E-cig: an alternative to smoking or a hobby?

Thank you for your reply, which shows that you took the time to actually read my post, as well as for the warn welcoming. Happy to be here even if i have to prove myself on the way.


You mean @daath ? :wink:


I’m not even fully aware of the notion of “troll-ing”, i live in a troll free world and generally give a chance to everyone (more or less) with a debate in my life.

I’m a psychologist and “godcomplexdude” started as a joke with a collegue, through youngs psychoanalytic approach to complex theory, which takes it as a granted feature of some psychosis states and paranoid schizophrenia.

I have to state (cause it seems that i’m expected with a gun in every comment) that none of those is funny, it was just the idea of the specific complex and its form. I hope this explains it to you…or you can go ben stiller and say “that’s exactly what a troll would say”.


I guess it explains it then!:wink:


Thats the main reason why I quit smoke. I couldn’ t stand to huging him with my smoking breath. I am Greek too and I don’t speak very good English so it takes me some time to respond. If you want to chat in greek pm me.


Now back to your topic.
This place (our house and we care for it) is to be considered THE biggest resource on the web for E-liquids DIY and recipes, it doesn’t
Now, if you enter a HUGE library and this library is dedicated to just diy, one of the issues is: where do you start?
This is understandable, it’s not easy, thousands of recipes from one flavor to umpteenth flavors, your choice!
ELR itself comes to your help, there are so many topics about the best recipes, how to search, where to start and so forth one for all, you just have to stick around and start to read, so:

Just as an example you could start from here:

Now… cleaning the site… a site that’s worldwide… not easy is it?
@daath Lars and the staff are trying to make it as clean as possible, last week they started deleting the “one flavor” recipes, cleaning the Flavor Database (it takes months of work!) , cleaning double recipes (yes what you said about copy and paste has/is been addressed) there are so many other things to do.

There is so much work behind it, that the average user doesn’t see or know about.
@TorturedZen , @SessionDrummer, @Alisa to name a few that work a lot behind the lines…
But we’re talking about the planet… yes this is worldwide and all the mixers worldwide add recipes (not correctly… it slipped to me as well… we’re not perfect) comment and sometimes people post their favourite recipe with 3% sweetener… now I believe that this makes sense?

Followed mixers:
With a site like ELR where you’ve got noobies , average mixers, experienced mixers, flavor compounders, manufacturers, and professionals, do you really think that somebody talking bullshit would get away with it?? I doubt it, if somebody is followed it’s mainly because he’s worth it and gain that trust from experience and people that tried his recipes enjoyed it or gave them some ideas on pushing forward their knowledge… no bullshit around here, you get straight answers, if somebody is followed it’s because somebody else likes his way of mixing…

People that looks like hobistas.
Thank god we’ve forgotten the reason we started vaping… (Yes I’m one of them) it saved or lengthen or lives, now it’s just something different, it became an hobby and we love it, we study, we improve it and thanks to us been hobistas, we’re able to help other people mix better, find the best flavours, help people find their best vape and stay away from cancer sticks, issue warning about flavours that cannot be used in vaping.
Take a look: http://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/search?q=flavor%20warnings
So many people all over the world spent a lot of money in flavours, would those people be able to help a new vaper in choosing the right flavor? a tobacco from Flavorah it’s not the same as a TPA’s but I could use TPA’s Red Oak to make it Smokey… Even if you don’t trust a single user when you get 300 users that say that Red Burley by Flavorah ( to name just one that comes to mind…) is the closest to a NET tobacco, has that saved you money? and this logic will it benefit new vapers?

Analysing your original post you put in two directions: what to expect from ELR and Vaping in general.

I hope I’ve explained what to expect from ELR.
Vaping in general is what you want from it, it’s something evolving things are not even near as they were 2 years ago never mind 6…


Thanks for your answer and for giving me the space to further explain myself.
I agree in most things you mention, after a point it’s subjective and a matter of translation…i would never for example consider my self a hobista though i’m probably doing exactly the same as you.

I’ll stick mostly to the fact that errors can be found in everything, point is always to have the will to tackle them. I never judged anyone for their effort, especially personally, and even at my first post i made it clear that i do believe that this effort was done in honest. If i didn’t believe that there is will to make things better i wouldn’t post in the first place.

I was just presenting my concerns ,which every healthy community would appreciate as part of the evolving process, but i was welcomed as an outsider who wants to harm the community and most people didn’t even answer to those.

