Electric Blanket Steeping Method

So I’m new to this site, I’ve been DIYing for the last 2 years. I’m trying a new steeping method (I think) using an electric blanket (EB). With the EB setting on 3 (highest), I lay the bottles laterally under the duvet with a pillow ontop of the duvet where the bottles are for an hour in total. After the first 30 minutes I remove the bottles give them a quick shake for ±15 seconds and then I place back under the duvet but on the opposite side of the bottles (flipping them over). When the hour is done, I remove, uncap and allow them to breathe for 20 minutes. Then I cap them, shake them individually for ± 2 minutes, repeat the process and place them in consealed place overnight. So far I’ve completed one cycle and on the second cycle now. If you have any advice/suggestions/tips please drop them below✌🏽


In my knowledge, uncapping a bottle while steeping would lose me some volatile molecules from flavors, @Cammykins . CMIIW Please.
Have you tried it without uncapping the bottles? Warm it up, shake hard, and left alone for a time period.


Hello and welcome!

That sounds like a lot of process! I’m a shake well and leave it in the dark kind of mixer. I do this for recipes I test all along the first couple of week’s steep, that make the cut. Then I make a fresh bottle of the winners and just shake and forget for 2-4 weeks.

My thoughts on your process are that if it works for you, awesome! It does seem more tedious than necessary, but that’s just me.

What I’m interested in is your results. How do the recipes taste after this overnight process? Do you consider them steeped? Have you tried making identical bottles letting one just sit overnight then compare it to the one that got the heat treatment and sat overnight?

I know heat and nicotine don’t like each other. Are you adding nic?

Anyway, I’ll say again, if it works for you, awesome! I wouldn’t enjoy that much processing even if it worked wonders! Some folks like to tinker, some like to mix easy and enjoy. As long as it brings joy, go for it!


I thought it would help with the Aroma molecules. Nah I haven’t do you think I should bro?


I’m with @Plunderdrum there :point_up: , mix, shake and put away in a dark, cool and dry cupboard.
However, if you do prefer your own method, I would recommend not to uncapped the bottles. Heat/warmth + uncapping could mean more volatile molecules to escape the bottle, IMHO.
Especially if your mix is mostly fruit.


Was the same type of mixer😂fel tlike being experimental today.I’ve only done the heating process twice today, going to leave them in my cupboard overnight and taste the results tomorrow. So far 1 of the 4 juices is maturing so well (Creamy Mango Surprise). Definitely going to have a constant variable in the experiment next time. Will let know on the results. Do you think I should leave the breathing process out?


I’m with @delltrapp there :point_up::grin:

But since you’re experimenting, you can find out by trial and comparison. Same heating process with and without breathing, and one constant rester! Looking forward to your conclusions!


Okay thank you✌🏽I think the EB on 3 may be a little too hot, I’m going to redo this experiment next week with a dessert and fruity flavour. Steeped with the EB on 1, 2 and 3 and steeping in a dark place as a constant variable. Not going to let them breathe. So 8 bottles in total. I hope the experiment is successful and that this method is effective😂


I’m still curious why so many people think using heat as one of the mechanisms for steeping is advantageous. Other than it being used to warm VG for supposedly easier blending of the concentrates, heat offers nothing beneficial. Likewise for un-capped bottles.


Think we all tried some funky method when we were new, impatiently eager to try our new mixes. I had a crock pot and an old back massager to vibrate them to shake :laughing: There are plenty of threads here to read more opinions on steeping @Cammykins and ones explaining why breathing might be desirable (alcohol). Although boring, use the search function and a little research might save ya some time but i do like experimenting myself too. Gl to u!


If a concentrate crystalised I still have my GF put it in her bra …lol


pics or it didnt happen :laughing:


Next time for sure…


@Cammykins This apparently has already been said a few times here, hehe, but I’m with @Plunderdrum and others, about just mixing, shaking the hell out of it, and letting it steep naturally. I’ve dabbled here and there with heat, but I’m always VERY concerned about borking up the flavors (perhaps), and/or PRE-oxidizing my NIC in the mix. If you are using high VG mixes, I’m sure that does loosen the VG up a bit for maybe faster integration, but I’ve always been leery of using heat on any ejuice.

As others have ALSO mentioned, breathing (in my opinion) onl works to release your flavor compounds, into the air, NOT into your juice, and should be avoided. I am aware of a few flavors, most of which are contain some alcohol for which breathing might be required, but as a general rule, I’m anti breathing.

Reminds me of a conversation I had with a chef (not really a chef but) at a restaurant wherein he was bragging to me about having the BEST rids in the world, blah, blah, blah, and that they parboiled them before cooking. This to me was blastphemy as boiling anything, meat in particular only works to EXTRACT flavors (and more) from the meat leaving it bland, mushy, and water logged (in some cases). I liken this to breathing ejuice, because anything you let OUT, is no longer IN your ejuice. Just my .02.

I haven’t read the entire thread, so appologies if this has been posted already, but maybe do a TEST. Mix up to small 10ml or 30ml bottles of mixes you know. Heat treat one batch, and let the other steep naturally, then compare them.


What a minute wha ??


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@Cammykins I will help with your flavor molecules, but it’ll help them LEAVE your mix !!!



OUTSTANDING @Cammykins EXPERIMENTS will make you a better mixer, trials and errors, etc. Absolutely. See what works best for YOU.


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