Mello the harshness of e liquid

Anyone know the best way to make your juice less harsh? I have tried putting my liquid on my defrost in my truck while I drive to work. Seems like it helps.any ideas? Thx

You could try a few drops of FA’s MTS Vape Wizard. MTS stands for Mellow, Thick and Smooth. :grinning:

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To add to @Josephine_van_Rijn’s excellent advice, Pyure (liquid stevia), ethyl maltol (Cotton Candy), Smooth, and Magic Mask are also options for rounding off sharp notes or muting harsh flavors. There’s several good bits of advice in these threads that might help:


There are a couple of things you need to investigate to find the culprit. I too had a lot of harsh vapes when I first started making eliquids and have explored many methods myself.

  1. Try you VG and PG on their seperately, just to ensure you have a smooth decent quality base. If PG is harsh then you should have a look at either a) the quality of the PG or b) you may have an intolerence to PG.

  2. Once you have tried step 1, add nicotine to the mix (no flavours) if it is still harsh then you have your culprit. I would suggest looking for VG based nicotine as, in my opinion, they generally seem to be better quality and alot less peppery.

  3. If none of the above has outed the culprit then its obviously going to be the flavours you are using. Some flavours naturally are rather harsh before steeping and will mellow out alot over the course of a few weeks. I found when making any fruit flavoured liquids that they were harsh. Oone thing to really consider when you are making a juice is what are you trying to achieve? If its a dessert flavour liquid then I would suggest using between 10-15% flavour, if it’s a fruit flavour then between 3-10%. I used to find all of my liquids had a tinge of harshness at the very start of making juices, so I simply took the recipe I was using and cut the flavour percentages in half. If it was weak (after steep) with no harshness then I would start increasing the percentages in a scalable manor until I found the sweet spot. If they were still too harsh at half the percentage then of course you need to be reducing the percentage. It may just be that you are trying to go big in percentages to achieve the desired flavour when ultimately it can still be achieved at a lower percentage with the correct amount of steep time.

Please also bare in mind that you can use liquids like “TPA’s Smooth” or “Wizard” to clean over the harsh notes, but when using these liquids you need to identify if it truly is a harsh note or a harsh juice, because adding these liquids to a harsh juice wont do a huge amount!

I hope this helps!


Good stuff
Thanks all I need this on a dx mix ready to toss will try the above first
Dx caramel not for me back to original just hate to waste

Distilled Water, 4%. Works like a charm.