EC Blends Eliquids and Flavors

Hi everyone just a quick question, has anyone tried EC Blend liquid? They seem very cheap so not sure of quality.


EC Blends was one of the first eliquid companies from which I purchased ejuice, when I started vaping a few years back. Yes, one of the reasons I purchased from them was their pricing; can’t beat it. The quality of their product, imho, is good. There are two companies from which I still purchase eliquid, EC Blends and Alien Visions. My wife can’t live without ECB RY4 eliquid and I can’t live without AV Bobas Bounty.

ECB usually has a 20% off their juice line coupon code year round (something like 10020; give it a try, it might work). I will say, because they mix the juice to order, you MUST steep their juice. Don’t vape it right out of the mailbox and expect a glorious mix! Time is your friend. Shake, steep and repeat; 2 weeks minimum. Ship time: expect to get your juice in 9 to 14 days after ordering.

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Yikes! Just saw you are in AU; bump that ship time to 2 or 3 weeks I guess! The juice will probably be well on its way to being steeped by the time it hits your post box!


Hi Jimk thanks for the reply the EC Blends sound good I noticed while looking at their juice that you can add up to 5 extra shots I’m wandering if that would make the juice a concentrate so I can mix it? Being in Australia is a bummer if I want my juice quickly but yes I have noticed that if I wait with normal post it take weeks and my juice is nicely steeped…lol

It’ll wind up much cheaper if you just purchase individual concentrated flavors from a vendor such as Ecigexpress and do it from scratch.

Can you purchase straight nicotine and have it shipped to you?

Yep I have Nicotine and the PG VG coming, I do have some concentrates but looking at ordering more.

I’d just order more concentrated flavoring. EC Blends does not sell straight flavorings. They’re really there for those that want some say in the flavors, but want it already mixed.

Yay I just found a great Aussie website with huge selection of concentrates I’m stoked!


Yay you! That really is your best bet. Good luck in your mixology!


EC Blends Update March 2016:

Before starting DIY, I finally backed off of the brick and mortar juices, due to high pricing and so so quality, I ventured out to the innerwebs to see if I could find a juice company which offered a quality product at affordable pricing…enter EC Blends. They offered premade juices and customer specified custom mixes. I was always very happy with their premade liquids. Even today, we still purchase the EC Blends RY4 (w/double extra flavor/Max VG) at 250ml a whack for $.23 per ml. ($57 with a typically standing 20% off coupon = 10020).

EC Blends never offered individual flavorings for sale until now. I got an email which states they are now branching out and offering individual bottles of their flavoring for purchase.

It doesn’t appear that these flavorings are subject to any discounts at the present time. However, I did make a “dummy order” to see if the coupon code 10020 works as of today and yes, it is valid for the purchase of their premade liquids.

For those interested, the link below takes you directly to their individual flavorings page on their site. ($4.95 per 10ml)

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