DIYFS:

LA (LorAnn)

I managed to acquire 3 MSDS (available here) after asking them through e-mail. Initially I asked for way more but the first reply from their representative was that I can access them on the “wholesaler” section on their site. I finally managed to get the three above (Banana Cream, Cream Cheese Icing, Cheesecake) by telling something between a truth and a lie.


  1. They do not endorse using their flavours for e-liquids (info here) since their main industry is as it seems aromatotherapy and food. This means that people should be very cautious when using their material for making e-juice (at least I will be).
  2. They are not willing to disclose such information to retailers (which is logical from a point of view based on the above).
  3. Looking at the documents for 3 popular flavours that are usual suspects for super high DAAP contents it seems that they are not worse than other v1 takes: Banana Cream has no mention of AP or Diacetyl, Cheesecake and Cream Cheese Icing have <1% AP. Not sure about Acetoin because a lot of times this doesn’t show up in MSDS documents, only in measurements.

DIYFS (DIY Flavor Shack)

I didn’t manage to get access to the MSDS documents that I wanted (for RY4 and Vanilla). I didn’t like the fact that even though I insisted they practically by-passed declining by just saying that they are preparing/having ready their DAAP-free V2 versions. :rage:


Thanks mate. It seems they finally changed their website; looking great. Hoping to finally get their flavors somewhere in Europe soon. And thx for some more info about LA and DIYFS


Great idea. Me support. And thx for your kind words.


Very nice summary with links to a lot of MSDS documents: https://www.thevaperstable.com/flavour-safety-data-sheet-database/


Also just found out that WF - Wonder Flavours provide all of their MSDS documents in one place, and on their site: https://diy.wf/SDS/


Great summary on one page. Will include it on the main post since easy to find (i have all these links spread around). Thx @NikosD :+1:

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