Doomsday Preppers - FDA Deeming Regulations Fallout

While it’s certainly been made clear that the FDA proposed Deeming Regulations are possibly coming…

What are the ways people can prepare so they can continue to enjoy vaping if the hammer of government falls?

  1. Buy all the vaping specific hardware you can get your hands on that you think you want or may want in the future. Things they won’t ban are things like batteries, or items that are used in other markets.
  2. Buy all the nicotine you think you will need in a lifetime. Then quadruple that amount and buy it. Then when the jackboot thugs hand big tobacco the vaping industry in this country, open up shop…in the black market and get rich off the idiots that didn’t pay attention to what was going on and let it happen. Use your new found wealth to “influence” the decisions of politicians.
  3. Get the name of every politician from your state that supported it and get them voted out of office.
  4. Let the future politicians know that if they support the continuation of the FDA, IRS, EPA that they will NOT have a future. These “branches” of the government have become their own policing entities that aren’t required to follow the tenants of the US Constitution or observe “Due Process”.
  5. HANG ON! It’s going to be a bumpy road.

What @bradslinux said for the most part.

I am working my way to ZERO nicotine fast in preparation. I currently have enough on hand to last a year at my current rate of use.

I kind of believe the nicotine is what the BIG GUNS are aiming for and the rest will end up still available for the most part. TAXED HEAVY but still available.

Could be wrong but that’s how I see it going down


@Pro_Vapes posted an excellent article that outlines the proposed regulations. Should this become the law of the land then no, it’s not just nicotine which would be the problem.

@bradslinux is basically right on track with my thinking as well. However, as for buying hardware my thinking is a bit different. Because the government may make obtaining equipment made prior to 2007 (or whenever, pick a year) there is no guarantee any new equipment will ever again become legally obtainable, or if it does that it would be remotely affordable. So what I’m thinking is more along the lines of a Doomsday Kit. Something where should the government do the unthinkable, vapers will still be able to enjoy their hobby and salvation from tobacco much as they do now.

So it would seem there is a need for two types of kits. A LUNG INHALER’S kit and a MOUTH-TO-LUNG INHALER’S kit. Also in my opinion this should be all mechanical and rebuildable equipment. No fancy regulated box mods and no tanks which need stock coils. Of course in each of these kits there also would need to be some sub categories aimed at specific types of toppers, etc So here- I’m going to offer an example for my own US GOV’T SURVIVAL KIT

2 - 26650 mechanical mods
4 - 18650 mechanical mods
2 - dual 18650 mechanical box mods
10 - RDA
10 - RTA
Nic enough to last till I’m 90 which for me is approx 3 gallons of 100mg/ml. Perhaps get a higher nic% base to conserve space

All the rest I can acquire legally. This would give the the ability to make all the various builds I like for all my vaping styles. So if I bought this kit today, I think I would buy 10 Velocity and 10 Aromamizer RDTA’s. These are what I’m enjoying most in RDAs and tanks, and the Aromamizer can be rebuilt with easily obtainable o-rings rather than the specialty ones found on many other tanks. Also there is less threaded parts that are used regularly compared to many other tanks.

I’m not planning to go out and buy this stuff right now, not at all. I figure if the shit hits the fan there will be a mad rush by people to do this exact type of shopping. Prices would most certainly GO UP overnight, and current stock sold out very quickly. So I will buy something here and there and set aside. Only because I know my government can and will interfere with individual’s rights and personal pleasures. One need look no further than Prohibition to understand that.

I ain’t going to jail or risking my property just so I can vape. It’s not that important. But what you’re saying is exactly what some people will do. Those people will be on the same level as your run-of-the-mill meth dealer in the eyes of the law.


Good thread, Sthrn. I’m sure a lot, if not most of us, have thought about this.

I have never jumped on the doomsday prepper bandwagon, myself. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in being more self sufficient. As far as vaping goes, being a tobacco lover, I’ve been improving my NET extraction methods. My last attempt yielded some very tasty liquid. I figure tobacco & Everclear will still be available, and other than some warming equipment (aka crockpot), and some filtering methods, the only other thing needed is patience.

As bradslinux pointed out, it seems like the fly in the ointment is going to be nicotine. I’ve been slowly reducing the nic in my mixes. I started out at .12 mg, when I started vaping, and I’'m presently down to .4. I want to do a nicotine test on my NET liquids, just to see where it might be. I’m sure it’s pretty low. I read somewhere that most NET extractions top out at .1 to .2, but I don’t know how true that is. Maybe I wont need to add much nic, if I’m lucky.

I do want to acquire more hardware. I only have a few tanks, and I find the Kanger Subtank Mini to be pretty versitile, with the RBA. I may stock up on some more of them, and a few spare RBAs, and other spare parts for them. My way of thinking is, having the ability to repair and rebuild just makes sense, if that part of the hardware equation becomes banned or scarce. That’s just my way of thinking.

I might stock up on some of my favorite commercial tobacco flavorings as well. While the flavorings for fruits, desserts, etc should still be available for normal cooking, I’m not sure if the same will apply for tobacco flavorings.

Looking forward to reading the comments of others.