A system of complex vs starter recipe ratings or noob, mid, advanced would help probably more than the 1 to 5 star rating system for example…just a thought and i might be wrong, but a comment on that rather on my nickname would make a difference.

In my original post i mentioned copy paste comments…i meant people who just comment an “awesome” or “fantastic” under a recipe. Though its more than obvious that the mixer deserves the credit, it doesn’t help others understand what the recipe is all about. Especially if the comment comes 2’ after the original post of the recipe. Once again i might be wrong but all in good faith and the hope that i might add something to the dialogue.

To end up with, sometimes in order to protect our “home” we are not required to set on fire whoever passes through it (even if we don’t accept him as one of ours). I can’t be wrong in everything but few people took the time to actually answer and fewer to think of rights and wrongs and thank you for that.

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Thanks for your response brother and for the effort. My daughter even helps me with recipes nowadays, she likes lemon (especially the fa sicilian one) n she asks me to put it in everything…so she eats a raw one (without even a blink, that’s how much she likes it) and i vape it.

I will pm you for sure, thanks for the opportunity.
Have a good one,


Try Inawera Juicy Lemon, FA Lemon Sicily is not as bold as INW, try to put a drop with Tangerine… any Tangerine,even FW… some creams or meringue or marshmallow (not custards…) and you’ll have an happy daughter… wanna bet??


If your first post on this forum had been more like this and less like the near unreadable and what felt like an attack post, I think you would have been well received. It is like you learned English overnight and manners to boot.

I like your idea of new user versus complex mixes. If you hang around long enough you will find that the people of this community are constantly improving it.

Hang out for a while and offer solutions, help other mixers, let them help you. I think if you do that you will find a pleasant home here.


I’ll definitely try that inw juicy lemon with tangerine, thanks for the advice. Generally i enhance the fa lemon sicily with tpa’s lemon ii n it works for me but never tried that.

My descent (though i reside in athens nowadays) comes from a town that’s famous for the citruses and i remember growing up and having that scent followin me in every neighborhood, especially when the sun was going down and i was going home tired from the play.

What can i say, it’s probably in our dna but i’m certain that whatever contains lemon and citruses will definitely make her happy. I’ll try your approach and i’ll report back.


There’s the transmitter and the receiver…even if what you got was scrambled you didn’t take the time to decode it. There were people who answered in a more polite manner (even before you) and that doesn’t make them exceptions.

It was all clear to you till it wasn’t and even now you are giving me advice in a guiding/inspiring mood and feeling that your previous comment is excused overall only by my original post.
Giving the example doesn’t take advices.

I’m glad you liked the idea of a different rating system and if i may use your advice back…give people (i’m not gonna say a second) a whole real chance (and don’t eff off them), you will find that they may surprise you.

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Must you continue your condescending responses? You speak to us as if we were children. Really, not the most endearing approach one can take.

@TheTinMan has clearly explained, as you’ve heard several times already, that your initial tone accounted for all of what you perceived to be negative feedback. Rather than simply accepting that, you have to reply in such a snarky tone (albeit in a more readable format). Cleaning up the structure doesn’t change the intent.


Yeh, this guy is just digging himself a deeper hole.
Condescending is exactly right.


You are more than welcome to use my advice back. And you can kindly fuck off afterwards.


@Godcomplexdude, the rating system issue is a common issue that pops up on the forum periodically. It has been addressed and the gears are turning. There are more highly prioritized issues that are being tackled first. A quick search for Rating System in the forum search would have opened up all of the past complaints, thoughts and debates on the flawed rating system. It worked nicely in the beginning, I’m sure, but with the amount of users growing so quickly. It became misleading and basically useless.

It has been discussed at length. You are not the first to notice the issues.

You got punchback here partially because you came out saying ELR is practically useless to beginners and only the advanced mixer can navigate the site. Which is far from the truth and an insult to the entire group, which prides itself on helping every new mixer find their way.

The sad fact is that the majority of users are all on the recipe side and never think to click on the forum/chat menu and find the treasure trove of encyclopedic knowledge and help and guidance that lives on this side.

When we see you telling us all about how bad the system is, then we see that you have been on ELR for 6 months but only visited the forum for 2 days and read 4 hours(most of which was on this thread, I can assume) worth of information. We see that you haven’t tried to research anything about the system before calling it unusable.

