Duplicate checker, how long does it take?

So I reported 300~ duplicates about 2 weeks ago, how often does the mod go through those? There are like 1600 Capella flavors in the list, that means there are like 1450 duplicates. Is there any way to make your personal list? Like “my personal” flavor list goes by the duplicates I report and I don’t have to have the mods go through all my reports? Feels like the whole stash function is practically unusable when there are thousands of duplicate flavors.


Welcome to ELR @Greger, and although I’m not a mod on the recipe side, I appreciate your efforts in helping to clean it up. I’m sure @TorturedZen, @Ken_O_Where, or others can chime in on that.


Have you created a Personal Flavor Stash yet?
For your reference…Creating a Flavor Stash


First, welcome to the forums, glad you joined us over here. >:^)

Second, its a cluckin mess and i have the time to go through tens of thousands of flavors, the next day they would just be messed up again. In fact i dont even bother with the dupe list, i check recipes as they are posted and correct the most used flavors. Until the Db is locked down, it wont be, all i can do is apply a band aid here and there.

Presently i am the only person able to make any changes on that side and i am not able to add anyone, only the owner of the site can do that. So basically what happens is i will correct one when i see it or when TZ comments on a recipe about an issue, and the next day there are 10 more dupes, its maddening. If it wasnt for TZ the flavor list would be much much worse, id love to add him over there but as i said i cannot.

Sorry to have to tell you that but id rather be honest and upfront about it. There are other sites that dont allow people to add flavors and that has downsides too. On one of the sites i waited a year for flavor additions after multiple emails. Each DB type has its issues.


Welcome and glad you joined.


And i forgot to say thank you for taking the time, i wish i had better news for you.

I was looking through your dupe queue, unless you read all these different languages it must have taken a lot of work so i wish that i had better news for you. There are over 190k flavor in the DB and a small fraction are correct, it would take an army of people to even put a dent in it.


Hi, yea I understand how to add the flavors, its just that there are so many duplicates. For example Capella. There are 1600 different flavors on the list, but they have only released about 150-200, so there are like 10 duplicates for every flavor. To make it work I would have to add all flavors including the duplicates, or I would miss half of all the recipes.


Yea I get what you’re saying. Indeed all sites have their issues. ELR was the best diy recipe site I found so far, so working my way on removing that issue at least. Its going to take a while, but I’m only capable of getting a couple flavors from my vendor, CAP, TPA, FW, WF. Thought Id clean those up at least so it works for me. Yea those different languages was a bit of a pain, but been thinking of some ways to automate the report of duplicates, just couldn’t fine tune it good enough, don’t want to report too many wrong duplicates.

Have you guys thought about a compromise for the flavors? Like being able to add flavors just a bit more restrictive? If the flavor you add is too resembling another flavor it will inform the user that hes most likely looking for this other flavor and don’t have to make his own? Might be the best of two worlds so to say.

Another “cheap” way to get rid of lots of unnecessary duplicates would be to purge flavors with 0 recipes, because that recipe counter counts private recipes too right? I have not found a single flavor with 0 recipes that were not a duplicate, probably the user realized it was a dupe and changed to the correct one. Looking at Cap that’s about 400 flavors with 0 recipes, so would go a long way.

Also is there a way to “report” a flavor? For example there is “Maple (Pancake Syrup) (Cap)” which has a 2k recipes. But this is actually the wrong flavor, Capella calls it “Maple (Pancake) Syrup”, however that has like 2 recipes. So I’m pretty sure if I tried to dup check this the other way, saying “Maple (Pancake) Syrup” is the real one, I would get shut down quite fast.

I have a lot of spare time waiting for juices to steep, might as well spend it reporting flavors I thought. But after reporting 300 dupes you start to go in circles, there should be about 1k left but now I’m kind of reporting the same flavors I already reported since they are still in the list. Need to get them away from my list to be able to report the rest :smiley:


Hello, welcome to the forums @Greger
This is a recurring issue and difficult to solve…
TorturedZen and someone else warn about the wrong flavors, but each person has a different attitude… Some correct it gratefully and others are annoyed…
The boss of the site knows about this problem and for whatever reason has decided to keep it that way…
There is a lot of caustic…
If I want to add a scent from a NET that I make, should I be able to? If the door is closed, it closes completely…
In particular, I try to add the right flavors and forget about the wrong ones, even if I miss out on “great” recipes (inside I believe that a person who does not take care of a common environment is not worth my interest)
Excuse the grammar, I use the translator.


Since you have freely chosen to leap down the rabbit hole I will attempt to provide some clarity to the issues you have brought up. I suffer from ADHD so I hope it all makes sense.
First, we all understand that most of the major flavor brands used by the DIY community (Cap, TPA, FW, FA, Inawera, Flavorah etc etc) have duplicate flavor names floating around in the ELR database.

