Dr. O** is an asshole

His little negative bit about vaping pissed me off so bad I wrote this to him on his website and posted it in two different places on his facebook page
When you talk about all the problems with E-Cigarettes why don’t you ever compare the few problems (comparatively) there have been compared to regular cigarettes? How many children have lost their life due to playing with matches or a lighter because they watched mommy or daddy light up? How many houses have been burned down from someone falling asleep with a lit cigarette in in their mouth or hand. What about all the car accidents that have happened from someone dropping the lit part of their cigarette on their leg or car seat. Why don’t you ever compare that?
How about this do you carry around fuel and matches in the same pocket? Or leave a bare wire that is plugged in in a puddle of gasoline? These are just a few things. Nobody ever does any kind of comparison because all you want to do is damage the E-Cigarette market. You are stuck in the past and don’t want to accept anything new or inventive. Don’t get me wrong yes there needs to be warning on the packages. the instructions need to be in better easier to understand English, but give us a chance instead of trying to “law” us out of existence. If you and all your sheep went after the other side of the coin with as much enthusiasm as you do vaping you might sound serious. Maybe you Have someone that is not involved as a retailer or in some way making money off the sale of the product come on your show and be honest and respectful ask questions listen to what he has to say devote a whole show to it maybe you would learn something if you open your mind. Your attitude toward vaping reminds me of something my father once said to me. He told me that if I fell on an icepick I would be blind in both eyes I was being so narrow minded. It was humorous but it made me think and accept. Why don’t you try to do the same. Please feel free to contact me for the names of some people and their affiliation with the industry. Have you got the guts to really face it? I BET YOU DON’T. In fact here’s my funny little thing for you. I’ll give you a hint it’s from a movie. I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to have someone from the other side on your show.

Do you have the nerve to look honestly at both sides of the coin.

Gary C. Christensen
a 44 year ex smoker


Good letter, In Australia we get terrible bushfires every summer. People Die, Animals Die, Homes are destoryed and it can takes years for towns to revive themselves they are devastating. 7th February 2009 is now called Black Saturday. 173 people died over 400 fires were running ablaze that day. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Saturday_bushfires

One of the fires was blamed on a cigarette butt. That’s not to say that many others were not either but that’s all that could be determined.

Anyways you just made me thin k of that day and as it’s summer here now we are yet to have a moajor bushfire. It’s coming though, we had a wet winter and spring so the growth of fuel is bigger then usual. Good chance a fire will be started by an idiot with a cigarette ( I can know say that with pride, as I’m no longer one of those idiots with cigarettes. Or vapers to be) will start a fire again that will destroy lives.

Anyways well done to you. And beware that scary lit cigarette they are a menace to society.


I saw that too. Pissed me off. Telling everyone to write to DC. That’s supposed to be our job and now we got this doctor who’s more worried about ratings than health fighting against us too. Guess it’s us against the world…



Jan 25, 10:39 MST


Thank you for providing your feedback.

The Dr. Oz Show and DoctorOz.com do their best to bring quality health and wellness information to their viewers and visitors. We appreciate feedback and are constantly striving to make your experience more enjoyable and informative.

The Doctor Oz Team

A form letter for crying out loud. They really care what their viewing audience thinks.


He’s a puppet for the media

What exactly does that have to do with anything?.


Perhaps he’s just an (political) illiterate :confused:


i havent stumbled on something this ignorant on this forum ever shame on you for this statement


Did I offend? I’m sorry

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Is that a rhetorical question or are you actually that stupid?

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i accept the apology , lets move on


I guess I’m that stupid

Hows about we all chill and look to the topic not each other. With all due respect my brothers


That is horrible, he is fickle Bc here’s a link from @Pro_Vapes thread where Dr. Oz has more of a positive light on E cigs albeit it’s been a while and there has been quite a few accidents w/ them. We all have seen them and have scrutinized the stories and most all of them seem to be user operational defuncts gone horribly wrong.

But here’s the thread to get back on track

I also remember watching an episode a while back where he had his audience give up smoking and try the ecig - alikes they shared their stories good and bad.

I am glad you called him out thou I don’t watch his show but have seen it from time to time.


