Dna 200 home build

Swear I saw someone post a few pics showing a diy build of their Dna 200 . Can’t find it in forums though. Can someone show me a link?

I could only find this:

Or maybe this…
"So ya I built this thing"
Sorry, uve got to search it - I dont know how to do the link

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Got it thx, don’t kmow how to link either though.
Was looking at the Dna 200 stuff today on forum and thinking of trying that chip in a home built mod, for shits and giggles

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I am getting ready to build one. I have a few of the parts ordered. But I am still in research mode.

i’ve been tryna get a complete parts list of all items needed to build one…when you have one, wanna share?
i’ve also considered this:

this company also does laser engraving for $20, not sure if you can get JUST a box with the engraving, though…

heres their DNA 200 kit:

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how cool is this???


I sure will. You know you can buy all of the components for the actual Evolve model right? I downloaded all of the components and started assembling the model…

I have some links stored at home. But I am seriously thinking of making all of the case components myself. Everything looks to be too easy.

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i have been crazy busy lately…i own a small business and 3 weeks ago i lost all 3 employees and havent found any one that wants to work. i say all of this, because i have had NO time to myself to do things i wanna do…like mixing, building, researching. i have a goal/desire: to build a DNA200 device, but havent had a chance to research much.
i’m probably gonna build a standard unit first, with a 1590B Hammond box, then try my hand at a custom box…
so thats why i’m leaning on you for guidance, lol…i just dont have a lot of time to do the leg work.

anyway, heres a link to compare Hammond boxes, if you would like…the common boxes are 1590G and 1590B. check out this cool comparison tool:

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That’s pretty cool. Somehow I missed the LED atty mods. You are gonna pimp out a DNA lol.

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Lotta shittin’ n gigglin’ over diy dna200’s goes on here



OpenPV is always a good resource : https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenPV#subs

The build I did was a Murata OKL2-T/20. The same chip that’s in the Hexohm V2. No temp control, just straight up Varible Voltage. 110 watts, although some people will tell you it’s 120.


What did the parts for a basic setup like that cost you? Is there a chip? Does it calculate and show ohms?

The whole thing came in around $40 US. I painted the box. Paint was the most expensive thing. The OKL2-T/20 is a chip in a sense. It’s a variable voltage DC/DC converter. Here’s a link: http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Murata-Power-Solutions/OKL2-T-20-W12P2-C/?qs=ij065CdJUyG%2FCERQCPUtoA%3D%3D.
The converter itself is not like a DNA or YiHi chip. a good tutorial on the build can be found here : http://findmyvapes.com/how-to-build-okl-t20-box-mod-tutorial/ The chip does offer some protections like under/over current and allows you to not have to put a mosfet between you batteries and your switch. However, an additional PFET inline with the source out/in allows for reverse battery protection. Also setting voltage between 3.3V and 5.5V depending on what resistor you use on the trimmer.

Once again, I would encourage you to visit https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenPV#subs as the folks there would be a great help for you.


i have been rite were you are ok this is what i have found so fair after playing around a bit i purchased a opus DNA 200 after looking around a lot mainly because of the way it supports the board and when i have a problem i can speck email some one that speaks English . . and i like the looks and size of it i wanted to be sure i got a authentic Evolv Board for me and the more i learn about DNA 200 the more i like it the first one i got failed you can find my thoughts on the hole deal e scribe up in smoke in under 30 days as far as i am concerned you can not beat the safety’s built in to DNA 200 mine melted the board but did not burn one wire or hurt the battery pack popped the fuse yep it has a fuse i like fuses here is a copy of the first email from Evolv with in 48 hours of opening a clam ticket Hi Brian,
Please email your shipping info to xxxxx@evolvapor.com and I will have a new board sent out to you.
Evolv, Inc
and he did i got the same thing from Roger from opus send it back and we will take care of it .but i decided to try it my self this is were the learning’ came in for me now i have done repairs a few mods be for but nothing that comes close to the tolerance that come in to play with the DNA 200 the screws that hold the board in place are tinny and the USB port has to be a tight all most perfect fit so that when plugin in and unplug all the time it dose not become lose and move around on the board things that never crossed my mind in building like the board being solid mount to the aluminum box for heat sink . i get a lot of ideas from pic so here you go

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I have a friend who is from the town Opus is in. He actually knows one of the guys there and has an Opus 200. That is one sweet little mod. I plan to buy one one of these days.

I think it is cool that Evolve puts the models out there of their board and connectors. It opens the door for more DNA 200 devices to be developed.

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So well said and the upgrades just keep coming just released one this month. I was still getting use to the dna 200 and now Feb like getting a new mod james made a few changes

Found this on Reddit. Nice DNA200 home build designed to hold a 30mm tank. Pretty clean looking build.

Clicky the photo for the imgur gallery.


I so that is a 3 cell 11 volt batt with crazy amps but only 2200 mah. My 3 bat mod which would be equal to 3 cell has a total of close to 9000 mah. Does that mean this batt will last 1/3 as long? Or am I missing something? Is it 2200 mah per cell?

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