ELR is a testing ground? A rant of sorts

So in my usual (but less frequent nowadays) perusing of the recipe side last week I came across a recipe from a new user that required some corrections. Now mind you, there are 2 possible responses I usually get when prompting someone to please fix their flavor names. 3 if you count no response as a response.
-The first being an agreeable response, a quickie lesson on flavor naming conventions and the correction(s) are made. Right-on bro [fist pound]!
-The second, and much more common response in this age of defiance and non-conformity, is the user telling me to f**k off, pound sand, get a life etc. And some are even laughable. Hey no problem. You’ve just made my ‘hunt-you-down-and-force-the-correction-at-gunpoint’ list.

But this most recent ‘interaction’, and I’m not sure why, struck a nerve. A second user, also fairly new with no visible recipes to be found, decides to chime in with his own comment.

On to the point of this topic…
His comment was “What’s the difference? ELR is just a testing ground for recipes anyway. Who cares?”
Really? A testing ground. A fucking testing ground?
Luckily I had a chance to respond before the entire recipe along with comments was either hidden or deleted.
“Is All The Flavors, Reddit DIY, Vaping Underground or ECF also testing grounds? Who cares? A lot of people care so maybe some attitude adjustment is in order!”
And poof they were gone.

You see I translate that as saying “let’s go dump our untested, shitty recipes over at ELR. Everyone else does it!”
Do you consider ELR a testing ground for recipes? Why? What is it about this site that some people think is different from other recipe sites?
Inquiring minds want to know.


First off, that’s pretty funny.

Now, to answer your question, I think any DIY site is in many ways a ‘testing ground’. I don’t mean that like tossing bread to ducks. I mean, a site that allows a DIY mixer to create and post recipes is a sort of a proving/test ground. ‘Here, I’ve made this. Care to try it out and let me know if I am on track?’ In that respect all sites are testing grounds.

He/she was pretty arrogant posting that on someone else’s recipe comments, but it isn’t something I’d lose sleep over, brother.


Free stuff is often looked at as being good testing platforms and inferior. Only way to change it is to make people pay for full functionality.


I’m fairly certain ATF wouldn’t tolerate that. But it IS a pay site.
And I think Reddit requires an explanation or ‘synopsis’ of sorts to accompany the recipe. No, I don’t loose sleep over it but I do have a certain level of passion that kicks in. :sunglasses:


I don’t think it is this site, it’s just that some people have this uncontrollable need to dump their shitty remarks all over the web.
It seems to be going around like a virus.



Now THAT is disturbing, more than the attitude at that.


Absolutely NOT !!! I’m far too anal, and barely UN-private most of mine, just because I’m that damned picky. Hell, most times, it’s when I get an invite to help, or vice versa that we pair up. Even then, it’s a while before someone releases it.

I really don’t find the need to (I probably should from time to time) go elsewhere, and don’t even know what rules the other sites have @TorturedZen.


Stole the words (thoughts) right out of my mouth/head.

If you’ve got NO skin in the game, you get the FREE mindset ?

I’ve already donated a few times. Paid side/database, free side/database ?


#Entitlement ??


Absolutely. The younger generation is re-defining it!


Well if I WAS A MOD (which I am not) @TorturedZen , I would talk to @daath about this. I don’t mean dropping the hammer because a newer mixer screwed up some flavors, BUT, I think if a MOD contacts a mixer, and helpfully, and delicately explains what was wrong, why it was important, and how to fix it, and they drop that kind of attitude, I could see DELETING the recipe, or at least FORCING it to private (but that would leave the shit RIGHT back in the litter box so to say).

Just my .02.

We’re all here to help you (newer mixers), and we’ll take you by the hand, KINDLY, even if we’ve had to do it 100 times that day already (flavor fixings), AND, if after that you’d rather NOT fix, well, then WE can fix it FOR you.


What I wouldn’t give for that ability!


Ooorah brother. I wonder if that would be an @daath fix-able thing-a-mah-jiggity.


Man…don’t get me started :rage:


@TorturedZen, @Lostmarbles, @daath



One thing I realised about this matter by observing some mixers I from where I come fromis that they usually put their drafts or wip recipes here before being satisfied, then they put the final version on atf or use it on their commercial juice line.
Usually they put it as private, though.
For myself, I put my recipes public if anyone that I mix for ask for the recipe, or if I think a recipe is good enough.


I don’t think it’s a testing ground…
I find it a place for inspiration, to get an idea of what ppl think works so I can try something new/different.
I haven’t published any recipes as public (yet) & only comment if I have something constructive to say or to “thanks” so others know this worked for me.
I thought that this is what the site was for… some ppl are just dickheads - frustrating!!


I’m curious, has anyone here ever asked Lars about his view of ELR? It’s his baby and I’m sure he has his reasons for (not) doing certain things. Maybe it’s just that he sees ELR in a different way than some people here.

If you have created something, a community forms and they start to tell you to do things with your creation that you’ve never even envisioned, I can imagine that you get told off. Maybe your feelings are hurt by it, but is that even reasonable? Even if you’ve donated or if you’re a fully paid up member of a site, it usually doesn’t mean that you get to tell the developer(s) what to do with the site. There may be a feedback box and they could pay attention to suggestions, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your views will be implemented.
I could see how someone wants a site to be fully open and unrestricted so that people have the freedom to do whatever they want, even IF they just want to use it as a testing ground. There aren’t many other sites like that in this sector. It seems to me though that some people here want ELR to be more like ATF and IMO, that market has already been taken.

Or maybe I’m just totally wrong… who will tell.

The only thing that I can suggest though is, try to make the best of ELR (in your own way) and try not to get too hurt over what others say or do. Focus on your own stuff and don’t let others get you down. There’s not really a need to make others use the site the same way that you do. You have the freedom, so have they. Keep mixing fun and enjoyable. Maybe that’s a good wish for 2020 :wink:


Great advice @anon28032772


I sort of disagree with that, I meet plenty people of older generations who are suffering from the same disease.