Does ELR need some necessary changes?

So I’ve been with ELR for some time now. There’s many duplicates of recipes on the site, Slow load times, And weak trolls who get butthurt over god knows what, And wreak havoc on your recipe ratings creating multiple accounts etc. I’ve attempted to reach out to Lars but can’t seem to find a direct contact source. I figured a post here may do just that. So does anyone else think the site is dying?


Not at all. Quite to the contrary.

The ELR Calculator is what it is - if there are holes in the system some asshole will jump through them. And since there is nothing lost or gained by good or bad ratings (or the presence or absence of butthurt people or trolls in general) then you could just do what I do - not give a crap. I never let idiots steal my joy!!! Besides, the calculator and its various resources are powerful and valuable. As for slow load times, that seems to come and go but in general it’s not bad enough (for me anyway) to get tore up about it.

I see you’ve not been active here on the forum. Participation here will give you a greater sense of what ELR is all about. And if you engage here you’ll quickly realize the dipshits who post the garbage in recipe comments - they don’t hang out here. They prefer to lurk in the shadows of their mom’s basement and be the little twiddlef*&K they are. Can’t change that! Also, from the calculator side if you click Social/Chat you can jump on the IRC channel and join in there. We have a lot of fun talking about all sorts of topics, not the least of which is DIY.

I guess what I’m trying to say can be summed up with one sentence. Ignore the jerks and seek out the fun - it’s all right here.


Right on brother


Thank you SthrnMixer, That was a good read with some solid points.

I haven’t been very active in the forums due mostly in part to personal time constraints. (I’m rarely if ever up this late). I’m also a youtuber with a growing audience, Which brings with it it’s own complications. I can see just by browsing around there’s plenty of participation in the forums, Which is awesome! But, And I feel the need to mention this, If the actual recipe hosting site goes completely unmonitored, Without a flagging option or something similar, How positive will user experience be?

My assumption would be that many mixers are here to only take advantage of the calculator, and the recipe hosting service. I understand the package deal, with the main site and the forum, being attractive and valuable. But what about those individuals who’s ratings are being slaughtered? How likely is someone to try your mix if someone’s created multiple accounts and drowned your ratings to a 2 star recipe? To you perhaps, Ratings mean nothing, But when people are searching out a recipe to mix, Seldom will they choose a low scoring recipe.

After a week of being a member of another particular site such as this one, I am beginning to doubt ELR. This is primarily why I wanted to reach out to Lars. I’m planning on eventually doing a direct comparison (Now that there’s so many) between all of the recipe hosting/calculator service sites.

I don’t know, Just my two cents.


Taste is such a subjective thing that ratings are only a part of the picture and should be used more as a guide than a bible, if that makes sense. The idea has been raised of having some kind of trust level earned before a user can leave a rating, possibly requiring the user to have the ingredients in their stash or requiring a comment of a certain minimum character count. All of these things take time and remember Lars is working on a lot for us already. As for downgrading schmucks, if you don’t get haters “yer not doin’ it rite!”

I’m not sure about this other site you’re on for a week. Maybe you just resonate better with that crowd? Fair enough, that doesn’t mean Lars is doing anything wrong.


I agree of course with subjectivity. I think the potential behind the trust rating would be a wise implementation to improve the overall site environment. I think that is where (I won’t mention a name as I’m not trying to promote here, Just seems unethical) the other site is superior, In that it requires a monetary commitment to even post recipes, Leave reviews etc. Weeds out the not so serious. If I can log out of one account, And log into another, or another, or another and go on the offensive on another member of the site, It seems like that’s a hole in the boat.

I wouldn’t say I’m resonating better with the other crowd so much as I would say I’m directly comparing pro’s and con’s. In fact, I haven’t really gotten involved in any discussions or anything on the other site either. I’m specifically speaking on features and flaws. I also wouldn’t say Lars is doing anything wrong, But could possibly be overlooking potential improvements.

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Your pro may be my con though. Some trolls would happily spend money to pee on someone’s Wheaties recipe (is there a Wheaties recipe?) while others on a fixed income might have priceless talent. Believe it or not, having money doesn’t make anyone more worthy than another. If this site seems to work better for you, that’s great. I don’t know what else to tell you.


Daath is constantly working to improve the end user experience here on ELR, if there is a problem he will do whatever it takes to get it fixed.

