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Diy mtl ejuice question

Greetings everyone
this is my first post and im not sure if this is the right place for this post.
I’d like to know if there is a difference between the percentage of flavours between MTL and DL diy ejuice?
If there is then how can i mix a dl recipie to mtl recipie?and if i can vape DL ejuice on MTL tanks in general?
Excuse my english and thank you


Based on my experience, there’s no difference in % of flavor for MTL & DL, if you’re using freebase nicotine. But if you prefer salt nic, you might want to increase just a bit of % bcs salt nic tends to mute light flavors.

Yes, you can vape the same ejuice in both DL and MTL device. But if you want to vape salt nic ejuice, you can only vape high nic in MTL device. Feel free to use any device for low nicotine ejuice.


Thank you for the answer i meant to use freebase nic.


I’m going to say “there can be”, but it’s not a rule set in stone.

It’s very hardware dependant. Primarily the atomizer, but sometimes the mod plays a part as well.

The only way to know for sure, is to test the same exact mix on each device/combo.

Good luck and welcome to the forums!


Thank you i’ll test a mix on both like you said and see.
The reason i asked because i read that mtl ejuice needs higher flavour percentage besides the vg/pg ratio and nic strangth


The beauty of vaping is you can tailor the experience for your needs and preferences. For a very tight mtl you might find you’ll want higher flavor percentages and more pg. Freebase and salts can both be used in any device and mg. I mix with salts and use the same strength as I would freebase. Whatever freebase mg you use for dl then you would use the same mg for salts.


@chemist87 Everyone’s different, but when I mix MTL mixes, I generally mix heavier on the flavors. For example, if I had a DL mix that was 10% flavor, I would boost it to 13-15% flavor for MTL mixes.


Then you suggested to upper flavour percentage in mtl vaping right?
How much high flavour is consederd too high for diy?


@chemist87 I don’t think it’s a rule per se, but that’s what I do. As far as TOO high ?? That’s going to depend on the flavors, and the person vaping it, as again there is no one rule for that.


That is what i i wanted to know.
If i use a dl percent flavour mix on mtl tank does the flavour become weak?


Not weaker for the mix, but it may SEEM lighter, as you are vaping much less of it in comparison to a DL vape. That is why I increase the flavor.


Thank you very much for the explination.


Hello and welcome to the ELR forums!
For me flavors are too high when they cancel each other out, seem muted or…I puke. :sunglasses:


Hello and Thank you
How high is too high for you?


Really it just depends on the flavor, like @SessionDrummer stated. And your taste buds. I would recommend doing single flavor testing so you become more attuned to whatever flavors you plan to mix with. There are some good threads on testing here in the forum.


As many others have stated already, this is based on your own preference.

However, let me try to chime in some things here, this might or might not apply too you, but can be a solution or something to think about, for people searching later down the road.

First we should determinate, what mtl falls under, because I see it more often, due to reading old topics somewhere, or people using these terms.

Obviously mtl stands for mouth to lung, but what does that mean in terms of hardware?

If we are looking back, most mtl devices were very small. From the build deck to the airflow, very tight draw and all you could fit was a regular round wire. Most of these devices were used in the 5-15 watt range, maybe some “fancier” in the 20-25 watt range. Or as bad as clearomizers :wink: (edit: mostly even in the 1.0 ohm and up not sub ohm!)

If you still own one of these, or picked something up because it was cheap, you will have to adjust the recipe. Your best bet would be recipes that are designed for pod/aio, if you want to look at “newer” recipes. Otherwise recipes from 2014-2016 probably won’t need it, if you vaping old gear.

Now, and this is why I brought that up, nowadays we do have hardware, that theoretically wouldn’t fall under the mtl term, if we are looking at the old category. But because they are not dtl (or as I call it wide ass open) they will get placed in the mtl category, even if it doesn’t apply.

Mostly new vapers, will then buy something that’s labeled mtl or the new trend nic salt device, and assume it’s just that.

So I know I write already a novel, but it does matter, at least in my experience, when it comes to understanding of how to mix for what and when.

If you picked up a newer “mtl” device that only restricts your hit, but you’re still running it above 30 watts and up, and managed to get a “fancy” coil inside the deck, you will not need to adjust a thing.

In fact, If adjustments are needed, some mixes might be adjusted using less flavor, because it’s way too potent in some cases.

My whole point is/was, while mtl/dtl normally just indicates the way you are inhaling, and does have nothing to do with its hardware, in some cases people can get confused. Therefore my explanation above, should show you when and what to consider.

But then again there’s not any rules, if you love 20% flavoring great, if you love 0.5% great too. Find what works for you! After that, take a look at your hardware and decide if you need to make changes.

Edit: there’s of course more to this topic, I’m just trying to explain in the “shortest” way possible (yes I know definition of short is not that :rofl: but still easily understandable. Unless you all want me to explain build decks, airflows, heat/heatflux, coil material and what not, because if we want to be strict, all of that would matter and would need to be considered, unless we are just throwing 10-35% of random flavor in a bottle and call it “premium” ejuice, I mean then you can vape it in everything lol.


Wait wait wait…
When did this definition change? :confused:

I thought you had to have like 3% sucralose to be eligible for calling your eliquid “premium”! :crazy_face:


Thanks again my friend i’ll have to research more in the forum.


Thank your for for that detailed explination.
I’ve been vaping for 6 months (and i haven’t vaped any diy mix untel now cause im still learning from you guys) so the gears that i have is the new version(galaxies rta ,berserker rda) not old style.
So i understand from you is that there is no big difference in the way of mixing useing these types of tanks.


To be honest I would only vape NIC Salts in a pod device. I highly discourage using Salts in a MTL device. You might get NIC sick. Hopefully someone can back me up on this.