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Dna75 26650 unable to get close to 75w

I’ve been starting to build lower in the last few days (I blame you all with your monster mods and car exhaust drip tips) and I’ve run into what I consider a strange phenomenon - listed in the title. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me based on ohm’s law, unless the dna75 chipset has an issue or the batteries do.

Batteries are supposedly a 35a that mooch tested at 27a and suggested staying below 75 watts (though I’m curious how he calculates that without specifying resistance)

Building .25 puts me at 16.8a. This is well within the comfort zone of this battery but even at a full charge I can’t get more than 55 watts out of it, and for a very short time.

I’m not opposed to getting a new pair of 26650 (which it turns out is a crappy battery that hasn’t received the same upgrade treatment as 18650 /21700) but I’m really not trying to run crazy low and putting any money into this battery size seems like it may be a waste of time.

If this is a battery / chipset limitation what’s a good target for the build? Which then begs the question - what’s a recommended build for mods that can’t take the low build, assuming I need to be at .4-5?

Thing is - I have built this low on a mech without any issue using 30a (18650) batteries and while sag happens fast they’ve never even become more than slightly warm.

Thanks for any assistance during what may just be a giant brain fart.


what mod ?


It’s a boxer dna75 (original)


ok, i’ve not heard of any problems with those. so, do you have any “good” 18650 ? like a 20s or a Moli or ?

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It’s 26650, which is where the problem may lie. Apparently it’s a crap form factor for high amp vaping and the dna settings make it worse. At least that’s what I’m reading. Only one sort of ok 26650 on mooch’s battery list.

Problem for me is , the firm factor of that battery is pointless for mtl and the mod is chunky. Honestly I hate the mod - I just figured bigger battery would be better but I’ll switch to a 2 battery dna 133

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please answer my question :slightly_smiling_face: = do you have any good 18650 ? and/or are ok with getting a few

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ok, i’l get to the point anyway.

you, or someone you know, can make a spacer that will take up the space between a 26650 and an 18650. and the 18650 very well may work better** than any 26650 . i did this for my Visious Ant Primo Ti 26650 and it works just fine. i just used cardboard and masking tape, i plan to make one out of wood.

**my understanding is that the 26650 was never a great battery in the first place.

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Yah that’s a good idea, I’m sure someone offers a spacer somewhere but honestly I’ll probably just sell the mod if anyone wants it. It’s not my cup of tea. Won’t get much but maybe someone else will be happy.


no sense in messing with it if you don’t like it.


I just threw that rda on my therion 75 (18650) and it hits 75w no problem. So it looks like the battery, though I may not have updated that dna software on the other one.


If ya start escribe, then device monitor, and then click the ‘voltage’ checkbox you can see how much sag there is, while firing. You can pause that screen, scroll back and hover your mouse over the lowest point of the drop.


Thank you, Will do. I own 5 or 6 dna devices and still don’t know how to use escribe other than putting materials in and basic profiles. I need to find a lesson on the more medium to advanced features, particularly trying to replicate the provari boost setting, which I’ve read was just a 5 watt boost for 1/5- 5/5 of a second but I have a feeling the curve had something to do with it too.

Unfortunately my boxer 133 USB port doesn’t work (yet another one that doesn’t work properly, and didn’t from day one). That’s another thing, I need to see what chips can be dropped in for that , if anything - and how to dye it, and how to - oh screw it. What a pain in the ass with the boxer mods.


Depending on the watts set, with the last/latest firmware update, there IS now a 1 second Boost (proportional) for any coil in watts. :+1: on the 75.


i just put sp25 on one of my mods, i tried to get sp27, but it wouldn’t open. and maybe i just didn’t look enough, but finding this stuff was a pita. evolv should make it just like downloading a theme, but i guess they have their reason not to.

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If my memory serves, you’re probably getting hamstringed by the factory settings on the mod. The DNA75 board wasn’t the best-It’s great for lower wattage builds, but anything approaching the upper wattage limits is going to give you some serious power drop(Don’t know if that’s the correct term as I’m not an EE) due to the inefficiency of the board. Add to that the limitations of the 26650 and you’re looking to get to a place you’ll never arrive.

I’d suggest that if you’re looking to hit north of 60 watts then swap over to a dual battery mod or look into some of the newer gen of 217xx battery devices. I haven’t played with them, but I do recall that most single battery devices that are based off of that form factor are rated to 100 watts. The rule I’ve always followed is that anything higher than 50 watts I reserve for dual battery devices. Any higher with a single battery and I am swapping batteries like John Wick swaps mags!


I had to dye both my Boxer mods, I can take a pic of the dye when I get home either tonight or tomorrow. As told to me by the mfg the proper way to do it is to take the mod apart, chip and all, and dip it into the hot solution to dye it. I just brushed it on and let it sit, didn’t want to unsolder then resolder the 510 because I suck with a soldering iron.

Boxer is a over rated POS for me, they shouldn’t be so expensive. I bought both mine used for a good price but still think I overpaid. The squonkers 510 has gotten janky, it wasn’t all that great to begin with.


:astonished::rofl: :+1: Wick is a BAD MoFo !!! Nuff Said


Don’t mess with a man’s dog!


These are firmwares I assume. Shouldn’t it auto update through the program?

I think this is the real issue. The therion is a dna75 running of a good 18650 it has no issues on a .25 build hitting 75 watts. I read something online , and I’ll have to check again, about moving the battery min capacity down a bit to avoid the low battery warning. But clearly I’ll have to get a better battery if I’m keeping this.

That would be very helpful. I need to do a couple of them. The mech squonk is easy to drop in but the 133 not so much.

I guess the less is more approach and maybe tape off some stuff. I agree. I built my boxer with the kit and I don’t want to do it again

So you’re preaching to the choir here. I had a big blowout at one point “x, and to a degree the first part of it was my fault. I was a jerk early on. That said - that issue went away, and I apologised, so I preordered the mech bf - which arrived with a scratched up 510 and a stripped screw (that secures the collar). I’ve tried to find a (and bought ultimately the wrong) replacement 510 but I can’t for the life of me find what theyeee using which comes with that collar. I’ll post a pic on a hardware forum of just the 510 I guess.

However with that mod I have a very strange thing happening. I did ultimately swap out the 510 and I made it work for now. I have taken it completely apart. Cleaned it. It’s as clean as can be. But every time I use it I get a foul flavour into my vape. I’ve changed to new bottles, tubes, 510. I think it’s something to do with the little bar they use making poor contact (or being a crappy material) and it’s arcing slightly causing everything to instantly be infected with funk.

It’s a great size and I used it a fair bit at first, but that bs is stopping me.

When I talked to them about the scratched 510 (I sent an email within five mins of receiving the mod) they basically said - you did it.

They are MASSIVELY overpriced, weirdly difficult to get support on, and genuinely not great. I love the weight. It seemed cool. But between the issues I’ve had, the fade (which apparently doesn’t happen with rebel Mods) and my experience with them in support (I freely admit I probably caused it all with a bad attitude up front) I just. Any with them anymore.

Do you have the mech bf or the dna based one?

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i’m not a computer guy, so idk.

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