Feedback is always welcome and will be seen by daath or jojo, you can use the feedback category


I’m a bit lost as to why you’re focusing on this other site so much when the conversation was pointing out issues here. The other people I’ve spoken with in regards to this issue also brought up the monetary thing. Is that a sour note around here? Putting the topic of money out of the discussion, I think these are real issues and would like to hear Daath or Lar’s input on the matter, As to whether it will receive notice or attention that they could pose real problems to user experience. In my case personally, I’m seeing it as an issue. There’s ways to deal with trolls that even someone who is not a site developer knows, And problems don’t go away by ignoring them. I wish they did, Life would be much peachier.

Thank you Grubby.

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well said couldnt say it better myself :wink: both you and @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit summed it up perfectly , @SteamRoom if you ever do get the chance to read @daath is very active here on the forum always listening to advice on ways to improve things , and always making things better , you have addressed some of the things spoken about here on the forum many times ELR is far from dying and there are a lot of members who come here from other sites because they feel the site is better i believe @Pugs1970 is one of those people so maybe he can compare , if you are wanting to post recipes for people to enjoy there are threads here just for that purpose for the more serious people who dont play games to enjoy so feel free to post them in the new recipe thread , ive been on other forums and sites and a lot of other sites link from here id have to say that ELR is hands down the best DIY site there is and in the year ive been using it ive seen it grow and watched people progress as mixers unlike other sites which i wont name people dont get cut down and degraded either


If I misunderstood your intentions, I’m sorry. It seemed like you were expecting Lars to fix things here because you felt like that other site was better. I’ve been a paying member of sites that require a monetary component to access premium features and so forth. Such a thing can have a logical application but over all it seems to divide the community in ways that, IMO are not necessary here.


I participate in a few forums now just to post my reviews, I do have to spend a little time in there though just to keep them happy, I can tell you with absolute confidence that ELR is far superior to all of them in EVERY way.
ELR certainly is not dying, you only have to see the growing influx of newcomers to see that she is in fact…getting very fat :wink:


I personally don’t know you from Adam. Had a look at your recipes and they look great.

To me it seems more of a problem you may have bought with you, than ELR’s fault?

Do you know this danbro from previous dealings on youtube or elsewhere? It would seem he hasn’t been active here since 2015 and it does look like a duplicate account by the salty person. But to target your recipes personally seems to me, there maybe something more to it from here or elsewhere perhaps, than just ELR’s fault. If people envy you or you have pissed them off, they are likely to google you and follow you around the net, winding you up, wherever they can and with a certain degree of success, by the looks of it.

Obviously could be totally wrong. Just adding to the discussion.

Quick update thanks to @fidalgo_vapes if you read the last few comments on this recipe Think it will explain the situation a little more clearly…


In response to this thread… hell no. It’s evolving :smiley:


it seems after reading the comments on his recipes this guy downgrading the recipes knows a little about steam considering he mentions you tube and is only attacking steams original recipes its a shitty deal , it also seems steam has enjoyed ELR until the trolling happened to him just my opinio


Quite agree and if the problem is actually between these 2 individuals. Then it seems a bit unfair to blame ELR and if Steam is being targeted, it is more than likely that wherever he goes. This guy will probably do just the same, especially if he Steam keeps responding to them directly, through the comment section and showing his or her annoyance unfortunately.


except maybe the site steam has to pay to be a part of , im sure the troll isnt willing to follow him into that site because he would have to pay which if im paying for something and getting something for free i wouldnt dare compare the two


a little ironic using the word peachier, considering the guy attacking you tried being funny with your peach recipe asking who peach is it , im not trying to be an asshole just thought maybe even you would get a little chuckle out of this :wink:


After reading the comments on OP’s recipes i would say that it is evident that OP and this other guy got a vendetta going on that has nothing to do with ELR at all.
Even if Lars would change the criteria on what you would have to do in order to vote and leave comments on recipes i get the feeling that this guy wold jump through the hoops in order to be able to do just that.

Whatever you guys have going on, i would recommend you to leave ELR out of it since i’m pretty sure this did start before you started to post recipes here.

And i can’t understand why you would even take the time and respond to this guy in the comment section, why give him the satisfaction? Well it’s beyond me that’s for d****d sure.