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DIY fully articulated atty stand


So here’s my latest project on the cheap.

I needed an atty stand and decided to repurpose an old tablet mount.
We have granite counter tops and this thing sticks like glue.
It’s easily adjusted to any angle you need to work.
I’m waiting on my 510 pin connector to complete this project.

The table rotates 360° and to any angle for working on your atty.

Its extremely rigid from any angle =)
Comments? Suggestions ?


very cool! not sure what size hole u got in there but i use lil kanger clearo type bases, the threads for the coil are same as an atty DIY: Spare Atomizer/ RDA holder


I’ve got a hole in the ABS ( very soft plastic just the right size the plastic will soon wallow out and be unusable ) and very carefully threaded the atty in… My 510 is coming on Monday then this DIY project is done. The thing I like the most about it is its no clamps totally hands-free. If anyone is interested I can post the whole build. It’s very easy to do. =)


Nice @RexRabbit :sunglasses:

I could have used something like that back in the day when I was building Genesis style tanks. Glad those days are long gone :smirk:… wrapping 30 & 32 gauge wire around a mesh wick was a pain in the ass! I still have a few Genesis style tanks in my atty stash, just to remind me of how easy vape life is now!


very nice. What was the original use for that mount?


All you need now is an attachment for a magnifying glass!


Second line of his post…


I thought of that and mentioned it to my gf she laughs and said yep I know you could add that … probably will in the future =) got to find the right one (magnifier)


Damn, I read that as “table mount”…gotta keep my glasses closer.


As a similar idea a cheap fone holder with a suction base and a dead mod would serve.



Wonderful Idea, man.


Delivered today
Now it’s finished =)


@GuernseyNick They have those cheap colored aluminum ‘atty stand’ things you can get for about a buck a pop, or $4 for 7 on fasstech (I was just poking around there today). Some are even magnetic, which would probably work even better. Add some heavy adhesive and one of those cheapo suction base phone holders would be awesome! That was one hell of an idea, @GuernseyNick! Now off to poke around faststech and find a cheapo phone stand. I bet somewhere like dx.com would even have some generic use suction based ‘holders’ designed for other schtuff. I’ll see what i can come up with. @RexRabbit Your stand is awesome! I want to say American Science and surplus (think that’s what its called) used to sell really inexpensive articulated ‘arms’ you could clamp onto stuff, with things like magnifying lenses and little delicate clampy deals on the ends. Yeah, not sure if anyone followed that, but might be a good option to hook up your mag lens on that thing, super cheap.


You’re the second person mentioned a mag lense…challenge accepted. =)


There you go one magnifier added =)



It’s easily adjusted as well


Omg, you just happened to have that laying around???!!! Modern day alchemist, you are. So danged cool. That is thoroughly impressive, sir!


Well I try ILMAO sorry :slight_smile:


Ducktape to the rescue! Great project though, @RexRabbit


It used to be one of these =)