DNA200 Custom Themes - Share the Love

I’ve made several custom screens in the past 24 hrs. I do love the Irish/Celtic themed fonts and have an entire theme using them. Even though the screen is small, there are lots of possibilities for both text and graphics. I thought it might be fun if we could share some of these. You can also save a them file and share them which is sweeeet. If anyone likes this pm me your email address and I’ll shoot you the file. By the way @daath some sort of drop box would be awesome for stuff like this! I love this kind of thing and will be doing more. I hope others who do them can share as well.

Anyway, here’s a sample, now lets see yours! :slight_smile:


That’s so cool :smiley: I can’t wait to get my DNA200s :smiley:

Not at the moment - I’ll see if there are any solutions out there that we could use…

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I created a google drive - I think only I can upload though…

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Dont have one, but that is pretty neat.

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Here you go. I think it may work with Google Drive. Let me know if you try to get it and can’t

My Celtic Theme

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Uploaded to your folder :smile:

EDIT: If you want access to your folder, just PM me your google account email :smile:

hey, i found a spot where people are sharing themes and stuff


I’m working on a new one.


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oh man, that’s sooo cool! I love being able to customize stuff. I’m gonna have to save up.

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This is a different Pro Vapes… Not me or mine, but it’s a very good theme. I set this up on my 3rd DNA because I had not created a theme for it. I like it better than mine… check it out.

Pro Vapes Theme


That’s a nice theme! I don’t like a lot of the themes - they’re very… primitive :stuck_out_tongue: This one is nice and clean.

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