Don't whip out your mod in front of the police

Ok, a fellow vapor user has been gunned down pulling out his device. I’m not sure what this fellow was thinking but it seems as if there is more to the story than the news report says IMO.


It could have been a book or his bare hands raised in the air. Once they decide to shoot you, they will shoot you. Watch none of them be charged too.


was a really stupid thing to do not complying then pulling something out of his pocket but the fact that they were called there cause he wasnt acting like himself explains his actions… Always so sad when someone loses their life needlessly…While it’s certainly sad im not understanding why there is a protest the police are fully cooperating and it sounds like an honest mistake. If I didnt cooperate and quickly pulled my black subbox from my pocket im willing to bet there would be a good chance of me being shot.


He was mentally ill… what’s a vape mod gotta do with it, more propaganda…

There are ways to subdue someone without shooting them dead, the police over there need to review their policies and training.

I can understand that if someone is acting shady and doesn’t comply then reaches for something the police will shoot but I can think of a million other ways to subdue someone, especially someone out in the open.


The vape has to do with it as they are saying they thought he pulled a gun…yes there are plenty of ways to subdue someone but if they are pulling a gun to shot you (or you think that’s what they are doing) what are you going to do, I think I would shot the person to save myself tbh…more training when dealing with mental illness is needed by many police forces I guess though as tragic endings when dealing with the mental ill seem to be all too common… i can think of two times here that a mentally ill individual was killed by police (1 of which the police officer was found guilty) It’s really tragic my heart goes out to his family especially his poor sister I can’t even imagine her anguish having called the police to get help for him.


It’s difficult for us over in the UK to quite comprehend this kind of scenario, the gun laws here are a stark contrast to the states, this kind of thing just doesn’t happen, over there it’s quite a high risk that the guy could of had a gun, over here it would be highly unlikely.
But I guess people can and do argue about gun laws until they’re blue in the face, this being one of the reasons against.


while handguns certainly not as common for non criminals here in Canada its still common enough that a police officer mistaking a vape for one would be plausible, in the states I would think it would be highly probable for anyone from any walk of life to have one since the are perfectly legal and easy to obtain, I think its something like 300 million guns in the us.


It’s terrible!!! I have to watch my step just going to the store.I tripped over an AK47 last night walking to the 7-11 , twisted the hell out of my ankle!


I’ll just leave this right here…


Yea, the extra weight makes my jacket weigh like 30lbs having a conceal and carry license and all. What I find more peculiar is why so many people over here have 50 cals set up in their 2nd floor window gables. WTF?


Sorry about that I dropped that on my way back home from picking my kids up at school!!!


Guns for murdering innocent people = :imp:

Guns for defending yourself against the above people = :+1:


Guns for hunting to kill things = :imp:
Guns for hunting to eat = :+1:
Guns for shooting targets = :+1: (Accuracy challenge - like darts or pool/billiards)



We had a long talk about this at camp this summer. There’s a friend of ours at the campground that has a concealed carry permit. He is always armed. He got pulled over this spring and he told us when the policeman approached his window, he already had the window open and put his hands on the bottom of the window so the police could see his hands at all times.

He first told them he had a permit, that he was armed, the gun was on him and asked the officer how he wanted him to get his wallet out of his pocket. He waited for the officer to tell him where and how to put his hands and he moved very slowly.

He believes very strongly the key to not getting shot by a cop right now is to never let them not see where your hands are and to ask them everything before you do anything.


…and do what they tell you to do.


Exactly, common sense tells you that when an armed officer approaches you, you comply.

Look at the videos where these people are being shot, they dont comply, they think they dont need to, they just have a bad attitude and make wild moves when told not to…


I am so glad I was raised in a world as a kid we didn’t have to worry about this stuff.

My son in law has very dark color skin, he and my daughter are truckers and I do worry about them. He’s a very gentle soul and I don’t believe he could ever be regarded as a threat to an officer but there’s so many cops just reacting on a fear-response lately it makes me sick.

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Its not the colour of the person its that persons inability to comply…

Maybe they should start teaching “how to respond to officers” in school or something…


I did. I grew up in a violent neighborhood in a violent city. I’ve had guns pointed at me several times - never by a cop though. I carried for some time, but never found any need (or desire) to pull it out.

Shortly afterwards, I moved out of that violent city, got a different job with different responsibilities, stopped carrying and stopped worrying about shit like I used to worry about.

But I never forgot the lessons I learned, and the most important one was to keep a calm demeanor and a cool head and remember that anyone could have a gun.


I think for the most part you are right but two cops shot up a vehicle a few months back where they didn’t see a 5 year old child in the car and killed the kid.

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