Using that wealth to influence the law makers is how prohibition was eventually squashed. A free market tends to right itself regardless of law. A black market is actually a free market in it’s most basic form. Play it safe, that is your choice.
Nothing great was ever accomplished without some level of risk.

Then there is the whole “Atlas Shrugged” thing… make everybody criminals to enable total governmental control.
My take on it is that control is an illusion. blah blah blah


With respect, I find that a ludicrous statement. Why advocate criminal behavior? Sure there will be a black market, but I have no illusions that a ban on vaping supplies is worth risking everything I’ve worked for in over 30 years of productive life. Also, the black market during prohibition may have paved the way to reversing that ban, but at what cost? It was a bloody war, and while history may or may not repeat itself, I won’t, nor urge anyone else to, become a criminal for vape’s sake. The thought of fighting off prison rape is a good deterrent for me.


Criminal why? Because some assholes lobbied and bought and paid for some legislators to declare something criminal?
With all due respect, that kind of thinking is half the reason we are in the predicament we find ourselves in. The other half of the equation is that people stand by and do nothing. Apathy is as much the enemy to liberty as anything. Obeying a law simply because it is a law is rubbish.
Sodomy is still on the books as written law in 12 states, but yet homosexuality goes unprosecuted in those same 12 states. How does that work?
My point is the law is total bullshit and how really are they going to enforce it? For all intense and purposes, just because the FDA deems something to be a certain way, doesn’t make it law, it makes it regulation. Regulation that is interpreted by the presidential administrations at any given time and their total discretion to enforce or not. More bullshit.
I digress, we all have our opinions as to the state of the nation. I respect you to have yours. My response to the OP is as much rhetoric as anything and could be possible fallout if such regulations become the defacto “law” of the land. So I continue to stock up on nicotine and hardware that I think I will need to weather the storm for myself and my friends and acquaintances that do or may in the future quit tobacco and vape.


Very provocative subject. One that deserves our great attention in lieu of possible coming events.


Regulation may be the technical definition, but enforcement would in practice be a ban on the regulated products. How do they enforce it? Well in just the same way many other bans have played out, by deploying their brownshirts and jackbooted thugs.

I agree with your point about apathy. Been that way forever. But there are many organizations and individuals alike working to get in front of the pending regs. But there is no public outcry. While I won’t give up on my personal efforts, fact is the vaping industry is far to segmented to be listened to. No one company our group is large enough to be taken seriously. Sad but true.

Same here. And I LOVE your passion!


This will be about the only way to get Nic if the FDA (i.e. Big tobacco and pharma) has their way.

Big tobacco and pharma will always see to this; being that they are legal opiates of the masses, they will get their money for the use and due to the use of tobacco and alcohol…always…they will get their money coming and going.


Just a question out of curiosity. Most places I read safe storage of nicotine can last for 1-3 years. How do you plan to store your nicotine to last until your ninety? I know you can freeze it and double bag it, etc. There is still going to be some inherent chemical decomposition just from aging. If we’re truly doomsday prepping, it seems the storage mechanisms may be equally important decisions as to the what we choose to store. With NET being the one avenue I know of to get around this.


Tanks, I’d by tanks and the rest can be made. Drop nic to zero and I’ll be fine.

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To my understanding, storing nicotine in a deep freeze freezer it can last much longer (indefinately). The less remaining oxygen (air) in the bottle the better. Molecular action or decomposition/oxidation is reduced substantially at temperatures around -15 deg F.

EDIT: Nice resource:


I’ve read that one before. Not sure an 8 month test reassures me of it making it to when I’m ninety.

“We at Nude Nicotine have cryogenically frozen pure, 100mg/mL, 24mg/mL, and 6mg/mL concentrations a while back (~8mo ago as of 9/14) which show minimal degradation. It is possible to store your solution for some time without a worry!”

Data is and can usually be extrapolated and forecasted for time. Nil to no change in 8 months is a short yard stick though I agree. Pay your quarter, take your chance?

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Agreed. Like I stated in the original post. I know about the freezing options. And to me the word “minimal” leaves more wiggle room than “Nil to no change”. Curious what else may be out there. But do appreciate the followup!

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I see some possibilities with the vid link below:

We use our food saver vacuum sealer quite frequently; getting rid of the air for long term food storage is the key. Perhaps this could work for Nic storage as well?


I plan to transfer to small glass containers with an air tight seal. I need to locate the exact glass to use but could see myself using simple Boston Round bottles. I will vacuum seal bottles individually then double bag into freezer bags. Keep these in my chest freezer which I believe maintains right at zero deg F.

I’m not saying this would last 40 years but at least I would be taking some kind of steps. And since i’m down to 3mg nic (zero at times) I can always eliminate it from my diet if needed.


I’ve gone so far as to start calling out every politician publicly on my facebook for being against vaping. The next step is my blog. I’m figuring it reaches about 300,000 people (that most don’t care about vaping but want my romance stuff) since it hits my twitter, facebook, pinterest, linked in and mailing list that hopefully someone who gives a crap will start paying attention and vote these little big tobacco greedy politicians out of office LOL. Dang that was a mouthful!!!