Does tc mode drains battery faster?

I’ve been looking everywhere for this, but could not find one that is a satisfying answer, so i thought i’ll just ask this in a new topic. If this have been answered before, please let me know and delete this topic. (Or is it me that could delete this? I don’t know yet)

So, i use a voopoo drag, dual 18650 battery, one pair are awt 3000 mah 40a, one pair are basen 3100 mah 40 a, and i use to vape in watt mode before mess with tc.

My question is : why does my batteries (both pairs) drain faster in tc mode than in watt mode? Is this normal?

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Not necessarily - But if the average watts is higher because of extra power during pre-heat, it might explain why you feel so.



The AWT batteries are actually only 20 amps, and the Basen 10 amps (or 20 amps, depending on the version)!

Edit: two different versions of the Basen batteries.


@IzNoGoat i use about the same watt (75-80) for both modes. The amps i stated was the ones that is written on the battery, max amp maybe?

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The truth is, i don’t know much about those letters, i just wrote what’s on the batteries. :confused:

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Nope - False and ridiculous overrated claim on the batteries.
There is a special place in hell for shops that sells these batteries, and sellers that recommend them.

I don’t really know why one mode might use more battery than another, and it might also depend on the mod. I was just making an educated guess.


Thank you. I’m gonna read more about batteries now.


A good place to start would be the battery tests performed by Mooch..


Mooch otherwise known as battery mooch does a lot of testing. Run a google s each on “battery mooch.”

Beyond that…my non scientific answer to your question is that in tc mode you take longer pulls, thus using more power than compared to pwr mode. Atleast that is how it feels to me. Atleast on some setups.


@IzNoGoat i just found an image of mooch battery test. Whoever he is, he is thorough. Thank you for that. It’s disappointing to see my batteries rating there. Those were the ones that all vape shops here said great batteries.

@Chrispdx i don’t feel like i drew longer on tc, but maybe i have to time my draws. Thank you for that.


If you’re heating up a coil, no matter whether it’s in TC or PM, it’s still going to use the same amount of energy. TC will cut off the power automatically when a temperature (resistance) is reached while PM will keep on firing. So theoretically, TC should use less energy.
There may be a noticeable difference if you’re going to change the way you vape with the mode you selected.

My personal experience is that there’s really not much difference but mileage may vary.


As long as you’re vaping on regulated devices, this shouldn’t be an issue but be really careful with mech mods. This is how you get these horror stories about exploding batteries.

Read up on battery safety and follow @IzNoGoat’s advice to check out battery mooch and his tests/advice.

There’s a big difference between continuous amperage and peak amperage. A lot of companies that rebrand/relabel batteries advertise peak amperage on their labels. They misrepresent what you actually get to try and sell more and put people who are no experts in the field at risk of venting batteries.

3000mah and above batteries usually have continuous amps between 10-20A. If you need more amps, the mah is going down. Don’t trust any brands that advertise otherwise, at least not without doing some research.


Unless I missed it you never said what kind of coil material you are using. Whatever it is make sure the Voopoo is matched to it. Just a shot in the dark here and I really don’t know shit about anything but…if you’re fairly new to TC there are settings and adjustments required. It is possible that your battery energy is getting used more due to fiddling with the adjustments. I know I spent a fair amount of time getting my TC dialed in before I was satisfied.

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@TorturedZen I always use a single clapton ss coil, sometimes clapton kanthal a1 coil. Sometimes double

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After reading through the 13 posts, I didn’t see one that covered my thoughts (though I saw some great suggestions for general info… :+1:) So here’s my thoughts…

TC is basically just starting to come out of “the Wild West” stage, where it’s basically been a free for all, with various types of designs, implementations, and points of view, with respect towards how the science behind the application of the electronics theory is/should be applied (in the real world environment).

Given that, you also them have matters complicated by the (also real world) business aspects of trying to save money (from the perspective of available technology, as well as production environment), in which the two most common, and leading (but not the only) cases means cutting corners, and others raising prices.

In example, in the cases of most “off the shelf” Chinese brands (and this is only my opinion), they’re more likely to use currently available chipsets, and then tailor their use/feature set to the given application. Sometimes this means adding supporting chips/etc for secondary functions, etc. and sometimes, those may be omitted to save costs. Regardless, there’s so many ways to approach the desired goal (temp control), that you’re going to see different levels of both accuracy, and performance. Primarily due to the differences in implementation. Anyways…(and I’m really trying to keep it short, but I know it may not seem like it)

In simplest terms, additional battery drain in TC mode could theoretically be observed by the consumption of additional power consumed by the “resistance monitoring” circuit (which should include live, “on the fly” data calculations, as those numbers are crunched and then processed back through the chain to be accounted for by the power delivery section). But (IMO) this would be largely due to poor design, or component choices. As there’s really no other difference between TC and wattage mode.

Side note: part of the costs associated with the custom chips that YiHi and DNA have made also improve power efficiency. Which also explains why they are generally superior in not only the monitoring of the resistance changes, but in the yield with respect to lifespan of the batteries, compared to less complicated/efficient devices. :wink:


There’s a lot of really good commentary in this thread. A lot to ponder. I personally wouldn’t want to guess without being provided a schematic and source code of a device and that is surly not going to happen, lol. I’m not even sure why I am writing this. I really don’t have anything to add.


@Sprkslfly if i understand what you are saying, in tc there is some power used for the chip for calculations and such. I tried to time my inhale like @Chrispdx suggested,but it doesn’t differ much between watt and tc mode. So that is the only other factor that make sense.

Edit : @anon28032772 said that some power needed to make some adjustments in tc mode, that might count too

This edit is wrong, actually it wasn’t @anon28032772 who said it, but @TorturedZen


@SmilingOgre The voopoo drag use a gene chip from woodyvape, that is sadly all i know about it.


I Did? :slight_smile:
The chip does monitor the resistance and cuts off power when it reaches a certain amount. Depending on the chipset, this is something that happens no matter whether you vape in TC or not. In any case, Quite a few mods display your resistance in realtime, not sure if the VooPoo Drag does this. I doubt this would use so much energy you’d see a noticeable drain though.


@anon28032772 i really just don’t know why my mod is like this, and everything seems like making sense right now… :confused:

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I have to admit it is a very weird thing, the opposite should happen.
Do you have a puff counter?
Charge your batteries, take 100 puffs in each mode and measure the charge that’s left in your batteries. Do the same thing with the exact same battery set, then you know for sure. THE biggest drain on your batteries is from heating up your coils and TC (generally speaking) shouldn’t heat as much as in normal power mode (or at most equal).
If after that, it still appears that TC uses more energy, look for a firmware update or contact VooPoo and see what they say about it.