DIY rack for your bottles

Found this DIY to make a rack for holding your bottles. Thought it was pretty clever, and would share it, incase anyone actually wants to do it :slight_smile:

Easy DIY Rack for your bottles

Also found the trays needed for this here:
Large 3 section mesh trays (2pk)


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throw that link over here too

$23.80 plus shipping for 2 of those? Holy shit that’s expensive!

I know I was surprised, too. Thought they’d be cheaper… I am sure there are cheaper ones out there.

This wire spice rack seems pretty cheap at Amazon. Plus no faffing about with spray paint and coat hangers. Or this one for free-standing. I mean if you’re gonna spend cash for supplies, you might be able to find a finished product just as cheap.

One of the links from that video was a from gal who made shelves from old shoeboxes. If you’re going for cheap, not gonna get much better than that.

In the other direction, if cost weren’t a concern I’d totally go with these acrylic shelves, but I just can’t justify $60 to shelve about 100 bottles when I could be spending it on more flavors…

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The differences between them are a deal breaker for me, but for the first one you linked, I wouldn’t like not having the backing on it, and you have to hang it… the second one, only having the bars for the shelves would make it impossible to put my smaller 10ml vials on it… They appear to only be suitable for bottles 30ml+… a majority of my bottles are =<15ml

I use this:


I’ll use old eggs cartons before spending that much on wire shelves, kind of like the drawers though. $75 would be like three months Vape supplies.
Bought a mini fridge at Wal-Mart $79 for mine, dark, cold and MINE!!!