Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?

Does that phone in the corner still work? :wink:


Yes it does. Always keep this one old style phone for power outages…


I love this idea, just wanted to say thanks. Ive been trying to come up with some sort of system as ages. thanks :

You’re very welcome - It’s SO easy to work with :slight_smile: It’s a breeze finding what I need when I mix :smiley:

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Started to store my RDAs/RBAs/RTAs etc in old medicine bottles. Figured it helps since the bottles are sealed and I have a little kitty running around shedding all over the place. Labeling the bottles will help my ocd too :wink:


Still a bit of an unorganized mess while I finish getting things together to start, but I did find one of these nifty tray type bins at WalMart for $5, fits my 70something flavors with room to spare, right now they are just kinda slid into grouping by fruit, dessert/sweet, creamy, beverage, and topping type flavors. Once I get things more set up ill find a nicer method of organizing. I like @daath’s numbering idea, but its difficult with so many different color lids, I’d need tape or stickers maybe. I just have a general idea where things are for now. I’d like to order or make a nice rack or display sometime in the future. I have had a few options floating around in my head, but It isn’t a priority for me right now, moneys tight still.


Thanks for the peek into your bedroom…teehee…I can see your Badger 121 :sunglasses:

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LOL it doesn’t look like that anymore. I have an actual table now! :stuck_out_tongue: and it’s a cheap milk frother. I’d love a badger.


Yay for your table.
The Badger 121 is only about $11 on Amazon…

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I ordered three of these yesterday 6 tiers hope they work LOL

The finger nail polish shelves work really good…and as you see, they come in different widths.


Sorry for the wait! This is what I have been up to.
Magnetic Stirrer and scale based on recommendations, thank you.

Top drawer-calibration weights, labels, nic, vg, safety PPE.

1st Drawer- TFA/TPA sorted by name from the top left: tobacco, creams, 30 mls, addins, fruits.

2nd Drawer- FA and FW sorted by name from the top left: Vanillas and chocolates, nuts, spicesand mints, creams, creams 2, fruits.

3rd drawer- CAP and 4oz

And finally the lab.


ok…first of all. Holy F&**(ing SH%t BATMAN!!! You guys have some serious stuff going on. Gotta give props to Chris21 with his Franken-Coffee-Horseshoe-Heater-Thingy. Just awesome.

Quick question. In another post in another thread someone mentioned that I need to refrigerate my flavors. I promptly put my NIC in the freezer and my flavs in the fridge. I don’t see a lot of refrigeration going on with you guys. DO you all just go thru everything fast enough to not need to? Is refrigeration not necessary? I am a little confused/concerned now. Hoping I didn’t take bad advice and ruin about $100 worth of flavs by refrigerating them.

Thanks…again. You guys just blew my mind…------->head explodes


I’ve never refrigerated my flavorings (tho when I was new to vaping I kept e-liquids in the fridge and AFAIK none were ruined).

I keep my flavorings on a shelf out of direct sunlight. I’d hope most of them can handle refrigeration, but for some it’s not the best idea as cold temps can cause dissolved solids to crystallize and come out of solution, which is not ideal. This should only be an issue where flavoring ingredients are close to the saturation point of the solution, so it wouldn’t necessarily apply to all flavorings. I believe most are formulated for storage at room temperature (60-80ºF).

Bottom line, if you don’t have solids slushing about in your flavorings, I think they’re fine.

And if you do have any like that, before you toss them you might try heating them in a hot water bath to something like 100-120ºF and shaking them up to see if you can get the solids to redissolve. But be careful not to get ones in hard plastic (PET) over 150ºF (boiling is WAY TOO HOT) or the bottles will start to deform.

Apologies for all the ºF if you use ºC for everything - here’s a direct link to Google’s temp calc if needed .


ok, thanks bro. I should have double checked…pulling them back on the shelf now.

You DO freeze NIC if it is a bunch and not getting used very fast, though, right? I have had several people tell me that’s a must…

Yes. The freezer is the best place if storing nicotine for 2 or more months.

This photo is a few flavor orders old. I’m out of room now lol!!


I got some of those plastic separators but they are not large enough spaces for the bottles. Prior to that, I even tried making them our of cardboard.

Well all the ideas are great here
But I went with your method and the excel sheet
I can search to find flavor and find easy and I put a reorder category in then I sort by yes on reorder
When I run out I put yes in that column makes really easy
Thanks much all


Daddy finished my cabinet today. I just finished putting in all my flavorings.
I’m just blown away. My Dad rocks!

36"w x 20"d x 24"h

Four Flavoring Drawers and One all-purpose bottom drawer…

He made the drawers split, so I can store larger (4oz ++) bottles underneath the 10ml - 30ml bottles…

Still need to put more finish on and line the drawers with rubber spray, but I’m very happily blessed and just had to brag on my Dad!