Dripper for testing mixes

I like MTL Kayfuns Mini V3s and V5s with air restrictor.

I want a cheapo dripper with similar airflow/flavour characteristics to test mixes. Single coil, about 1.3mm air tube hitting the coil from underneath. Nothing fancy, simple to build. Does such a thing even exist now? I did try a few drippers about 3 years ago but they were not good then (bad decks, side airflow, little flavour) and hopeless by today’s standards. Most RDAs now seem to be cloud monsters. :cry:

Ta for any thoughts.

PS. Seems we in the UK will be loosing our mooring rights off mainland Europe in a couple of years. Anyone around the Boston area got some space? We’ll bring our own tea. Cheers!

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@therabidweasel lives up that way. He’d probably put you up til ya found a place :wink:

If you want flavor, the RDA’s of today all seem to be aimed more toward flavor than clouds. There are many choices available. The Goon, Apocalypse, Skill and a few other high end RDA’s all produce astonishing flavor. I am not sure what a single coil build would do in them, but I bet they would all do as good as any other.

Other flavor beasts I have in my arsenal include the Cigreen Gear and the Alliance V2 22mm. Both of which produce killer flavor. trw has the Trioll V2 and loves it. I have tried it and I liked it as well. But without trying my own builds on it I can’t really comment on it.


By underneath you mean bottom airflow? A side airflow that you can adjust your coils for the air to hit just beneath the coil


Kennedy style airflow from the Tsunami 22mm. Can be built single coil and airflow closed down would give you the effect


I love the Alliance V2 and Cigreen Gear the best for flavor and clouds. I actually never tried the Troll. I am trying to love the Goon…but as of yet I do not. Id buy another of the first two before I bought anything else.

As for moving to the US, if you don’t see impediments to coming over…uh, yeah sure, I’ve got a basement apartment. :smiley:


Oh, I thought you said you had theTroll. I must be thinking of someone else. Which Goon did you get by the way?

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

Well I sure do, but I don’t want an open draw. Must have a bit of vacuum on the drag otherwise I’m not happy! Thanks for the suggestions! Will check out.

Yes, exactly. A single stream of air hitting the underside of the coil in the middle of the deck; as in the Kayfuns/Taifuns etc… Thanks for the links, the Magma was recommended in a thread 2 years ago but I think that would have referred to the V1 which is discontinued or at least out of stock now at FT.

Did I dream it or was there a conversion kit to turn a Kayfun/Taifun type atty into a dripper a few years back?

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There ya go


That will give you the bottom airflow. Probably easier to wick than the Tsunami 22mm and you can close the airflow down.

Not sure about the kayfun conversion kit to RDA

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For me the NarDA is perfect for testing. Only problem I have with it is it’s a whistler.


You can close the airflow all the way down on any of those I mentioned.


I have the tsunami 22mm and I can tell you the thing is a flavor beast.
It’s only so so for cloudwork. I’m a cloud chaser and the amount of flavor the tsunami puts out outweighs the lack of clouds


Thanks so much for all the help people. Much appreciated. :thumbsup:
I’m off to FT for a bit of shopping!

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Doge great little atty


The only Kennedy that you can close the airflow down on is the Kennedy Trickster, the original Kennedy (or kennedy styled) doesn’t have that option.

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Sounds like a Hadaly would be something for you. It is a single coil 22mm RDA. Though the air doesn’t come from underneath, it comes through the posts directly to the side of the coil and depending on how you place the coil it can actually come from underneath a little.

If you go for the Hadaly on fasttech be sure to choose the SXK one i linked too since SXK got a lot better quality than other clones.



All these new RDA’s, I still use my trusty 4 year old Diver V1 and Grail to test my liquids…:persevere:

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Just try medusa 24 from geekvape or mad dog desire 24 and taste it for the diferent flavour

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Yes! Good reply. Big thank you. I’ve ordered one. Especially as it’s an SXK. (My KF5 Mini SXK is superb.) Have some cake. :cake:

Thanks @mstokens. I ordered a NarDa* too. Cake for you? :cake:

Yeah, back in the day … :frowning: Unobtainable now (OOS on FT anyway.)
Actually, I had a chat with the MTLer in chief, Phil Busardo, last night. (OK then, I emailed him - “chat” just sounded as if I knew him.) He didn’t really have any non-cloud, skinny tip RDAs to recommend.


I did not know that. Thank you sir!

Replying to myself : Yeah - there was a Taifun dripper kit; called the Taifun Dripper. Who’d have thought? All lost in the mists of time now though.

It can be pretty annoying :slight_smile:

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