Now in regards to submitting those names to the Duplicates List -
having spent an inordinate amount of time over the last few years actively hunting down and submitting duplicate names I can say with relative certainty that better than 90% more or less have already been submitted. I’m not trying to discourage anyone from submitting Dupes and it is surely welcomed. But nobody can see what others have already submitted, which leads me to wonder about the degree of redundancy and if it is just adding to the ‘load’.

That being said now let’s waltz into second area of WTF.
What happens to all those Dupes (the load) after being submitted? Well there is a database ‘merge’ process that renames all those Dupes into 1 real name (there can be only One!), thus obliterating all the similar misspelled fucked up names. Yay! Cool!
So who performs this merge process? Well to my limited knowledge there are 3 people with sufficient admin power that can do it.
The first person is the owner, who no doubt has a lot of shit on his plate…aka a life, and simply doesn’t have the time.
The second person has not kept up with it and appears to have just stopped doing it. Probably out of lack of time/interest.
The third person is @Ken_O_Where. And as I’m sure he’ll chime in again he’ll tell you that because of the sheer magnitude of flavor names to deal with, the merge process undoubtedly requires more than 1 person. My own un-merged Dupe submissions have been sitting in the queue since 2019! That merge alone would take care of a huge number of flavor names.
So to address the question “Duplicate checker, how long does it take?” I think that depends on your level of patience and endurance because, so far, there is no definitive answer.

I can address this also in a follow-up reply if you want.


These are all great points and suggestions but none of us have the ability to implement them. Only daath, the website owner, can do such things and as this has come up many many times over the years i dont think it will happen. I cannot even remove a flavor name, only merge it with another which is not always possible.

The vast majority of improper flavor names have very few recipes which is why i have been working on the most used flavors. Some people help us by changing the names when they are pointed out but some mixers become very toxic, the shit people have said to TZ over the years really irks me.

I have been gone for a few years and when i came back i started making recipes and ran into issues myself. At time it wouldnt suggest proper flavor names for some odd reason. As i said in one of the other posts it is just a mess and there isnt much more i can do about it. :frowning:


Figure it out, I say…

Ripe Starwberry TPA, like, come on… No brainer.


For some reason it is Strawberry, Ripe (TPA) but Ripe Strawberries (Cap) is the proper for the CAP.

It is as if someone was in the middle of changing a bunch of flavor names and then gave up. Here is another example.

Sugar Cookie v1 (CAP) is the name in the DB but
Vanilla Custard (CAP) is now the proper for VCV1. There are so many more like that.


I actually saw one called Strawberry Rape. It might even still be in the Dupes queue. :nerd_face:


Probably some Emmer effer with a thick accent


No matter what, We appreciate all of you and your efforts to keep things running smooth. keep up the good work, And don’t call me Shirley.



Yep, that’s what I meant with the last part about Maple Syrup. Some names are simply not the correct ones, and I don’t even know how to report that. That is kinda inviting people to make duplicates with the correct name. Capella has no v1, like at all. They only have the originals, v2’s and v3’s. Why would they name a flavor v1 when they don’t even know there will ever be a v2. Every v1 is simply wrong. You could check Capellas own site as reference. As well as there are a couple v3’s that doesnt exist, if you check Capella as reference there has never even been a v3 for those flavors. But there are some sites pretending to sell a v3, but they are either trying to scam you or dont know what they are talking about. Capella has only 2 different v3’s, “CHOCOLATE FUDGE BROWNIE” and “LEMON MERINGUE PIE”, the rest isn’t even duplicates, they are purely fiction.

Honestly, ELR is a really great site for everything but this, its completely lacking in this department. Just such a simple thing as removing flavors with 0 recipes would greatly improve the flavor list by removing like 1/5 of all wrong flavors.
“DELETE FROM Flavors WHERE Recipes=0;”
And bam, twice as good already.

But don’t get me wrong, I understand it would take a long time to clean it up. It took a long time to get to this point. But I bet people are willing to help. If you just go through my reports and approve/decline them ill get right back to you with 300 new. As long as we report more than are created daily the flavor list will be cleaned up sooner or later.

I could even make new flavors with the correct name and report them as the original, but not sure how much attention that would get from you mods, if you saw an “original” with 1 recipe compared to the duplicate with 2k recipes I feel you would deny that duplicate without second thoughts.


So i have given this some thought, while i cannot do what you suggest there is something i think i can do. I could starting merging nonsensical flavors that have zero recipe into one NULL name. That there is the extent of my powers on that side. Im not saying i will be able to do them all but i can at least put some kind of dent in it.

There are also so many bad flavor names that have one recipe and many of them are private from a decade ago many of the users havent published a recipe in years.

I made a post about some of the changes ive made overnight, Made a lot of changes to flavor names

@TorturedZen What is your opinion on this?

EDIT: I did see a few v3 CAPs but they mostly had a recipe associated with them already so i cant merge but i did send a message to one of the people using them in their mixes, on one of their private recipes.


It sounds logical if you can make it happen. You might want to start with ‘test run’ just to ensure there would be no unforeseen ramifications. Other than that, I don’t have sufficient enough knowledge of the behind-the-scenes merge process to offer an intelligent opinion.