I just stopped into Ecigsexpress at their Lynwood store ! Wow I was like a kid in a candy store so many flavor’s. This store sells only Nic juices not flavor concentrates so I will be headed upto Bellingham to check out their other ( main store) they have one in Seatttle and one is coming to Tacoma !
Zak and Dj were knowledge and super friendly I will be seeing them again ! So if your in Washington do stop by !


Sooooo envious! Have a blast!


Lucky you! I’d love to visit one of their places :smile:


Next time I’m in the area im gonna stop in. Have ordered from online and had good service and very fast shipping lol


I am hoping more people will stop by. Everyone I know orders online from them but now that I moved out here it’s unnessary I just wanted to let everyone know that the great service we get thru the mail is also very present in their store as well :smile:


I wish there was an ECX nearby. I’d spend every payday shopping and save myself the shipping charges. They are a great outfit with good customer service online. They are my goto suppliers.

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I still have to pay shipping Bc their flavor come from the warehouse lol but it’s a short trip.