Dull strawberry

Hi everyone.

So my question is regarding strawberry. I’m trying to make a strawberry quick tasting vape and I have been battling to get the strawberries to saturate the profile. It seems that at lower percentages, it’s absent. In higher percentages, it’s there but subtle.

When I taste it on my finger however, it’s so prominent and I feel hopeful…but alas, it’s still dull.

Any advice?

Here are my recipes :


Hi @SkinnyboyDre. Give the 3:2:1 method a try here…

3% Ripe Strawberry TPA

2% Sweet Strawberry CAP

1% Shisha Strawberry IWA

These are just the strawberries that came to mind- and the use them in any order you like…

Keep the BC and SS and lose everything else. Start with a 30ml tester- and you can tweak it from there.

It’s gonna take time to figure it out, but when you do it’ll be well worth it!!! Please ask if you have more questions bud.


@SkinnyboyDre What is happening is the SB’s are fighting with the creams and yogurt, and are trapped into a “blend” rather than a top punchy note. If it tastes SB heavy on the finger but not the vape, that’s still the issue. You can TRY to boost the SB’s, until they reach saturation, reduce the creams/gurt a bit, or try to push the SB’s with a little lemon, or dragon fruit.


Thank you for the reply and advice. I’ll give it a try.


Thanks for the reply and advice. I’ve been looking at a lot of other sb cream/milk/ice cream recipes and see they mostly use the cap sweet sb at 6% and maybe sb ripe at 2% or so and the general consensus is that it’s enough for a rich, prominent SB .


100pct agreed…


That malted milk will mute the hell out of strawberries. First step is find a alternative.

Cream milky undertone(OoO) 1-1.25%
Milk (FA) .5%
Sweet cream (SSA) .5%

Is the milk base i have been using and it works really well with fruits and cereals. Now of course you may need the %’s a little higher or lower to suit your tastes but this works well. You really need a milkbase before you get going or you can chase that little rabbit
You could easily add sweet strawberry tpa and cap at 2% each and should be good and sweeten if need be for your taste. And also i like to add tpa sour at .2-.4% on fruits as it does help them come together and stand out more and when i do a strawberry anything im also adding shisha strawberry (INW) and juicy strawberry (FA) to add layers to it so it holds


Thank you.

This milk base belongs to a leader in the industry and as I’m just starting out, it made sense to use that. Thank you for your base…I’ll most certainly give it a try.


Could I possibly ask you guys to give my flavour stash a look and see if there is anything in there that would work as a decent milk base? I have spent a lot of my funds on this stash and am currently running low on finances.

I would greatly appreciate the feedback and advice.


Damn dude… You got all some good info here from these dudes!! I WANT to try this recipe when you get her dialed in!! HELL YEAH


For sure! I’m so impressed with this community and their willingness to help and all the advice they offer. For someone just starting out, spending countless hours online watching one after the other DIY videos and researching notes it’s a huge help!


Well if that milk base was that good bud you would taste the strawberry and not a muted flavor. Just saying


I’m sure you’re right. As I mentioned, I’m just starting out and this milk base was recommended and endorsed by many. I don’t know enough yet to say either way. I am sure that with a different milk/dairy base, it would probably work.

I am even thinking of using something like vanilla swirl and cream to create a dairy base and see what works. I have limited ingredients and need to make what I have, work till my next shopping day.

I suppose this is part of the learning curve and that is why I’m so thankful and appreciative of all the advice and guidance from people like you all.


There are no leaders in the industry. Only followers.


Be careful with U Tube crowd. There not always right. I have seen some that say one thing one day and the total opposite the next. A few of them have profit motive and get paid by U Tube for the number of watchers they get and other followers are sheep.
There’s a lot of experience here. None are paid. The will tell how it is when you have questions. Most important is test your flavors and you will get a idea what your tongue is telling you what you like best and not someone’s taste.


What are you mixing for? What is your equipment? Sometimes these are factors.


Isn’t there that one dude, that puts .5% Cap Super Sweet in E V E R Y recipe. :crazy_face:


Good advice. Just, it seems a little daunting when one just starts out. I’m only 2 months into my mixing journey, and I will take any help and advice I can get. Thank you.



I suppose not ALL the info could be wrong. There have been a few good tips.


Everyday mod is a GAUR21 with a Thunderhead blaze RTA, fused clapton coils running 0.11Ohm.
I also have a Smok Mag with a Kriemhild 2 sub ohm mesh coil at 0.3Ohm and then my testing I do on a Nano wasp RDTA or Dead rabbit v3 RDA. But those aren’t the only mods or tanks I use and I tend to alternate and swap between the lot, depending on my mood and occasion.

I suppose you can say I’m a little obsessed.