Electroplated Atomizer Parts ~ Cause for Worry?

So, this from Steam Crave:

Steam Crave have high requirements on Aromamizer RDTA black plating and we do care about users. We only electroplate black color in outside of stainless steel parts to make sure your juice won’t contact with any black plated coatings. It will have very high cost and reduce production capacity, also higher defective rate. See below pictures, specially attention on juice flow parts and big airflow chamber, it is very hard to plate black coating on such small space but we insiste to do so, also keep improving them.
Now you are safe to enjoy it!

I haven’t heard or seen much on the possible issue of electroplated atomizer parts with regards to it being bad coming in contact with eliquid or ones mouth.

Has anyone else heard or read such an opinion or information?

This is the first I’ve heard of this. I have 1 black aromamizer and the crivs in black also, all my other tanks are ss only.
Ive kinda thought about this when @LordVapor got the Diablo in blue and you could see the colour inside the atty.
I’m glad I prefer ss over coloured.
Be watching this with interest.


I can’t say I have heard of anything on this subject but without knowing the metal content used then you will not be able to decide on it’s safety issues. This much I can tell you, unless plating is quite thick, it will indeed chip and flake. You would not want small particles in your coil and juice. Another thing to consider is there is usually a third metal in between the original metal and the plating. If certain metals are not used in the middle, electrolysis (Think that’s the correct term) can occur. Most of the time brass is used but there could be other metals they use for the center plate…

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Copper and Nickel are typically used in electroplating. I personally would prefer to not have any plating done in the atty area, especially on the posts and underlying deck area.

As far as the Blue Diablos - that is an Anodizing process. Anodize actually penetrates the metal and should be free from any flaking. I have yet to see any adverse effects such as this from my Diablos. Is it safe? I can’t say for sure. But I am more comfortable with Anodize than I am plating.


Brass is used with plating gold and silver if I remember correctly. Figured there would be other metals used for plating other types of metals. Nickel, perhaps that is why they don’t want to use it for plating the interior. YET, they don’t mind making coils out of it…geesh!


thanks for posting this. I saw it as well when I was looking into the new STEAMCRAVE and meant to ask about it. I used to work for Kenig Aerospace (raw materials distributor) down in Plantation, FL and their QC guy is knowledgeable as hell. I’ll give him a call in the AM and see what he says.

I am thinking the big questions are: exactly where is the plating in relationship to the heat source? and what the plating actually made from? And what temps are we talking about?..all of these as you guys have already said. I am curious what that “black color” is, as that will make all the difference.

If anyone thinks of anything else they want me to ask about this issue, drop it in here by noon, tomorrow. No guarantees he will have all the answers but, most of this stuff is right in his wheel house. I would think he will have some insight anyway…