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@NChris, looks you’re right down the way from Fuquay Varina! My grandparents lived there. Spent many a Summer in the Raleigh-Durham area. Ever heard of Don Jenkins and Son Ford? That was my grandfather and uncle.


I am not far from FV. I’m in the Crossroads area but I’m a transplant from Maryland. Sorry I have not heard of them.


Stick me in the UK about 20 miles east of Birmingham (England). If anyone wants to stalk me, they’ll first have to pick me out from the other 300,000 people in my city. :laughing:


Now that i have been added to the map, then i want to attack @worm1 in Philadelphia.

@discobot roll 3d6


:game_die: 3, 3, 5


Lummy, i mean LUMMY!! @Iummy , I didn’t know ya could tell discobot to do stuff like that.
@discobot can you put a smartypants hat on @lummy’s head?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Huh. I take that as a “No”.


I knew that discobot would become handy some day :smiley:

Gonna have to wait and see what worm will roll!


He is handy!
I have a question: Now he’s on the map is somebody gonna stalk @lummy’s ass?
@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes


I am not sure i like this game anymore :worried:


The locations are all approximations at best. Even the most clever of stalkers would be busy for months and not find shit. :smirk:

Correction: I take that back. I just zoomed in on my location.:flushed:


Could you put me in for Ireland, all of Ireland, for tis my island. :sunglasses:


Umm, I was joking about the stalkers…weren’t we all? But here’s the thing: it’s an extremely detailed map and the info will be every bit as accurate as the info supplied to Alisa .

In most cases , she;'ll just be sticking a pin in the approximate area. But then there’s that very tiny chance that your stalker will hit the jackpot on the lottery and the pin will land exactly where you live!

In my case the pin landed about 20 miles west of where I live…slap bang in the middle of Birmingham! I guess that serves me right for mentioning the place as a reference point. You have no idea how much it irks we Coventrians when people mistake us for Brummies.

So…can you move my pin to somewhere in Coventry please, @Alisa ? I’ll take my chances on it landing on my actual abode, but, hey! right on top of the statue of Lady Godiva would be more fun, if you can manage it :laughing:


Looks like I’d be first one in Ireland to be added to your map.
I’m in Tralee,which is on the sw coast in county Kerry.
Please add me.


I think DrChud is a bit ahead of you


Mount Pleasant, MI

Right smackdab in the middle of the mitten!


Could you put me in tangerang, just south of jakarta, please? In Indonesia.



Bognor Regis