There are flaws, but they are being addressed in the best possible way. There is hard work being put in by unpaid members, it is a work in progress.

You couldn’t be expected to understand why you got such a harsh response, but if you re-read your original post, maybe you’ll see it.

I’ve only been here a year and a half, but if you click my profile, you’ll see a high level of reading and participation in discussions and topics. Now, click on someone who has been here for 4 years, and re-read your original post from our perspective.


It’s difficult to appreciate a guest that comes into your house pointing put that the ceiling needs painting… (don’t laugh… you Daffy English kniggets or I shall taunt you again… sorry about that but the ceiling needs painting in England means something else…) while somebody is actually painting the wall and trying to do his best to mend all those holes that everybody is telling him to fill… (yes there’s a lot going on behind the lines and lots of people pointing out what’s good or wrong, but mainly, people point out what’s wrong… unfortunately for those poor sods that we’ll never thank enough that have to do the hard part, free of charge and in their own free time…)
One of the past week update is that all the single flavor recipes have been deleted, and believe me the database is huge… now it has been cleaned to 97.944 recipes. Thank you

How do you rate them? What is the recipe about? a 1-5 stars might not be the best way, but with a good pinch of salt, some study, a look at the stars, who mixed it, how many people rated it, date issued, a look at the ingredients, the manufacturers, percentage used, and you’ll know if it’s a good recipe or not, nobody else can judge for you or decide whether it’s for an advanced or fantastic or awesome…

Advanced or starters?? No such things… an advanced mixer is just somebody that has studied a lot, has done tons of mixes and generally has a lot of experience, there are no shortcuts for that.

Comments made 2 seconds after posting…. People do have followers that gets noticed when the mixer they follow does a new mix, and if somebody that I follow has a great idea e.g. used Saline where I’d never thought of using it for, I’ll immediately comment that he’s been a genius or that it was fantastic or awesome… it’s a community, quite normal and we accept it.

Don’t worry, nobody here sets on fire anybody else, but…… it’s forum ethics (all over the world… BTW I’m a mod in a famous Italian forum and it’s the same) never use CAPITAL LETTERS or texting abbreviations like gr8, 2n8, r8, probs, thx and so forth, it’s irritating (no good…)
things like - ROFL - BTW are accepted… barely… in a forum when you write something, you don’t need to abbreviate nothing!! You’re not texting…

Going back to flavours…. you’ve got Atmos Lab!!!

Didn’t they do Mandarine, lemonade and things like that?? I believe that AL were (are) among the best, they unfortunately changed something with the TPD thingy… but still their biscuit was one of the best, probably still is, but can’t get hold of it and it’s a bit expensive, but still one of the best!


First of all, welcome to ELR.
I started vaping for convenience ("smoking where I couldn’t). It turned to quiting smoking and with DIY it also became a hobby.

Just like a few people made wrongful assumptions on your first post, you may be doing tee same thing here and should give people a bit more the benefit of doubt. Some mixers work outside of ELR (FB, ATF, etc), have others taste their mixes before they’re published so when those recipes come online a valid rating after 2 min is possible.
Of course, there are also those with friends who just try to get their visibility up, people with multiple accounts who vote for themselves and so on. But if you don’t know, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

The reason for comments like “awesome” is because you have to comment when you leave a rating. There would be less of those of that rule would be dropped.
One of the reasons for that rule was the many 1 star ratings for recipes with one shots or single flavor recipes, but they’re gone now


I’m not really used to forums and blogs…i don’t even have any acount at any of the social networks. I just came here to share some concerns and @Plunderdrum even those 4 hours were exhausting cause every single minute i had to explain myself and it was always going back to the start (original post).

In any case, i have nothing to offer so i’m…off kindly.

Thanks for your responses.

Back to flavors: from time to time you have some shops offering discounts at AL flavors so i can notify you if you want or even send you, just pm me what you want and i’ll manage. You have some Bulgarian e-shops as well offering AL in lower prices.

I’m not aware of the tpd changes but biscuit is still “awesome”.

Goodnight and cheers to all.


I hope you stay active here, GCD. Call it a rough start and we can all move on. I was trying to help explain why it was rough, I hope you understand.

There is a lot of helpful information here. We all learn tips and hints and techniques from each other. I hope you stick around to share yours and maybe pick a few up.

Happy mixing, dude!