Ehpro Iguana 20700 Squonk kit review by Mjag...Oh momma, you wanna see this!

I tell ya, sometimes it is right time, right place but that is how I got so lucky to wind up with the Iguana 20700 mech squonk kit from Ehpro. Last day of the ECC show in Ontario, CA and I was walking around with my bud Deuces Jack who luckily for the both of us needed batteries so it took us in that direction. We stop by the Ehpro booth to say goodbye and low and behold they remember us and hand us both there prototype Iguana Squonk kits to review…I just about danced a jig right then and there.

There is not too much info on the Iguana kit but I did get some while emailing with Ehpro. It is not a resin, it is a Acetic acid plate which I have no idea what that means but wow is it sexy. Not sure when production with start or pricing as of yet but as of now they plan on making the Blue seen here and a White version.

Specs as I measured:

Iguana 20700 squonk mod:

  • 25mm x 86mm x 48.5mm
  • 6ml soft silicon squonk bottle
  • 20700 and I would suppose it would come with an 18650 adapter, it works with one I tried
  • Mech mod
  • Button lock switch

Iguana BF RDA:

  • 24.5mm diameter 22mm tall
  • Bottom airflow
  • 2 squonk feeder holes located right under your wicks
  • 810 drip tip with inner o’ring for friction fit goon/kennedy style 810’s
  • 4 post (can install your coils in either direction or do a dual coil stacked)
  • Domed inner top cap

Now let the sexiness begin!!!

A little better lit pic to get an idea of the true color

Other side, can I get a what what!

I have been just in love with this kit since I got it about 6 weeks ago, I really could have written this review the first week. With my review que and just wanting to see if any problem appeared I had to wait it out but used it everyday and believe me, it was not a chore.

The Iguana squonk mech is really really nice, I have so been enjoying it. Feels comfortable in the hands with its rounded corners and the back has a little bit of curve to it, you may be able to see it in this pic below.

Not much to the interior, it is a mech mod so that is to be expected but it has performed brilliantly.

There are battery orientation markings that are a little hard to see.

The markings are actually imbedded into the mod, might not be everyone’s taste but I love it.

Even the button is a very nicely machined hunk of metal with a cool camera style locking mechanism.

I gotta tell you, after 6 weeks I still love this mod. Not only is it a looker but I have not run into one major problem while using it but a few minor quibbles.

The spring loaded 510 is big time stiff but never gave me any problems with any tank I tried on it. The panel can get a little loose when squeezing the squonk bottle, I once popped it out of place. No battery ribbon so getting the battery out is a little more of a chore than it should be. The 510 plate is slightly raised so there will be a small gap under your tank. 21700 are too wide, they go into the mod but the panel will not fit properly. All that is minor though, I am just putting that out there to get as much info out to the vape public as possible. I would say my biggest gripes would be getting the battery out and the panel flex when squonking.

I never did get a Vandy Vape Pulse BF mod, I have a friend who had one and it was just meh to me. I have a couple of other mech squonks but hardly use them over my regulated squonk mods. This Iguana though, with a great single coil RDA like the one it comes with I have a hard time putting down.

The Iguana RDA

Now as impressed as I am with the Iguana mech mod the matching Iguana RDA is just as impressive, just look at how thick the top cap is and they domed the inside chamber!

Airflow comes right from under the coil and the squonk feeder holes are on either side, right were you lay your cotton down…brilliant!

Uses the same style posts as the Ehpro Bachelor X which means it doesn’t matter if you wind your coils clockwise or counterclockwise, you can easily install them. You can also run dual stacked coils if you so wish like I did with the Bachelor X.

I didn’t try that build with the Iguana RDA though, I was enjoying the single coil builds so much I didn’t feel it was necessary but it sure is doable.

The overall build quality on the Iguana RDA is above and beyond what I was expecting. The only trouble I ran into was when I cranked down on one of the grub screws a little too much and it bent the outside post a little. I just carefully bent it back with a wrench and all was well.

Builds are as simple as you would expect looking at the deck, the only thing that is a pain is removing one or sometimes both screws to install your coils. You can get some pretty thick coils in there as well, I just had to try this crazy coil I found in my stash.

That was probably one of my least favorite builds but hey, it can be done.

O’rings are just about perfect, grub screws are excellent and the airflow control is smooth as silk, they really made an excellent RDA and I hope this is exactly what goes into production.

Flavor wise I am sure you can guess with bottom airflow and a domed top cap in a small chamber that it is lights out good, well you guessed right.

Really my only complaint with the Iguana RDA is I am not crazy about the posts considering I bent one. It bent back easy enough but I am also not crazy about removing a screw or sometimes both with big builds. Of course I dropped the screw a couple of times and luckily found it again but a post system where the screws stay put would be an improvement.


