Diy starting help

I would like to start making my own flavors and would like to see if y’all had some old flavors or juices y’all could send me do to my current situation im almost out of juice and no way to afford more juice or flavors and don’t want to switch back to the stinky they are easy for me to obtain because every one I know smokes

In light of the fda deeming regulations I don’t have a license to manufacure juice for the general public and it scares me to ship.

Yes DIY does cost a bit to get into but if you do it right it’s cheaper than buying stickies.

That being said I know funds are hard. But vapers are pretty giving. Hit up the vape shop. That’s the benefit of the bnm…see about buying a high mg nic juice to hold you over. Only vape when needed for stress. Make some friends from the shop. See if you can trade some level of service for juice.


I’ll try but the shops I have around here are assholes and like to overcharge way to much for anything even rewrap are $5 per battery

Please don’t get me wrong, I do understand not having much money, I’ve been there myself many times in my lifetime, however, we need to make people understand that it is now illegal to ship Vapor products without Age verification. By Jan 1 2017 you must be registered with the FDA as a manufacturer or a retailer. Anyone sending you DIY would be considered a manufacturer by the FDA and subject to the same regulations as genuine manufacturers of Eliquid. With that, subject to the same Fines for non compliance. Know from this day forward you are asking people to break Federal Law so don’t expect this type of help.

Let me also say this, and I do not say this to be mean, or think any less of you for any reason. It is my opinion that it’s a whole hell of a lot easier to go to a local Vape Shop and buy some inexpensive juice than it is to live with the smoking related diseases later on in life. When you can afford to DIY then invest. I know even Vape Shops Juice is still cheaper than cigarettes so in the meantime find you some juice you can afford…

PS, there are also many online juice vendors…


I am just sickened right now that I cannot help you. I’ve done this in the past, so many times and love giving, but the possible repercussions are just not worth it now.

I’m so sorry.

I do hope you will take the money you DO have and purchase some high nic ejuice instead of
purchasing that pack of stinkies!


I agree ^ w/ DaMomma I wish I could ship you some of everything you need but the risks are too high. I loved helping ppl out as well. I am sorry .


It’s ok I read upon on the new regulations and completly understand


it would be great to help , but the day after the fda regs , and this comes across the forum , for me immediately red flags go up , with that being said , there are many online vape sources with good juices fpr 120 ml to 180ml of juice for 30dollars and cheaper , which would be cheapen than a BnM shop i hope i am wrong about the red flag comment and hope you get this figured out so you stay away from smoking that comment alone is what made me want to help , technically i caant even make juice or send flavors to my family now ugh good luck


$52.00 1000ML
36mg nicotine mixing base.
Get an extra 15% discount with coupon code Refer-A-Friend
(code is good for any purchase AFAIK)
I know you could get everything you need here affordably and get an extra 15% discount


I seen you post this comment on the Liquid Barn discount thread I put up…where is this special ? You didn’t include the webpage.


Just a suggestion, your internet connection is more expensive than DIY, recheck your priorities. #Justathought

Maybe he’s using library Internet or ghetto 3G internet on a cell, maybe he’s using wifi from a neighbor. There are lots of cheep ways to participate in the forums.

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Maybe but I’m a sceptic. I do have a bunch of old recipes, I’m not that fond of that I’d be glad to send, if they were not traceable to my house.

Maybe it’s the FDA trying to shut down an international web site for things they don’t agree with? Who knows here?


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My neighbor was kind enough to let me use her Wi-Fi

Would using a po box be traceable

Justsaying if one wanted to send a package with No Return Address dropped off into a mailbox and inside bottles are marked Strawberry Scent, Watermelon Scent, Ect, ect ect, then maybe it might make it to the destination. Justsaying…

Sorry my friend I don’t trust your story. As I said I’m a sceptic.

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With that I agree :wink:

I understand that better safe than sorry and to many possibilities for the law to intervene etc

What law? We are not doing anything illegal here and to suggests so raises even more questions?