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E-Cigarettes Linked to Bladder Cancer Risk



Why they have to sensationalise it is beyond me they could have just said Nicotine is linked to … but no that wouldn’t get any traffic - asshat media


So what I’m reading here is that in regards to bladder cancer, vaping it’s potentially much safer than cigarettes because you can taper down the nicotine to 0 if you want, unlike cigarettes that are all or nothing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the media would just cut this fear mongering bull shit out?


That would mean less traffic to their site and less ads sold and so on. No economy in that dear.


From what I’ve read in the last 6 months or so vaping is linked to pretty much everything. However it needs to be noted that no where has it said:
Vaping causes XXXX.
Like when “they” say:
Smoking causes cancer.


what doesn’t cause cancer

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The first sentence in that article is an indication of the bullshit to follow.

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Cancer probably doesn’t


Life is carcinogenic - i think broccoli should be the target of an investigation that shit tastes so bad it has to be bad for you - I am gunna write a piece see if we can get it banned - the kids of the world would rejoice.


Yea! MSLSD! Twist and shout media at it’s best! You can tell when they are lying. Their mouth is open.


Hey you don’t try to instigate any actions towards broccoli bro, do that towards Brussels sprouts instead.


Lmao broccoli is the devils vegetable and brussel sprouts are his balls and should have been kept in Brussels

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Noooooo, I like brussel sprouts and broccoli, ban sauerkraut. Don’t know whats worse, the smell or the taste of sauerkraut.


What a joke article. Sad thing is how many people treat that tripe as gospel… Why people get off on trying to impose their will, or think that they know what’s best for others is horrifying frankly. I too am I firm believer in do what you will, so long as it isn’t harming anyone else. These people need lives of their own so that they can stop trying to live vicariously through mine! Get bent mainstream media! We’re not all sheep you know. I just wish the number of “aren’ts” was higher than the “arse” (pun intended).


I am going to refer to them as sheeple now

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Death :grinning:

plus vaping doesn’t have all the shit in it that cigarettes have that’s what causes cancer

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That’s the reason I started vaping in the first place! Started diy for more control of what I actually put into my body. 4k+ unknown chemicals in the death stick when it combusts is a scary thought.


brussel sprouts , leave broccoli alone kill the mini cabbage

ahhh i didnt read all of the posts until i posted the same thing basically good call though