DIY e-liquid and stomach issues/throat harshness


I started lately making my own liquids by following several recipes mainly here and noticed that i have started getting either slight indigestion problems, similar to (but not as) my acid reflux i used to have years ago, and a bit of throat harshness.
So, my guesses were that it could be either the flavours, the VG/PG concentration (70/30) or even the bases brand i use (PinkMule). Or even (silly me) these diketone-free flavors.
This was observed on both my KFL and Wismec RDA and I usually vape at 10-18W, which should be ok.
Anyways, so far:

  1. Switched between different recipes with completely different flavors, such as Castle Long and my diketone free Unicorn Milk didn’t really change anything
  2. Reduced VG to 50 seems which seems to have slightly reduced the issue. Not sure why. Maybe PM VG is very thick?
  3. Next step is to try and dilute my recipes with water, or changing base brand.
  4. Of course, it could be something entirely different and i am just getting weird for no reason

The weirdness here, is that i never had any issues with purchases liquids at any VG/PG ratio.
Any suggestions? Have you ever had any issues with your liquids and your throat/stomach?

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Don’t lay down after you eat and take Rolaids. Diet more likely the cause than vaping. I’ve always had problems and take Omeprazole every day. Takes a week to help but works good. Pay attention to your body, it’s telling you something wrong. If not treated you can get Barrett’s Esophagus. Which can turn into cancer.

Talk to your Doctor.
Good luck.

My diet is quite good the last few years and i also exercise regularly. I do not have acid reflux now, i used to have 8-10 years ago. It is not something annoying, but i will definitely go for a checkup if it persists. Was wondering mainly if others have had similar issues in the past.

Use more VG.


Could read: Mello the harshness of e liquid

Try vaping just straight VG and see what that does. Maybe you are sensitive to it, if so you could try another brand. I know there are different VG’s on the market that use different ingredients. If it’s not the VG, you could make single flavour batches of the flavours you use to see if you are sensitive to a particular flavour. If that’s not it, it might be your nicotine that’s the culprit. Make a batch of Castle Long or Unicorn Milk without nicotine and see how that works out.

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As the others suggest, try either pure VG and/or pure PG and see if that remedies the issues. You can add nicotine if you want - flavorless isn’t all that bad :slight_smile:

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Ok, took a bit long to find time and test, but here it goes.

To test if this issue is general, I also bought a premium e-liquid (FivePawns - i like them a lot), vaped it, all fine.

So, i ended up leaving my (flavoured) bottles open for about a day as they seemed to have very intense smell, which smoothed things down a bit. I dont think it is an issue the percentages as I have used them as shown on the recipes here, so I assume that if it was too much, people would have mentioned it.

Also, tried 50/50 black/blue pinkmule 0mg and purple (70/30) 6mg with no flavours. Tastes quite fine, but a bit weird on my throat and stomach. I think PM VG is a bit too thick. Does anyone have similar issues? Maybe i will have to try diluting it a bit with water, but i think that this way the flavour will be reduced a lot.