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somewhere in Los Angeles !


Melbourne Australia!


Antioch, IL…bordering WI.


Thanks @Alisa


Columbus Indiana…Opting in 100%


Lake Wales, Florida


you could add me ty , Anacortes Wa 98221


I’m In :smile:

Cairns, Australia


Feel free to add me, so someone in asia will get on (Thailand)


Asia is a pretty big region. Ukraine it is.


I claim it all, and planned to expand to the east and take on those bloody yankees :smiley:


beside @NChris, on the ocean front property , N.C.


Phucking Ahe !!!


I would like to be part of this. I have been contemplating posting on craigslist the past couple years just to find someone to collaborate with in person over this kind of stuff.

Glad you got it up and running, lets fill this map up.


I’m glad the idea found quite a few supporters now. It already shows the distribution a little bit like I’ve expected it to be. I hope nobody’s had any stalkers or break-ins yet :wink:


Where are all those South-African mixers? They have a pretty big community there too…


Definitely won’t be big enough! :joy:


Opt in 100%
Iv3shf - Frank - Cervignano del friuli - Udine 33052 - Italy.


Oh what the heck - You can also place me in Denmark a bit south of Copenhagen.


Not to cause more work, but it may be interesting to have pin marks for the different vendors