ELR can now show the cost of recipes!

e-liquid-recipes.com can now show you the cost of a recipe!

Set the volume and price of your PG, VG, Nicotine and Water/Vodka/PGA - this is done on the “Update profile”-page.

Go through your stash, and be sure to have amount and cost on each of your flavorings. You can also set these values on the flavor details page, if the flavor is in your stash.

ELR can then give you a price for your recipes. If the price has a small question-mark beside it, it means that one of the flavorings is missing volume/pricing information in your stash.

I hope you’ll find it useful! I was a bit surprised at how little some of my mixes actually cost me to make :wink:

Also: There are two give-aways active on ELR until sunday - one for EU and one for USA/Canada - Check it out, and maybe win some DIY-stuff :slight_smile:


Wow… .this is VERY useful, Lars. THANK YOU!

So fun too. :smile:

This is fantastic…now if only I can remember how much I paid for the nicotine I bought last year :smile:

haha… .I’m going thru all of my saved email reciepts and plugging in the prices.

Thanks! This is very useful! I’ve found out that my recipes range from €0.30 to €1.00 per 10ml, hehe.

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