Diy or Die One shots [ENYAWREKLAW]

I would like to request that DIY or DIE’s one shots be added to the flavour list.

As far as i can see, they are not currently on the list.

My adaptation is private but i used the following format:

Pistachio RY4-U (DoD)

Where i found Waynes one-shots (UK):

Also Available at (US):

@Wayne_Walker You might like to have your say on this too.


Ecx carries them too. :slight_smile:

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Aren’t they already? I have private recipes with Rhodonite and Rosky Milk. Lemme check… BRB.


Rosky Milk: or

Is that what you’re looking for? I just did, for instance,

From what he’s told me, he prefers ENYAWREKLAW be used. I combined and renamed what was there that I could find.


Sweet! That’s much better.

Thanks, I couldn’t find any when I tried earlier :confused:

Will that not make it confusing though?
The one shots are under the name dod?
People will be searching for flavours from enyawreklaw?

Don’t look at me. I asked Wayne and that is what he said. Talk to the big man. LOL. They’re under DIYorDIE at ECX so it’s already confusing.


DIYorDIE is really the umbrella of everything I do. It incorporates the youtube, podcasts, inthemix magazine, recipes, and the concentrates. All recipes are under the ENYAWREKLAW name which is just my name backwards. ENYAWREKLAW CONCENTRATES is what they’re called. It’s confusing and stupid I know.


Just done a Google search for ENYAWREKLAW CONCENTRATES and found what I needed immediately :wink: Awesome stuff and a great way to DIY, is there a tutorial on making one shots on your site?

Edit: Found the Formula :slight_smile:

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I am waiting for you to post the pic of your clean room mixing station on here.:grinning:

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Dang WAWA would be much easier to type and remember :slight_smile:


Lmao! No, please don’t go with “WAWA”!! :joy:


Concentrates are not flavours, they are pre-mixed finished products.
Why would they be added to the flavour list ?

No, they’re just the flavors for the recipes combined into one bottle that you mix at a certain percent. Not premixed e liquid.

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The flavor list is a list of ingredients for people to put together a recipe. Kinda like sugar is an ingredient, but cake mix is not. Cake mix is a finished product. Just because you have to add water and eggs to it, that doesn’t make cake mix an ingredient. If you need help or support with a product contact the store you bought it from (ECX) or the manufacturer (Enyawrdklaw).

I really don’t get why it bothers you that it’s been added to the flavour list .

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It bothers me a little, mainly because ELR is messy as it is, and adding concentrates to the flavor list is a step in the wrong direction.

I merely made a request, it’s down to the owner / mods to make the decision whether to add them, you can appeal if you like or I can withdraw my request

I really don’t see how adding them in a specific uniform fashion would make the site more messy. If anything it would make it more uniform. If people are using the calculator to create e liquid with these one-shots, they’re going to show up in the flavor list one way or another. Without them already put into the flavor list in a specific way, people will just label them whichever way they want to and there could end up being several versions of the same flavor/concentrate/ingredient (whatever you want to call it).


Actually, forget my sanity, I have concentrates too, let’s add those to the flavor list. In fact, lots of mixers here have concentrates, let’s just add everyone’s concentrates to the flavor list. So the next time you are looking for ‘Strawberry (TPA)’, you will get 'Strawberry Cereal Milks (ENYAWRECKSYOURLIST).