I don’t care for the man personally, he was just a heart surgeon until Oprah found him and put him on her show. The rest as they say is history, that being said, it eternally pisses me off when the talking heads that are the “supposed” experts rely on what has been written currently instead of doing their own research and making a truthful and honest opinion as to the good or the bad of whatever product it is! Now the fact that this episode of Dr. Oz was back in 2009 September I think is what I read…yes vaping tech was no where near what it is today, still there are from time to time some idiot will burn the crap outta themselves because for one they don’t know ohms law, and number two…they don’t know or if they do don’t or won’t for whaterver idiotic reason follow basic battery safety. Usually its the new people who start vaping and don’t know ohms law or know anything about battery safety.
I have seen questions on Amazon being asked about this battery or that battery being OK for vaping. Usually its a Trustfire or the like 18650 size that I use in my flashlights, nothing but my flashlights. I have gotten tired of trying to tell these people NO these batteries are NOT for vaping! Well why not and I have sen that reply as well. In the end I would just tell them before you start vaping go to local vape shop, if you have one get someone who is knowledgeable to explain it to you. Maybe t’all have seen similar post don’t know, I’m not on Amazon as much as before mainly due to pricing.
Dr. Oz is the type that strikes me as being too good to do his own research, unless it involves health, heart, or something medically involved. As for vaping, he’s like all the rest, out of sight out of mind, we don’t need it. Well Dr. Oz…YES WE DO NEED IT!, if I could I would tell him to his face…in person man to man. Sorry, for going on so long but its people like this that just irritates the hell out of me.


There was a scene on that special that made me literally implode with aggravation. It’s where they have this shit blogger “journalist” go “undercover” into a “vape shop” which was actually a head shop that also happened to sell vaping gear, and ask the guy running the place (who barely spoke english), if he knew why some people were having explosions with their devices. He responded by saying “sometimes people put petroleum jelly in their tank” and that’s why they explode. This man not only has no idea about the products, but thinks this will drive business to his place so pulls some dumb excuse out of his dumb ass, AND THEY RUN THE STORY. I’m not one to cry fake news at anything I disagree with, but when a “Doctor” puts out utter lies, it makes me happy to see this new trend of denying sources.


fake news , alternative facts all equals to a bunch of BULLSHIT lol


I think @GPC2012 is right on the money with this one and to be honest I wish more of us were as proactive as he has been. I’ve mentioned this a few times before and it’s something that really irritates me when we hear these, usually totally false, stories about various vaping devices exploding. We get an influx of youtube videos and forum posts from other vapers and reviewers telling us all the facts about what actually happened and all about battery safety. While that is to be commended and they have the right idea, I firmly believe that they’re preaching to the choir. 95% of the people reading or viewing those posts/videos already know all the information they’re telling us. I think we should go straight to the news source that ran the story and set them straight about what actually happened. Sure it might get ignored but all it would take is one journalist to run with the FACTS. Then the next time it happens, and I’m sure there will be a next time, do you think the person that had the accident due to their own negligence would be so quick to try and blame it on the device, if they know the real story will come out and be reported. Someone will know the person, know their set up, know the batteries they use and coils they run. Will they take the chance to be proven a liar in the media?. Can these media outlets ignore 10, 20, 30 emails from vapers telling them what actually happened?. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say here, I know I don’t always make sense, it’s the meds :wink: Anyway that’s my ramblings on the subject. Fair play to you @GPC2012, I’m with you here as I’ve already sent emails out on this very subject.

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I find that the greatest thing about BTL media, (even if it’s only a header for ATL media like a TV programme) is that unlike live -or even recorded- broadcasts, one has plenty of time to think carefully about the best comeback. Just saw one this morning that I was able to refute on a link to a TV programme. 'Smoking or Vaping, which is the lesser of the Two" (Implying Evils) Once people are clearly and simply shown the word-association-by-guilt trick, it becomes obvious. Activism is not just about prancing about in the street with a placard, us Keyboard Commando’s also have a role to play.

Just remember, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Warm Greetings from all South African Vapers.

Martin Hedington
Iconic Vaping Science

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Yophip jive cat. Could you please tell me what you mean by the sentence what are these medium you speak of. 'Below the Line" and “Above the Line”. Folks are dumb where i come and with that you are going to have to expand.

Or can I guess, Social media and forums and like internet advertising/advertorials give you time to compose your message slash witty retort. Is that it? What do you mean by the header for ATL bit. I only just googled those acronyms even though they are 63 years old I’ve never heard of them.