How can we assist in keeping flavours up to date (and more DAAP details)?

I love the fact that ELR has warnings & other considerations for flavours. Some people (including me) find this aspect very important. So, as I am collecting information about ingredients and warnings for flavours that are in my radar (from this forum, published MSDS, website data, etc) I noticed the following things:

  1. Some information on ELR is out of date or invalid (like for example links to MSDS data, whether a flavour contains DAAP, etc). Some notable examples could be Premium Custard (FA) which has a very high DAAP concentration and according to FA: “This flavor contains Diacetyl and/or related diketones. Not suitable for vaping.”. There are more of course.
  2. Information on DAAP is just a black/white thing and not quantified. This is not really useful since health considerations regarding DAAP inhalation have to do with the actual amount of DAAP exposures over long periods of time. For a summary of the research from Dr. Farsalinos regarding DAAP exposure you can check this and this super useful thread is a good example of such information collected in one place.

Based on the above I have various ideas on how things could be improved on the site:

  1. Be able somehow as a site user to suggest or edit directly out of date information for a flavour (like for example where any DAAP ingredient is present, link to MSDS document, etc). Something similar to duplicates suggestion maybe?
  2. Be able somehow (as a privileged user or similar to the above) to set exact DAAP amounts for each flavour, ideally with a comment/reference where this value came from.
  3. Be able to store on-site the various documents so they won’t be removed from 3rd parties (see relevant discussion here)
  4. Given that quantified DAAP information is available then it should be super easy to calculate full DAAP contents per recipe which is actually the important aspect (what matters after all to a vaper, is how much DAAP contents are contained a finally mixed recipe based on the DAAP contents of each flavour given their dilution in the recipe). Here is an example of how I did it by hand in one of my private recipes:

Pheww… Done. I hope this is the right place to post this and hopefully someone from ELR will actually see it!

P.S.: @Mikser I’m mentioning you here since you seem to have interest on this and you have written one of the best threads I have seen in various online communities :slight_smile:


Updated with one more idea to store locally (on ELR site) the various documents.


Have a look at this one too.

Sound like a good idea but that will mean extra work to keep it clear and oraganize and unfortunatle I don’t have the time right now. Maybe we can make/use an ELR dropbox accound? @daath


On another note, if anyone has FA Premium Custard and do not want to use it because of the high content of DAAP please send it to me :smiley:


JoJo, KenOWhere and I can add warnings to flavors - I just added a warning to Custard Premium (FA) - A lot of times, information on DAAP isn’t quanitified though - A lot of times they state something like “<5000 ppm” which could be 1 ppm or 4999 ppm…
On some flavors a calculation like you did (nice idea) could be done - other’s it would be a wild guesstimate :slight_smile:

It’s not often that MSDS are updated, and I am willing to update any that is sent to me :slight_smile: