DIY Hand Sanitizer?

Recent trips to the store have been kinda freaky …and worrisome. Because of the Corona virus people are stocking up on everything. I wasn’t focused on “stocking up” I just needed some specialty light bulbs, and my local Target had many empty shelves in many Depts. Next I had to get some food and found lots of empty shelves at the local grocery store. From Target to Grocery I was re-thinking my own family procurement logistics. I mean what could happen during food delivery shortages? I bought the last big bag of rice in the store …it was tucked up under a bottom shelf …weird and a little scary.

So? Hand Sanitizer? I got the impression that had loong been sold out, but I think I have a solution. An ELR-type solution, DIY! I use Everclear Grain alcohol for extractions …some refer to it as Limoncello ;-), but that’s all Hand sanitizer is mainly …ethanol. So this topic is planting the seed for discussion on how to make your own hand sanitizer and ways to safely carry it around and apply to your hands when needed.

I mean I guess you could just pour grain alcohol on your hands but that sounds dangerous (extremely flammable!?) and likely very drying to your hands (it’s a degreaser!). So some DIY carrier that’s thickening and moisturizing? Aloe Vera gel immediately comes to mind, but what would an ideal actual recipe include? One target to remember is that the alcohol% has to be maintained to an effective disinfecting level. I’m sure I’m skipping over some vital details, but what do you guys think?

Applying it? maybe an old hand sanitizer bottle or just one of the airtight bottles we use for vaping/e-juice? It needs to be resistant to high% ethanol (Clear PET plastic?) I have some clear 30ml PET …they’d fit right in a pocket. I might just fill one with Everclear and see how it holds up. Heh next thing to run out at stores might be Aloe Vera gel when the “word” gets out. Might go stock up on that today :wink: Stay Safe mah Peeps! …hmm lemon hand sanitizer …lavender?


By the time it steeps you will already have had the flu and healed. :rofl:


Brofessor I’m thinking of more like a SnV :wink: (Squirt n Virus)

Plus it would have to be an actual DIY recipe with items listed similarly in the database as grams etc to keep it effective (Ethanol%)


My wife has been making our DIY hand sanitizer for years. I’m pretty sure that it’s 91% isopropyl alcohol (97.5%), fractionated coconut oil (2%), and lavender oil (.5%). Pretty simple… however, finding isopropyl at 91% right now is going to be the trick. :confused:


you can use that alcohol and your VG (BLASPHEMY) and aloe vera gel :slight_smile:


I don’t get why people are buying up bottled water though, and toilet paper. We aren’t facing a hurricane. Or is this just a sheeple knee-jerk reaction? Someone 'splain it to me.


You answered your own question… hit the nail on the head. :smirk:

But, don’t you know that the entire water supply is going to be infected with Covid-19… therefore, it’s going to cause diarrhea… thus, the need for toilet paper.

2 + 2 = 5,754,257,809,765,434,678,886 :smirk:


For what it’s worth, I’m a soap and water guy. Always have been and always will be. Just the way I roll. Having said that, ya gotta wash your hands properly or else you’re wasting your time.

Get a good lather up and wash (scrub) properly for at least one minute. Rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly with something clean. I’m no expert but I’m confident you should be good to go after that :+1:. Cheers…


Hand sanitizer is a Plan B. I’m a Professional Picker, so when I’m at “work” it’s at Thrift stores, yard sales and Flea Markets. Washing my hands when leaving a Goodwill has been Plan A always as one’s hands actually get visibly dirty. I can’t wash up consistently as asking Yard Sale peeps if I can wash up after touching their stuff and handling their cash isn’t cool.

Only option sometimes is the Plan B. Plan C is always in effect, which is exposing myself to as many contagions as possible… build that Immune response (too soon?) That’s a joke of course as the only way to build an immunity to Covid19 is surviving a case of Covid19 …that’d be Plan Z (pun intended).

Actually might start wearing disposable gloves though, gonna be seeing more of that I predict (along with masks) I have no plans for wearing a mask …I think that’s more for keeping other people at a safe distance …clearly YOU are contagious (?)

I like the isopropyl alcohol (91% minimum) for a hand sanitizer base, as there’s no Tax like Ethanol ($2 instead of $20) …but at the same time [backspaced over joke about being able to drink my hand sanitizer …don’t]


You’re Frankie Fritz! I knew you looked familiar!!!



TRUE brother. Soap doesn’t kill germs, it breaks the surface tension and blocks the critters from adhering to your skin. It’s ablation (wearing off) that removes the germs, so it is the time spent scrubbing that disinfects. Ever see how a Surgeon washes their hands? I get my time in by spending a few seconds on each finger, the back of my hand, and going past the wrist a couple inches.

Being old I remember “Antibacterial” (bar) soap that everyone used. They banned it (70’s?) because while it did kill germs it actually helped grow resistant bacteria ( Benzalkonium chloride). A few years ago they banned even more modern antibacterial cleaning products (Triclosan), popular with acne suffers and food processors …same idea.

Get the facts on WikiP


No worries @BoDarc. Given the job you have I can totally understand and agree for the need to use the hand sanitiser. Do what makes sense and what makes ya feel comfortable brother. Me? Nah, just gonna keep on doing what I do. Not too fussed with this Covid-19 thing to be honest. Not that I’m lazy or in denial. I’m one of those who accepts what happens, happens. That’s not to say I’ll take unnecessary risks. I’m a “social animal” and won’t stop shaking hands or kissing cheeks or getting close and talking to peeps. Reckon my health in general has improved out of sight since I’ve been smoke free the last 4 years so pretty confident the body and the Universe will look after me :wink:.

This my friend, is exactly how I do it. Boom! :boom:



Ok here’s a more official recipe…

hmm VG and alcohol and Hydrogen peroxide? Is PG or VG = “Glycerol”? VG def seems like a better add for thickness. I have some Aloe too, might try and go outside the lines, but keeping in mind total alcohol % stays at set %s. Appears isopropyl works at lower total %? Am I wrong? Now I can save my Everclear [cough].


The alcohol content of the sanitizer needs to be a minimum of 60% to remain effective.


Most of the ingredients for liquid sanitisers are in short supply here now (apart from the PG/VG of course).

I normally keep a small pack of wet wipes in the glove box of the car either antibacterial or face wipes, just for those times that you need to wash but can’t.
I’ll have to source a bigger pack now though :laughing:
Baby wipes will probably do the trick too.

Just gotta remember to wipe the packet as well :wink:

daath posted this a few days back:


Made myself look. Glycerin is Glycerol. More accurately our VG is mostly Glycerol (based on it’s purity rating which is usually known by Vapers). Thanx Wikipedude


OK first 240ml test worked OK. I added Aloe (bottled) instead of topping off with sterile Distilled Water hoping it might thicken a bit. While looking for specific gravitys, I read details about Hydrogen Peroxide. The Aloe had citric acid as a preservative and I’m not sure what got cloudy and separated, but eyeballing volume-wise (the visible layer settles over time) the Aloe is an easy guess. Perhaps was denatured by the concentrated (91%) alcohol, or reacted with the hydrogen peroxide (?) Also could be from adding oil.

I had some Lavender Orange essential oil which makes it so awesome. It feels (soft hands!) and smells great after the alcohol evaporates. Speaking of alcohol smell, I’m pretty sure there is quite a bit of evaporation in your old bottle of Purell, because stuff I have used from various places (and my own ancient bottle from my car console) doesn’t smell as strong as my own fresh batch …which is carefully calculated to 75% v/v. Maybe don’t rely on it soo much (label states to never store over 110 degrees F like in your car?), or add a little alcohol yourself (for insurance) …of course we’re talking 190 proof Everclear or 91% Isopropyl.

So next question. What are they adding to hand sanitizers to make that pudding-ey gel? I would think it might help it stay in place more effectively, but at the same time, what’s that junk doing drying on your hands? My watery stuff definitively does the job, but you just can’t make a little controllable mountain of it in your palm, so application is a bit “splashy”. I can read the ingredients on the back of my Purell, but it’s not helpful in terms of stuff I can procure (looks like some vitamin E?). Maybe I should not care …just so curious (DIY-itis~!) I mean I did make a half-pint for like 39 cents.

Gel ingredient? Anything I can find in my kitchen? When warmer weather hits I’ll be able to get some Suntan product type aloe gel, but I don’t think it’d work as an about 10% add to gel up a whole batch :thinking:


Just verbal diarrheation. Maybe consider Pectin, or Gelatin (Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen). Trendy. :clown_face:

Gelatin does not require sugar and can be used to thicken savory as well as sweet dishes. Unlike pectin, which often requires heat to thicken, items made with gelatin set in cool temperatures and need to be kept refrigerated to maintain the gel.

Dunno, but hydrogen peroxide along with an alcohol might really rip-into those groovy peptide chains ?

Chicken (or fish) sourced Hydrolyzed Collagens might be more attractive to righteous beef-abstainers.

SARS CoV-2 binds to ACE2 receptors from mouth to guts. A tasty treat for “internal cleansing” ? … :clown_face:


Thanks, I can easily procure pectin in the “canning” section of the store. I might peruse the MSDS for things like Hawaiian Tropic Aloe Gel and see what’s what. Thanks Doc! I was a Biology Major so my Organic Chemistry knob goes to about a 5. Much appreciated, I am familiar with your prior contributions at this level on ELR I mean I am familiar with Agar and other technical gels. The Purell ingredients look more soap-like and an Acrylate …that’s not the kind of Chem-tinkering this droid is looking for. Obviously is has to be skin friendly and leave minimum residue …which also doesn’t harbor/feed remaining or future critters. Hmm Pectin is at least vegetable-based (citrus/fruit peels)