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DNA 75C constantly going into Temp. Protect, anyone else?


Have had, used my Paranormal DNA 75C for quite a while with little to no issues, UNTIL now. It seems the problem slowly started to come on, as opposed to all at once. Same coils, same wattage, I never change what works. Simple, single wire Kanthal, 7 wrap, coming in at .35 ohms for the pair, in, you guessed it, many of my Steam Craves. Literally same exact setup, replace the coils/wicks, same setup, rinse and repeat. I started getting temp protect, despite not changing a single thing in the setup, tank(s), coils, etc. Most times just removed/re-installed the batts, would roll for another few days without issue. Lately however, basically every time I fire the mod, it goes into Temp. Protect. Have hooked it up to the laptop, escribe, nothing looks out of the normal, even cranked temp all the way up to 600 and it still happens.

Nothing appears to be loose, cleaned 510 connection, replaced coils with exact SAME coils have been using forever, replaced batts, every time it’s fired, goes right into TP. Maybe this is what the 75c’s do when they die, not sure.

Have taken EVERY single tank (and I’ve tried a few) that I use, and all go into TP on the 75C, but have NO issues on ALL of my other mods. Sure points to the 75C. Ohm readings aren’t swinging, but they DO appear to be a bit higher than what I think they should be. Bad solder joint I can’t see to the 510 ?? Beat it with a hammer ??

@SthrnMixer have you seen this before ??


You can’t use that in temp mode, you need to be in power mode brother.


I was wondering if he was trolling …


He probably is, but I thought I would give him the benefit of doubt.
I think he asked it to answer the question before it got asked, by a snowflake.


But this I don’t understand …
Now I have some alcohol in my system, but I didn’t think a single drink would be that bad


He has quite a few paranormal mods, and I believe some pwm mods. Just from different pics he posts.


It probably just needs a thorough cleaning. Try the dishwasher!! :joy::joy::joy:


Kanthal is not Temp, SS is temp… DO NOT VAPE IT in Temp with Kanthal…


Ohhhh brotherman @Cutlass92 I wish it were that easy brother (but thank you). I never run TC mode, just plain old, give me my vape in watts mode, super simple.


I wish I was @Suomynona. I’ve loved that simple lil’ 75C since I got it, but it appears to have given up on me.


It shouldn’t go into temp protect if it’s in power mode.


you shouldn’t speak to people that way.


YES, this IS a real problem, and NO I’ve NEVER used the 75C in TC, ever, that is why this is pissing me off. Even NOT in TC mode, you CAN set a max temp (because it let’s you), no matter what I set in Escribe (including resetting to factory default), and YES, it’s in WATTS mode, it just keeps going right into Temp Protect.

I never really cared much about TC, or all of the other wire types required, just a PITA (doesn’t mean they ain’t great), just never bothered much. Stuck RIGHT smack dab in the middle of Kanthal and Watts, never deviated.

I think somethings wacked in the mod


So what I’m saying is could you have it in temp mode and not realize it?


@anon45050679, I’ll have to take a picture. When I’m vaping (trying to) in Wattage mode, and press the fire button, it fires for a split second, then immediately stops firing with a “Temp Protect” error. End of game.


Can you change it to another of the 8 profiles and see if that works, I’m thinking it got switched to a temp control profile.


Negative Big Dog, it’s pretty idiot proof, when changing which mode you’re in. Set it for watts, crank up or down, and get your vape on.


Get in touch with DNA, they have great customer service.


I love how you think brother. I read a few online complaints about that, and negative, thoroughly cleaned (no juice in there) 510 connect, tank, tank 510, all appears normal, dry, and good, except for the NOT vaping part.


Dammmit @Cutlass92 I love hanging out with smart people brother. No, negative, I moved across ALL profiles, and even did a factory default over Escribe, and started fresh, RIGHT back in wattage mode, even went all the way down to like 20W which is far below where I vape, same same.