Earthy - Herbal - Natural Flavor

Hey everyone,

I recently started DIY and I want to go after some more natural tastes.

Earthy, grasses, herbs, spices, that sort of route.

I’ve picked up Cactus (INW), but it had a fruity taste to it.

Any suggestions?

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You’ll want this thread:

And maybe this one:


Thanks for such a fast reply! I’m a little new to the forum.

It’s what I do best. :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome! Feel free to say hello in the intro thread and let us know if you need anything. Lots of great people here.


Ah one more recommended thread to check out ! ( Since @JoJo JoJo is super fast ! :wink: )
Here’s to a earthy robust beautiful flavor !


Jo Jo is flavor hero.

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