DIY extracts

Hi guys,

This is my first post here, but I would really appreciate your input.

I have been mixing my own flavors for about 1.5 years now. Strictly for own purpose. I buy VG, PG and Nic locally. The flavours are however extremely expensive here, so I have been ordering them from the UK. I get about 100ml flavors there for the same price as 15ml here.

Since the 1 of March my country has made it illegal for civilian’s to import anything regarding e-liquids (and tanks and whatnot). So my last flavoring order has been stuck in customs for the past 3 weeks and I am currently in an argument with them where my claim is that this is just food flavors (extracts) and they claim it is for vaping. Still pending results.

How do I make my own flavors?
I have found videos on YouTube where they use some kind of glycerin (not sure if PG, VG or other) and alcohol (rum). But I would like your input.
And what about fresh fruit like apple, grapes etc? Should they be dried, fresh?

Any input/recipes are welcome.

PS. If they deny me this shipment I will ofc start to order food flavors from food sites as well as continue to order e-liquid flavors just to prove a point and if I can afford it I will consider legal action against them as flavors do not go under the EU TPD.



Not sure about extracting flaves , but if your country is fucking with you like that just order direct from manufacturer instead of places that sullort vapimg … For example dont order from a place that sells nic shots or lists eliquid recipes …Good Luck and im sorry your going through that.


Yes, that is my thought also. But at the same time I want to teach them a lesson.

But my main question here is about making your own extracts as I have been exploring my options.

My thought process is that if they are going to bann me from importing extract with the new EU law, that means that I should (if I can afford it) to lawyer up and either get them to acknowledge defeat or enforce the same laws on grocery stores that import food flavors.

But yeah… main question, how do you make extracts at home? :smile:

Do you have links to manufactures that sell and ship to Iceland?


You can start by taking a look at the NET threads here on ELR.
While they predominately deal with tobaccos and teas, you can still learn a fair amount about the process they use. There may be adjustments needed for your situation/ingredients, but I would imagine that it can’t be that different.


Thank you, I will search for it :slight_smile:


Although shipping would be stupid expensive, you could try
Theirs are all crazy strong extracts and made for the food industry. There is nothing on that site that even mentions vaping or eliquid. If you have a chance to look, check out the extracts only. Like diacetyl free organic extracts. They make their stuff fresh to order and a 2 ounce bottle is only $2 more than a 1 ounce bottle. So if you did order from them, customs would think you are making desserts and let it pass. Just an idea.


First of all… that really sucks! :rage: However, Iceland has been on the “ban train” for quite a while concerning e-cigarettes stuff, huh?

Secondly… Guberment sucks, huh? :rage: Just curious… from what U.K. vendor did you order your flavors?

Seems to me that if the contents of the bottles are marked properly, you shouldn’t have an issue getting them through customs. Those dudes are just being dicks, concerning possible vape products coming into the country.

You can use solvents for extraction, such as the ones you’ve listed. If you do use an alcohol product, try to use something like Pure Grain Alcohol or EA (ethyl alcohol = flavorless); that is if available in Iceland.

The sugar content in these items makes them not good candidates for extraction. However, you can use other items which don’t carry a high sugar content, such as tea, vanilla bean, coffee bean (less oily the better), or my favorite… tobacco! :hugs:

You can go down that road if you wish… wish to be put on a watch list for all future purchases concerning vaping or anything at all. :confused: I would try and calmly settle this issue at hand without too much bluster. If they’re still dicks about it, step back and do more research on how to import what you need for your purposes. I don’t know what that might be, but I would go for the low profile route first.

You could get a business license, for say, a bakery. A bakery uses food flavorings in their cooked goods. Then you’d be a “business” and not a “civilian” purchasing flavorings. :hugs:

Edit: Just did some research on the Icelandic business license thing… forget it! Too hard! :confused: Stupid suggestion!


I have heard of some people making their own natural flavors but I don’t think its recommended
vaping organic compounds like Oils isn’t good for you. No idea how bad it is though.
You should have no problem ordering flavours I think but how are you going to source nicotine?


I’ve heard of people making their own vanilla extract using vanilla beans. Just soak in PG/VG from what I hear, but it may take a while…

You can also try some teas


There are manufacturers all over the world , personally I would compile a list of the manufactures like Capella , Inawera , Flavour Art etc and contact them to see if they ship to iceland … I can see if your ordering through a company like Ecigexpress for example since they are obviously sell8ng the flaves to diy mixers . But if your ordering through websites that dont cater directly to people that vape how can they say what the flaves are for …


Teas turned gross. I tried my own chocolate extract and it was sooo disgusting :joy: :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


You make some really good points :slight_smile:

I ordered from The E-Cig Shop. I have nothing but good to say about them. I am in constant contact with them about this and they are very supportive. They have promised a full refund if the order will be returned and they are reviewing the new law here to see what they can do to keep send to Iceland.
In my opinion they have made nothing wrong and the bottles are clearly marked as they should with ingredients etc. It’s just the local authorities that doesn’t have a clue of what they are doing.

Iceland has been a bit in both ways, sometimes really strict and sometimes they don’t care at all. But this is the first time they have actually stopped my order.

I will consider all your thoughts on DIY extracts.


Yeah. From what I have gathered it’s like a minimum of two months. I do believe that I have about two months worth of flavors in stock already though.


I buy the nic locally on the “black market”. Extremely expensive, but since I only vape at 3mg a 100ml bottle lasts me and the Mrs about 5-6 months. It’s everything else that I buy almost monthly.


black market? awesome!
you could also find someone who sends it to you as gift in the mail and have it re-labelled
might be cheaper.
this might work for flavors too since it seems like the vendors are being flagged



How about a very “lumpy” Teddy Bear? :rofl:


Well, by black market I mean other hobbyist who somehow manage to get it in and are willing to sell. Not like I go to the mob or something :laughing:

I have actually been thinking about a man in the middle. But that means longer delivery and more work. So I have not done it before as I have not bothered before.


Just checked them out. They are crazy expensive, but still about 50% off compared to buy locally.


Just talked with the one I usually buy VP, PG and Nic from and he said that the customs are stopping everything at the moment!

So not even PG or VG can enter the country, like that doesn’t have other uses… Jeez…


They are $$$ however, a 2 ounce bottle is only $2 more than a 1 oz bottle. Plus, amount used is in the .3-1% range cause they are powerful