Diluting Inawera Flavors

Do all Inawera flavors need to be diluted before use? I noticed on the INW retail site its recommend to dilute 4-7 drops in a 10ml base solution (PG) and let sit for a day or 2 before use. Does everybody do this or do you have a different method?

This is one post I got from Planet of Vape about diluting INW.

"It doesn’t get any easier than this – add 5% to some base, steep and vape. At 10% the amount of flavour was a bit too much for me – so value-wise absolutely brilliant. 1 10ml bottle of this concentrate could let you make up 200 ml of chocolate eliquid."

Biscuit INW
Chocolate INW

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The e-concentrates are said to be a lot stronger than the e-flavors so that might be what is going on. I only have one Inawera flavor at the moment, Tiramisu, and it is an e-flavor, so I can’t really speak to the rest. I use it at 2% not diluted. You kinda have to read around to figure out whether what you have is and e-flavor or e-concentrate. I’m guessing the “koncentrat” ones are concentrates and the “e-aromat” are flavors.


The answer to this is a definite yes. All flavors from all companies must be diluted before use to be vapeable. On the 2 page links you provided I see absolutely nothing about diluting further than it’s usage recommendation.

This statement does not lead me to believe you must dilute further either.

Perhaps this was someone’s personal preference because they don’t care for strong flavors. Being so they diluted the flavors further. Though I do not know for sure, I’m doubting any flavor company would provide flavors that required diluting twice. Once to dilute the flavor and once while using the flavor. This sounds like extra work that would actually turn most people off to their product. UNLESS it was a business application where they used INW flavor to create their flavors. They would be likely to dilute and repackage…

My thoughts, no proof…


Thanks for clearing things up… I just needed another view because I completely misunderstood its use. This stuff is potent though and should be used in very low %s…


I guess I should have elaborated further and said it’s use in a mix.

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I’m guessing the thread you read somewhere was worded in a way that lead you to believe they diluted the flavoring. We have to try to remember this is a real big world. Different areas use words in different ways which may make the statement unclear to others. Some of us are just not good at public speaking, or typing. We’ll say things in a way that give it a entirely different meaning. We’re all guilty of that at times. And as you and me know personally, sometimes we just don’t say what we mean clearly. I’m willing to bet you were just LEAD TO BELIEVE they were diluting, or I’m full of it. One or the two…

In a conversation with @Amy2 about the INW Wild Strawberry she talked about it’s strength and that it needed to be diluted before it’s can be used IN A MIX :smile:, it left me thinking that they were all that strong. So when I looked at the INW site it speaks about 3-7 drops in a base it led me to believe you had to make a diluted base and mix from it. I wasn’t sure so I brought it here to the forum to make sure.

With this I disagree. If I could buy a flavor and stretch it three or more times further for the same price is a bonus to me… It’s work I would be happy to do.

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Hmmmmm, I trust @Amy2 as I’m sure you do. Perhaps it is THAT STRONG or perhaps it’s just preference. Maybe she might chime in and clear this up. I kinda doubt she would dilute all flavors from INW…

I didn’t say all… I refered to one flavor.

This is new flavor line for me and I’m going through a learning curve.


That wild strawberry INW is that strong. A couple of drops in 30 ml will leave a perfumey/ chemical taste forever!. It will not steep out after months .

New Drip only wild strawberry I have found to be that super concentrated. I have to make a small diluted batch like I do with AP to be able to successfully use it.

Most of their flavor a are pretty strong but not the shisha variety they are on par with TFA or Capella as far as ratio.

The cappuccino tobacco INW very strong probably would not hurt to dilute. nougat pretty strong similar to FA ratio.
So they do vary. Sorry if I lead you astray.

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Wow, now that sounds STRONG. Got to admit, though the strength of that flavor sounds economical, but I just do not like working with flavors that strong. I seem to have problems toneing them down enough in mixes. If that flavor is that strong it must be a real bitch to try to test small batches, 10ml, when creating a new flavor.


It is THAT strong. I tried to make Aux’s diketone soup and it is all I can taste so I tossed it out.

And that was with the diluted formula.

There is a thread on here that Was posted on INW spreadsheet. Shows % and I think @JoJo tried to translate it !

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And INW Wild Strawberry was what, -20%…lol

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Lol I believe it stated 1-2 drops per 10mls.

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Yeah. Tis here FWIW.


They quoted 3-5 drops per 10 mls in a base on the INW site… that’s why I thought they all needed to be diluted. :confused:

Manufactured from the ingredients for food production.
Very concentrated. Add 1-2% (1 drop per 5 ml).
10 ml. bottles with dropper.

Concentrated e-flavour by Inawera made from food aromas.
Add 1 drop per 1 ml base approximately.
Note: may contain residues of ingredients, you may need to give a good shake to the bottle with your eliquid.

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Try it at 1 drop / 80 ml in a mix combined with other SB flavors and you can tell its in there but it wont overpower the other flavors.


I don’t doubt you for one second. That is the most powerful fruit flavor I’ve come across yet. It give TFA’s cappuccino caramel a run for its money that’s fo sho !!!


That’s funny, I don’t taste INA Wild Strawberry at all, lol. But anyways, I’m reworking my DS#1 into a more balanced vape without INA, less VC, more creams and three more balanced strawberry flavours (:

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