  • Sexiness and then some
  • Excellent fire button and cool locking switch
  • Thick top cap on RDA with domed inner chamber for excellent flavor
  • Bottom airflow
  • O’rings are just about perfect on RDA
  • Smooth airflow control
  • Excellent grub screws
  • Squonk feeds to both sides of your wicks


  • Access panel on mod can flex or come out of place when squonking
  • 510 plate a little raised so tanks don’t sit flush
  • No battery ribbon so removing battery can be tricky
  • Posts on RDA can bend if over tightened

Final thoughts

After reading this your probably wondering…hmmmm, I wonder if he liked it or not? OK, you probably guessed that yeah, this guy won’t shut up about how much he enjoys this kit. I normally don’t like to go fanboy about anything but I love it so much…my precious.

I have no idea on pricing yet but Ehpro is known for putting out products at a great value and I am hoping that is the case here. They really did go out of there way to put a quality piece of kit out though, this screams high end and one of the reasons I am so happy with it.

I also have no idea what will be included with the kit, all I got handed was exactly what you see, no box, accessories or anything else.

If you like what you see then you won’t be disappointed with the performance, it works just as good as it looks.

Please keep in mind this is a Mech mod which means you must know your Ohms law and batteries to be used with it. Steam Engine has a lot of useful information including a Ohms law calculator that can be found here:

Mooch is the guy to see for battery info, check out his facebook here:

Check out how this stacks up to other tasty gear and meet the Steampugs team of reviewers. Your bound to have a good time and read up on some great products, not so great ones too


Nice review. The looks are great, although I’m not a fan of overly raised fire buttons and some of the cons you listed would drive me ape-shit (panel popping off and no ribbon). Love the embedded logo and design on it. Maybe a newer version will be released that addresses these issues.


Thanks bud!

The panel didn’t fall off, just got to the point I had to move it back into position but yeah, those 2 are main gripes. I do have a ripped squonkers thumb though, may not know my own strength with this yoked out thumb :+1: :grin:


@mjag Wow, a great review on a great looking setup. I’ve never mech’d, but man, you’re sure pushing the “oh f%k it” envelope with this one. Really like how it looks, and the details you gave, pushed it over the top for me.


Thanks bud!

I am hoping Ehpro comes out with a regulated version as well, I did pass along that suggestion @Sprkslfly mentioned to me before. I enjoy mech’s, that is how I started out but am hesitant to review of recommend them unless someone already knows or is willing to learn the importance of safety. At least this kit is a single coil which makes it easier to get your ohms right.


We always have to stress the safety since when a mistake happens, we all look bad. I look past the mech containing fuses but think it s a great idea. This new squonking phase is introducing a lot more mechs mainly due to the cost. Crazy thoughts of being “mooch certified” or having to whisper for the vendor to get one from the back room doesnt sound that insane.


That is one sexy mod,and I have wanted it since you first posted a pic of it after the expo.


Yep, and my favorite color blue as well. I was sort of hoping they would come out with a black or slate grey as well. Even though I already have one I am getting anxious to see this kit released already.

Great point @worm1, the better we look as a community the less the FDA turns there eyes in our direction. Mech’s are definitely for advanced users, hopefully we can provide enough info for those looking to venture into them that they stay safe :+1:


@TheTinMan Hmmmmm, we should get a group buy going hehe.


I had no clue either, but after more examples I think I get it now @mjag


I like that idea. Wonder how many we would need to purchase to get a decent deal and keep shipping cost affordable to all that want one.

I can’t wait till this hits the market.


I can ask my contact at Ehpro about a group buy if you all want, doesn’t hurt to ask.


Please include your Aussie friends (if they would drop ship) or if someone in the states could forward it to me


I sure will brother, gonna ask for our UK friends as well.


Sounds good to me.


I like it…I like it! THAT is one great looking squonk mod, I like mechs, I do have a couple regulated squonk mods, the Lost Vape Halcyon and the Therion, and a COV Wraith all those are regulated. However my other 12 squonk mods from my Aldin Mod Zora S #92 my Armagddon, as well as my other squonkers, some are more expensive than other though none come close to my 3 regulated squonk mods they were a bit on the pricey side.
My only con on the EhPro squonk mod would be the battery ribbon as for the front plate moving hell most of mine move some, I have fat thumbs, or fat fingers, either way the front panel isn’t a biggee. As for yje raised 510 well…that doesn’t bother me as much either, a little irritating but…what we should all take into account is the fact that the Iguana you have is not in all probability the final release version, I’m sure there will be some…upgrades if you will.
I do pray that the final release version will be on the affordable side as opposed to being overly high priced, I to am a fan of blue, I think one in slate gray as you mentioned would be sick as well. As for a group by…don’t forget us squonkers here on the other side of the pond. I know of several friends who cape that like a good squonk mod. Great review and I know I get carried away with my writings but I feel if I am going to go to the trouble of commenting about an item that it should contain what my thoughts and impressions are and what can/cannot be done to improve the overall design/function of said device. I just had one though on the battery ribbon though, if the final version does not have a battery pull ribbon, a hot glue gun and some type of ribbon that can be cut and hot glued into position of your choice. I did this on a couple of my squonk mods that do not have a pull ribbon, still have my Armageddon to do yet. Have a fantastic weekend, be well, stay safe, God bless, and…VAPE ON!!


Great reply!


@mrtimblin Great reply to a great @mjag review. Speaking OF the blood sucking pull ribbon, I wonder how hard it would be to ADD one ??