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So how about DIY for nonprofit… set up charities selling cheap e juice to help people stop smoking. It’s the honourable thing to do.

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Hmmm, seems to me if they can afford cigarettes, they can afford ejuice. Somehow I doubt I would feel very charitable to the cause…

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Yeah, but your making a profit from selling e juice, so you have a horse in this race. And when i say nonprofit, all involved would get paid a wage, just like any charity, then if there was profit it could be donated to fund vaping research or whatever.

Actually, at the time I started it was getting where I could not afford my cigarettes and made the decision right at the tobacco store to buy a unit rather than the cigarettes. At the time I did not have a shop and was much poorer. However, if you were to say let’s be charitable and help people get their first unit (Equipment), and a good one instead of the piece of @$%##! that I was forced to start with, then you got something I think anyone would agree to. Once they have their equipment they should be able to afford their own juice. After all buying juice and coils costs approximately one fifth the cost of cigarettes. Why would they not be able to afford their juice if they have the money to buy cigarettes.

By the way, if I relied on juice sales I wouldn’t be in business anymore. I sell 2 days a week only and it would take a awful lot of juice sales to pay the bills that way. I make my money from equipment. Which by the way I would feel would be most charitable. I know you would think one might be bias since they sell ejuice, but not always. Another thing to think about, if I felt as you suspect I might, why would I be on this forum helping people learn DIY. You would think I would do just the opposite rather than helping. I just have a friendly disagreement with the type of charity and what I feel would help the most, nothing more…


I do not wish to cause an argument. it is not meant with a bad heart or any ill will…

In your current situation in the US, it looks like all vape shops will be put our of business pretty soon. Being part or a globally registered charity could provide a viable way to stop corporate tobacco from ruling the roost.

  1. If you mainly make profit from equipment and not juice, why would you be against a non profit juice charity? thats not how you make your money.

  2. Your first comment says “if they can afford cigarettes, they can afford ejuice” then you go on to say how you could barely afford smokes.

  3. “why would I be on this forum helping people learn DIY” to learn and garner knowledge for yourself. I have no problem with this, it’s good to learn. But your saying your just hear to help others learn…come on…

Just to be clear I am not say free e-juice… nicotine suppliers would be paid, flavour suppliers would be paid, mixers/blenders/recipe makers would be paid, properties/websites would be paid, delivery cost would be paid.

Instead of one person like yourself or corporate tobacco making 4.99 on every 10ml bottle of juice that costs 1.99 (even less for corporate tobacco) to produce, the customer would pay 1.99. I guess leaving them with more money to buy equipment from shops like yours…:slight_smile:

Smoking addictions take money away from families, sometimes/often families with lower incomes, that are struggling… money that could be spent on their future & their children’s future. The amount of money I could have saved not smoking, I could have funded my both my daughters university fees twice over…

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Yes Sublime; I agree with many of your points, some I already thought of for instants the money spead around. And do I learn things as well here? Damn right I do, life ain’t worth living unless you learn something new each day. But, you can not argue that I do indeed try to help others on the site, More so than I help myself. Truth be told, me being a shop owner and my profits have absolutely nothing to do with my reasoning on this subject…

As a shop owner I see all the time the struggle people have gone through trying to quit smoking with trash equipment. Not only do I see them going through it, I was one of them myself. I am a firm believer that Good Equipment will do more for a person trying to quit smoking than anything. For that reason, and no other reason, I believe that donation of equipment is more important. Tell me that Good Equipment would be given with this charitable donation and you could easily change my mind…

Sublime, we have the right to disagree, and this is good. Good things sometimes come of disagreement. With disagreement many times comes compromise, and this too is good. Your intentions are good and that’s all that matter…

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Yeah, a free EGO CE4 :slight_smile: I jest…

No I certainly did not mean that you do not spread your knowledge, just pointing out that you also gain it… it’s a two way street, and yes, it is a good thing to learn.

I don’t think it would exclude non-profit equipment, the vape shops that are close to me are all selling the same equipment some clones, some authentic, but it is all equipment which can be bought online at half the price (if not less)… you will always have people wanting to buy authentic gear, these people can obviously afford it… me I am happy with a clone of a clone of a clone… I would love to buy a new authentic continental mod or a stig helix, but I do not have 450 bucks lying around for this purpose.

The problem I see with equipment would be the government bodies that will be forcing testing, maybe the little profit that would be made from e juice sales could even go towards testing… I know, I know… which companies products would get tested… Well, maybe a charitable organization could pick 4 or 5 of the best currently available and do a deal with xxx companies, as these companies will be dead in the water if they cannot secure the funds for testing.

I am trying to think of ways that help vapers, not big tobacco. The government is getting involved, pretty soon your only going to be allowed one of those pieces of crap like blu, because they are backed by big money have paid for all the testing and own patents and that cost them lots of money, and they need to claw it back. It will slow down the R&D process of vaping equipment, as they will see no need to change what they already have, and customers will just have to suck it up, literally. :smile:

Honest truth I can’t see how any of these companies (other than big tobacco) could get the kind of funding needed. And another thing I have to wonder about will any of the Equipment Companies (Aspire, Kanger, Etc) spend the money to get their products approved by the FDA, if of course the FDA is willing to lax the equipment regs. That to me just might by the most important question of all. If they are willing to spend the money then maybe, just maybe, the vape shops can find a way to stay in business. All this crap has my head spinning for sure…

Don’t you mean the customers will just have to “Bend Over” and I do not say that LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

Worldwide it must be a very daunting time for vape shop owners & employees… Please don’t think I am bashing vape shops. They are needed… Access to quality juice that you like and good equipment should be a high priority to aid in stopping people smoking.

It’s going to be terrible situation when your local grocery store, which sells tobacco is the only place to buy the shitty refills for you shitty vape pen, and they only have 5 tobacco flavours… which can only lead to people going back to smoking.


I don’t know about other parts of the world, but here in EU we have a company called one pound eliquid, which sells decent budget juices with a price tag of one pound per 10ml. This is extremely cheap when you think about wages, proper chemical factory and other business related stuff. No need for charity.

You bet your #$%. Would not surprise me if the vape shops have gotten more people off cigarettes than the same amount of doctors. Actually, if somehow we get the regs eased on equipment there is no reason why we can’t sell DIY VG, PG, and flavorings. As consumers, people should be weening themselves off nicotine now while the vape shops can still help them. There is still time to slowly get off of the nic. If they want to still vape after off the nicotine then all the things needed for 0mg juice blending will still be legal. You know, it may be possible as a consumer to still buy nic. We’ll just have to see about that…

I don’t think one pound eliquid carries any weight in a political sense. If was a registered charity and sold ejuice to fund vaping awareness. If vape shops in the EU sold that brand and the bottle had information about the signature collection, maybe they might have gotten more than 181000 signatures, which is a pretty poor show for the whole of the EU.

I thought the idea was to make affordable juice, not politics.

Yeah, you would be mistaken then… The idea would be to help people stop smoking, and provide an alternative to big tobacco that is only there for the profit. In a political sense If there was a large nonprofit vape organisation, its would also provide a voice and support for vaping campaigns and initiatives. It’s harder for governments to ignore large nonprofit charitable organisations. The WI would be a great example of this.

There’s a company that is doing something sort of like this for military personnel and veterans. They sell their e-juice and use the proceeds to buy kits for military people. Or, that is what their website claims. I found them through the site for Vaperslam. I think

I am looking for a mentor, as I am not looking to make a profit but to open up a hobby lounge
for those who just enjoy… Who can help me?

The joy of doing something like this is going to be rewarding in itself.